Monday, December 24, 2012

Breach Baby Boy! :S

Went for a scan last week to check the growth of baby boy - they were worried that maybe he wasn't growing fast enough again, like Ana.

Good news:  Growth is great!! He is much bigger than either of the girls at this age.  Doesn't sound great to me in terms of birthing him, but great in terms of he's healthy and strong!! - And apparently I have a 'juicy, fat' placenta going in there, so that's good too lol :)

But the doctor at the hospital called me this morning to tell me that baby is breach - which we'd noticed during the scan, and been a bit worried about!  She said baby might still flip on its own until about 37 weeks, at which point he'll be too big.  I'm 36 weeks and 1 day today.  I have an appointment next week, and they're going to scan me at that appointment, to confirm baby's position.  If he hasn't flipped into birth position by then, they'll book me in for some very long-named procedure through which they try to externally get the baby to flip, 'so that they don't have to give me a caesarean'...  I'm completely terrified and anxious.  Maggie's posterior birth was hell, and I'm desperate to have this baby naturally - please baby just get into position!! The doctor also said (in response to my slightly edgy query) that there's nothing I can really do to flip the baby.  She said all the spinning babies and sitting forward stuff is great for posterior babies, but we don't need the baby to spin a little - we need it to do a complete somersault...  Mum said she had a couple of us breach, and people used to all the time and it was fine, but apparently it's higher risk with the cord and stuff so they don't really let you deliver naturally with a breach these days.

I'm a little upset cause baby boy was beautifully in position a few weeks ago - the midwives and doctors were saying he might come early, because his head was so low in the birth canal and he was was all ready to go!!  So why did he flip?!  The ultrasound lady (who has a teenage son who's causing her a lot of grief right now!) said "It's a boy! - This is just the beginning!" :)  Which made us laugh :)  But come on baby, flip back!!

So if you feel like praying for us to have a right-way-down baby, please do!! I would really like him to flip, or that very long-named procedure to come through, so that I can have him naturally!  I can't wait until he's here!  Pregnancy and childbirth continue to completely terrify me!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HE DID IT!!! :)

I feel like I should just mention...


No more paperwork for a while :)  - except maybe for him signing the contract :)  We are SO excited and happy and relieved and grateful!! :)  BEST early Christmas news we could have received :)

YAY!!! :)

What a wonderful blessing :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I just published that last post about my Days of Health, then I went to the news, and saw this in an article about pizza hut:

Pizza Hut's hot dog stuffed crust has been released in Australia.

I know why we're all obese.  It's because no matter how much we look at that and grimace at each other and say 'Ew!!!' it honestly looks awesome to me.  Along with all the 14 year old boys ... lol :)  I'd totally try it!! :)  Focus, Abby!  Focus!!! I'd better go and eat some crackers and cheese.

82 Days of Fitness: Day 38

So it was 84 Days of Health, minus 1 day for Christmas, and then another for our Anniversary Max Brenner and box of chocolates!! (By the way, I only ate 1 of the 3 James bought me - and the other 2 are stashed away... for... some other day... ;)).

James thinks I should scrap the 'days' thing, and just be a healthy person all the time, and I'm seriously contemplating it!  Have I mentioned how much clearer my skin as been?  I've always refused to pay any attention to the 'chocolate isn't good for your skin' thing, but I gotta admit my skin's been great since I started this!!

My health days were getting super, SUPER easy, but since our Anniversary it's been a lot harder to stick to!!  Ah Max Brenner!!!  I made chocolate brownies for family dinner on Sunday night, and I really, really wanted some. I acted cool though (of course) and was all good, but the fact that the 3 leftovers were still sitting in our fridge untouched by yesterday (after 2 full days of opportunity for James to eat them!), started killing me and I asked him to eat those 'awesomely delicious' brownies asap so I could stop thinking how ridiculous it was that he had such amazing brownies to his name and they were going untouched!!! I must admit it's not exactly points to my cooking skills that I can so confidently proclaim them 'delicious' and 'amazing' - Betty Crocker had a lot to do with it!! ;)  (Her triple choc fudge brownies mix, I can't get past it... mmmm.....).

But the benefits still outweigh my wishing I could eat chocolate.  So again, glad I'm sticking to this thing!!  And I really think I'll keep a lot of it up after baby comes, because I'll be wanting to lose the baby weight, and keep feeling healthy and strong for the recovery.  By the way, I should mention my weight gain all but stopped about 38 days ago - BIG benefit!!  With Maggie I was out of control weight gaining, and with Ana I was a little better, but not this good.  So yes.  Still here.  Still healthy.  I just (along with every other woman in the world) wish chocolate could be that awesome and be amazingly good for you!!!

Oh wait, before I go - one non-benefit:  I'm pretty low in calcium - not getting that glass of milk in every block that I was before, and it's affecting me.  There was the broken toe thing, and my nails are chipping and breaking like crazy.  I told James it was because of no chocolate, but he thinks it's because I'm pregnant.. scoff...sigh...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Boyz II Men :)

So last Friday night, for our awesome 5th wedding anniversary (yay!!) we went down the coast to see...




(I know, the title of this post may have given this away a little)

A few months ago I heard they were coming, and when I looked it up tickets had JUST opened, so I immediately bought them!!  THEN I called James, hoping he hadn't already booked us into something else.  Thank goodness he hadn't! :)

We love Boyz II Men :)  I have actually seen them in concert already... twice... but James had never seen them in concert, and we always said if they ever came back we'd go, so awesome that it happened to be on the day of our anniversary!!  Perfect :)

For my own personal record (which is really what me writing on this blog is about!) here are all the concerts I've ever been to... in chronological order.. because I like that :)

2005 Boyz II Men
 With Anitapee :)
Awesome, of course!

2006 Boyz II Men
With Briony :) 
(they came 2 years in a row! They're SO great!!)

2007 Keith Urban
With Tammy :) 
Keith knows how to throw a concert - he rocks!!

2007 Lionel Richie
With James - honeymoon date!!
I actually bought the tickets when we'd just been dating for a little bit, but I figured we would either be still dating or engaged or something by the time the concert came around - lucky! :) Lionel Richie, was amazing, and we loved, loved it!

2010 Tim McGraw 
With Tammy - he was awesome, but cut, cut, cut the 3 preshows!!

2011 Keith Urban
 With Tammy! :)
Seriously his concerts ROCK!!  He's coming back in January, exactly 6 days after my due date (sigh)... so Tammy's going WITHOUT ME for the first time, sigh...  At this concert I was 8 months pregnant with Ana - and we were in the 5th row! - it was AWESOME, I was sooo held back by my giant belly lol :)

2012 Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
Front row tickets with Tammy!!!
AMAZING concert experience, loved every second!!! :)   Wrote about it here...

2012 Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood
 - with Tammy - incredible voice, awesome concert!  Wrote about it here...
And yes, Tammy and I are the concert people.  We love them. And we love country music :D

And now 2012 Boyz II Men :) - with James :)

Aren't they so cute?!!!  They've been together for 21 years now, and they've definitely still got it!!

They sang on The X Factor Australia a few nights before we went to see them, and although I'd been really enjoying the X Factor, it was CRAZY how much better Boyz II Men were when they came on!

It annoyed me that they weren't even really advertised for the show - One Direction (via video link lol) and some guy I'd never even heard of got top billing.  Don't people know how AWESOME Boyz II Men are?!!!    And how LUCKY the X Factor contestants were to sing with them?! (SOOOO lucky lol) :)  They were the first CD James had, and 1 of the first 2 Tammy (and therefore me :)) had (oh WAIT Tam! - Was that CD borrowed from one of your friends?!  I just remember listening to it over and over!), so we both grew up loving their songs I guess!  And they rock.

And look what they've been up to since they last visited:

Yay Boyz II Men!! :)  

Anyway our date was perfect :)  James had gotten off work a little early and we'd had a late lunch and outing with the girls, so we weren't very hungry for the buffet dinner at the casino before the show we'd been contemplating having.  To my surprise, not only did James buy me chocolates for our anniversary - and I'm talking 3 boxes of chocolates cause he wanted to make sure he got ones I liked - he suggested we go to Max Brenner for 'dinner' before the show instead!!  So we're talking 82 Days of Health now - we had an awesome pre-show dinner date at Max Brenner :)  Then we went up to the concert :)  I hadn't brought the camera, and iPhone cameras aren't very good (:p) so any photos I tried to take of Boyz II Men didn't really work, but here's James and I in our seats before the show, with some weird funny lighting thing happening on my neck...

We were pretty excited :)  We had fun playing Boyz II Men trivia up on the big screen while we were waiting for them to come out, and when they did (sans pre-show - YAY BOYZ II MEN!!! (I hate preshows...)), they ROCKED it!! :)  

Back in the day, they used to dance a lot - like, old school boy band styles, kind of motown, very choreographed, super cute.  At the other 2 concerts of theirs I've been to I don't remember ANY dancing, but they did kind of a Boyz II Men through the ages thing and totally busted out the moves again, we LOVED it!! :) And those guys are seriously some of the best singers in the whole wide world - when they just chill out and sing a capella together, it's just awesome!  I can't even describe how good they are.  But, the best :)

As they did at the other concerts I've been to, they handed out red roses to people near the front when they sung "I'll Make Love to You", you should have HEARD them going off to 'Down on Bended Knee' - on one knee, and we all got out our mobiles to call our Mums when they sung 'Mama'!  I was in a bit of despair when it was time, because I think there were too many phones going at once and I couldn't get through!! But I kept trying, and got through just in time for Mum to hear the end of the song :)  Once again, they grabbed the phones off people in the front row and sang into them - can you imagine?!  Sigh... :)  Oh I didn't mention... we were pretty far back, because I called and requested an aisle seat cause I knew I'd be hugely pregnant and might need to get out if I was uncomfortable or cramping up or something, so although there were lots of 'closer to the front' seats available, I bought ones closer to the back.  I think James was a little disappointed, but it was still awesome, and I was really, really grateful to be on the end when everyone was up and dancing, because I could stick my head into the aisle and see them dancing away on stage :)

(just thought I'd throw another pic in there - they're getting a bit old these days, but they're the old school cool guys lol :))

The only disappointment was the no t-shirt thing!!  I have a Keith Urban, a Tim McGraw and a Boyz II Men shirt, and we wanted to get James a Boyz II Men shirt, but they weren't selling any!!!!  The only thing they were selling was a meet, greet and photo after the show, but they were pretty pricey and we didn't buy.  James said next time, we're buying lol :)  I'll have to bring a better camera or it'll be wasted!!   Hopefully they come back again one day soon :)

Anyway, I wish I could chuck a video up of the whole thing and share it, but I can't, sigh... I wish I did for me too, so I don't forget!  But it was a fabulous concert and a perfect date :)  See?  Not even our bad date record could spoil these guys!!

And James?  Well, stoked to have been married for 5 years and perfectly happy and in love :)
Can't wait for the next forever!!!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Kankles...

...are back.

I thought I was doing really well, but I think since I've broken my toe I'm putting a lot of extra pressure on funny spots around my legs and feet, and the kankles are officially back.  Was shaving my legs last night and realised I couldn't even find the little bone that sticks out of the inside of the ankle!! Sigh... but only 8 and a half weeks to go!!! Wow that's a long time!! lol :)

Happy skinny ankle days to the rest of you!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dates that Crash and Burn...

James and I go on the BEST dates.  They're memorable, involve spending quality time with my favourite person, and ... well, they're memorable.

Our very first date consisted of us driving around for an hour trying to find a park which was lit up at night.  It turns out, none of them around here are...  So James finally ended up parking the car with headlights shining over a park, and we sat and ate the yummy picnic supper he'd prepared (hot chocolate, marshmallows and Tim Tams - full points for chocolate ratio!), while I was a little nervous about 'bad guys' in the dark at this random park, then we went to a friend's party, and drove my sister and some random friends home.

In the random order they occur to me in, here are some of the other awesome dates we've been on:
  • Last Saturday night we dressed up and drove all the way down the coast, to redeem a Spreets voucher I bought a while ago, for a '3-Course Italian Feast'!! - It sounded great, lovely antipasto entrees, beautiful Italian meals and yummy dessert.  I even thought that if dessert looked any good, I might have a 'treat for the week' for the first time since I started my 83 days of health!!  Our first tip was when I called the 'restaurant' to say we'd be running late for our... booking.  I stopped myself from saying 'reservation' by the way the young girl answered the phone, "Something-or-other pizza!".  It sounded like she tried not to laugh as she said "Yeah, okay" and then hung up.  We rocked up to the takeaway pizza place with a couple of chairs and tables for dine-in guests, and at the urging of the 'waitress', sat wherever we wanted.  We sat outside.  She brought us a couple of menus, and just double checking the conditions of the voucher I'd bought, I asked "So, no steak, right?"  She looked surprised, and said "That's right! - We're also out of lasagne  and you can have any dessert you want, but the only dessert available is the sticky date pudding" Ah, okay.  I went to a gorgeous Italian restaurant once, and had an amazing chocolate ... thing ... (if only I could remember what it was, or where that restaurant was, sigh..).  That's what I was hoping for.  No WAY I was ruining my health challenge with sticky date!  There is not a single spec of chocolate in that!  Our entrees were somewhat successful.  They just took a really long time to come.  We looked back and noticed there was a single cook in the kitchen, running around like mad.  After a while, he ran through a door at the back of the restaurant, and appeared in the next door Thai restaurant!!  Apparently he asked for reinforcement, because a moment later he reappeared in the Italian 'restaurant', followed by another cook, taking off his Thai outfit and donning the appropriate apron :)  Awesome :)  Then, a girl walked into the Thai place and placed an order at the front.  She then followed the Thai restaurant waitress out of the Thai place and into the pizza place, where they put her order through on the Italian 'restaurant' till...  either there's something really strange going on or the 2 places are cojoined, and share staff and tills.  For some reason all of this made us giggle like crazy, as did the couple at the next table, who were not hiding the fact that they'd been waiting for their meal for what seemed to be a very long time, and were extreeeeemely irritated.  But with the reinforcement of the Thai chef, eventually all of our meals arrived.  For mains I ordered crumbed chicken with chips (there wasn't a lot on offer!) and James ordered the fettuccine chicken pesto.   I couldn't stop laughing when they brought out James'.  Maybe the 'waitress' should have told us they were out of fettuccine too - but the spaghetti chicken pesto looked awesome :D  And my chicken came with a side of 5 chips, and some bonus veggies and a bonus salad.  We're pretty sure I cleaned the restaurant out of the last 5 chips :)  The tiny pieces of sticky date that eventually made their way to our table didn't look remotely appetising, and James quickly ate both so we could get out of there - running to our car (okay, I was on crutches, so it was more of a fast hobble) through the torrential rain of the crazy thunderstorm which had created the mood for awesome date :)  Thank goodness we have so much fun together, especially when things don't quite turn out the way we expect - Spreets have got to stop calling things 'feasts' and takeaway places 'restaurants'!!
  • Then there was the awesome Valentines Day Scavenger hunt of 'special places' I put together for James last year.  We started off with the girls and the plan was to go to the playground with them (the first one where we ALMOST had our first date - no lights after dark there ;)) as one of the steps, and then drop them off to Mum's as another step, and after a few stops we'd end up at the temple cliffs where we'd meet up with our awesome friends the Macs, and have a fun picnic.  Due to weather restrictions (like, torrential rain), each stop became about a second long, kind of lamo, and we ditched the hanging out with the girls at the park part completely.  Later the rain died down to almost nothing, but we didn't exactly dwell at our picnic spot at the cliffs!
  • And while we're on the subject of the Macs - there was the 'Glow Worm Caves' adventure.  We rocked up at a very remote location, where a lone scientist runs a little glow worm expedition on his property, where he accidentally found a glow worm wall (not cave) during a drunk evening stroll which almost killed him.  Really long story, but between the $70 000 outdoor toilet, the glowing mushroom room, the fake glow worm business cards, and the story about the woman who chose the wrong leaf to wipe herself with, the night was extremely informative, absolutley hilarious, and kind of terrifying!!  I couldn't wait to get off the mountain and back to civilisation!!  Obviously, these were not the glow worm caves most people go to and talk about.  Which is probably why it was such a bargain! lol
  • And speaking of bargains, and the Macs, there was the time they called us to say they'd found a great 'Living Social' deal - an island paradise 2 night getaway for some ridiculously low price.  They said the island was just off Stradbroke, and looked amazing!  They'd already booked theirs for around Australia Day, and did we wanna join them?  Apparently the apartment next to theirs was free, so if we were keen, we should call quickly before it got taken!  It all sounded great.  We said 'We'd love to!' and looked up the bargain.  It became apparent as I opened the deal, that travelling with out of towners was not without risk.  "Why does it say Coochiemudlo?!!!" I exclaimed to James with some panic.  I'm not even worried about hurting the feelings of Coochiemudlo dwellers.  Because after 2 nights, lots of rain, lots of mud, tennis courts with not a raquet or ball on the island, dvd players with not a DVD on the island, a restaurant which 'doesn't open' (don't plan to buy half your meals there...), $10 mini towel hire, and really, really dirty floors, I'm calling false advertising!  They could at least admit that the island is basically a mud slab floating in the ocean! - At least then the 83 other obviously out of towners who bought the deal (haha :)) would be going into it with their eyes open!! Thank goodness for good company - and things only seem to get funner - or at least funnIer - when circumstances are a little tragic... which is why James and I spend so much of our dating times (and that entire weekend!) in stitches...
  • Last year I was beyond excited when I won tickets to EVERY SHOW put on by a Brisbane theatre company for their theatre season.  That was 6 SHOWS!!!  6 awesome, fun, out of the ordinary and will not even touch the budget dates :)  I've been to see shows by this company many years ago and they were FANTASTIC!!!  Except, they're not anymore.  They're really terrible.  By the last 2 shows we were desperately trying to find excuses not to turn up, but when you've got free tickets to a $65pp show, you really feel like you should go, you know??  Also, we felt sorry for them.  Fortunately the very last show was by far the best, but by then our expectations were so low that all they had to do was hit a lot of the notes in tune.    I kind of want to go into more detail about their very lowest point (which James missed half of because he fell asleep), but I don't want to get specific on the (very, very) remote chance that someone involved catches wind of this and I hurt people's feelings.  But be careful about the prizes you claim.  It was a really painful time for us.
  • The Proposal:   James had it all planned out - the walkway lit with candles, the dinner, the ring... and he was all psyched to do it for a Friday night in August 07.  Then I accepted an invite for us to have dinner at my brother's house that night - we didn't have anything planned that I knew about!  Rather than tip everyone off to the upcoming proposal by telling Jonny we wouldn't be there, or re-psych himself to propose another day, James simply decided to pull over and propose on the way!  So we got engaged on the side of the road in one of the dodgiest neighbourhoods around :)  Classy ;)
  • The other week we decided to go on a date to the Southbank Friday night markets.  I haven't been for ages so was excited to check them out.  We rocked up to find out that it was pretty much the only Friday night of the YEAR that the markets aren't on, due to the Brisbane River Festival... sigh... does this stuff happen to anyone else?!
  • Another time we decided to eat at an Indian buffet at Southbank.  There are so many yummy food choices there, it's pretty hard to fail, but we did.  To the point where when James picked up a tongful of salad, a swarm of flies flew out from underneath.  And we actually saw cockroaches scurrying around under the tables.  Try taking a bite after that!!  We didn't even complain.  We just left.  Shudder!
  • Then there was our awesome honeymoon.  The first part of it was spent on a houseboat.  We loved every second of it.  Despite the fact that the toilet clogged, we ran out of water and there was a giant river rat onboard which ate a lot of our food, and our Lionel Richie concert tickets!!!! (don't worry - I don't know if the ticket booth people bought our 'eaten by a river rat' story but they reprinted them for us).  By the time we got back to dock and hand over the keys I was DESPERATE to get to a toilet.  But the owner hadn't mentioned he'd be working that day, and wasn't home.  After running up and down the road both ways of the rural river road and determining there was not even a servo nearby, James kindly broke into the guy's house so I could use his toilet, then we waited patiently for his workday to finish.  Fortunately he didn't mind the break-in at all, and was very interested to find out about the rat - he'd suspected that there was one on board...
  • Every year on our anniversary, we book a little holiday, and I get a bad cold.  Then I lie in bed the whole time watching DVD's or really bad TV, begging James to go out and have some fun without me.  He hangs out with me anyway, and I try to do more than I feel up to and ruin every outing we try to take.  It clears up on the way home.
  • Often, even if we do manage to have dinner somewhere perfectly nice, they'll forget us, and we'll be sitting there for an hour and a half watching every other table come and go before we ask about our order, or they notice us and bring us our meal with lots of free extras on the side 'for the little wait we had this evening'.  
Our dates often really suck it's true.  I'm sure there are bunches more bad ones that I can't think of right now.  But I don't know if I'd change that - we usually end up having the kind of hilarious time together that you just don't get in more beautiful or serene circumstances.

And we have had a few awesome dates... the Lionel Richie concert they let us in to even though our tickets were in pieces, the time we went and saw Wicked (not the theatre company we won tickets with..) and once we ate at a beautiful Turkish restaurant at South Bank called Mado - recommend!  And there have been many normal dates involving sushi and a movie, and beautiful dates to the temple.  It just seems to be the 'outside the box' events that end in trauma...

Tomorow is our 5 year wedding anniversary :)  We have, a really, really fabulous evening planned.  I was more excited before Tammy asked the other day if we were sure we wanted to do this together, because our hit and miss date ratio is so high.  But risking it we are... I'm sure it's an un-ruinable event... but if everything goes wrong, thank goodness we're in it together!! :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

83 Days of Health: Day 16

I'm so used to saying 'no' to junk food now, it's like second nature.  And I'm not always wishing I could grab a chocolate bar as a snack when I'm walking past them.  Chocolate milk is the only thing I'm still craving, and BOY do I crave chocolate milk sometimes!!!  Maybe I'll have one sometime... like on Christmas Day lol...   I eat fruit like it's going out of fashion.  Last night a lovely friend made us dinner to save me a night of kitchen-hobbling (thankyou thankyou!) and she even gave us Mangoes and yoghurt for dessert, and it was like heaven!!  I predict getting a LOT out of mango season this year! :)  Mmmm.... :)  I'm really glad I'm doing this!!  It hasn't even been that hard once I decided to go for it, so I'm convinced my body was wanting the change, even if my taste buds weren't..... and don't you think how easy it's been is just proof that I wasn't addicted?!  Must point that out to James... :)                    Healthy Day!! ;) xo

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

For Everyone Out There Who Has Been Exercising Lately...

This made me laugh.  Except that, it doesn't really apply to me - given that I'm pregnant AND crippled at the moment (seriously having issues with these crutches!!).  But one day :)

...and it's usually actually me crying, because the workout is so hard...  But hopefully I get past that stage too... :)

PS:  Still feeling great, and loving this junk food detox... is this really me talking??  Obviously I really needed to back off the chocolate a little! :P

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ever Seen a Pregnant Woman on Crutches??

WARNING:  Long sob story, with some excess of wallowing... :)

So yesterday, I walked (obviously excessively powerfully) by my couch, and stubbed my toe.  I collapsed on the couch in pain, and after it really sunk in (the full strength of pain was a tiny bit delayed), I realised it was really bad - like, worse than any other stubbed toe pain I'd had.  I looked at my little toe, and was nearly sick - it was sticking out at a disgusting angle, away from my foot!  Ew!!!

Fortunately I had my phone in my hand, so I called James (in hysterics, a little bit) and I do not remember the exact wording, but the fact that he was in the driveway and bounding up the stairs maybe 30 seconds later (what a blessing that he works down the road!! - I found out later that he hadn't even told anyone that he was leaving! He'd just dropped his work and left!  His boss called later that afternoon to see what was going on :p) might give some indication that I was fairly urgent (and possibly a little demanding) about it.  As I was hanging up from James, Mum was calling (she's got that intuition thing down).  I blubbered that I'd broken or dislocated my toe, and she offered to come over to look after the girls.  I hysterically yelled "Can you be here in 2 MINUTES?!" and she calmly said "No, but I'll be there in 15" (which is about how long it takes to get here).  She also mentioned that if it were dislocated, James could probably just 'pop it back in', to which I may have screamed something about real doctors and painkillers, and "NO!!!".

Poor Maggie, who I'd put to bed only a moment before, timidly appeared at the doorway of my room (where I'd hopped and collapsed dramatically on the chest at the bottom of our bed to try to get dressed) and said "Are you okay Mummy?!".  Oh dear.  Try and hold it together, Abby!  I managed to smile and only sob a little bit, and say "Yes honey, I just hurt my toe a little bit" before bursting into tears and saying "Can I have a hug?!".  Poor little girl!  She was happy to give me a hug, sure that it would cure me I think, and then I pulled it together a little and managed to smile and send her back to bed, before hopelessly bursting into tears again.  When James then bounded through the door, after I'd stopped hyperventilating and pointing emphatically at my toe (which I really couldn't look at again - ugh!!), I asked him to please go to his possibly traumatised daughter and make sure she was okay!  But when he went to her room and started to talk to her about what had happened, she was busily reading a book, and didn't seem to mind anything at all, other than asking him what was happening on the next page.  I guess I was the traumatised one :p  Mum came over, I think exactly 15 minutes after she called, and James carried me downstairs and into the car.  It is extremely difficult to hop, when you're 29 weeks pregnant.  And I'm not sure that it's safe.

When we got to the hospital, he parked where you're not supposed to (not afraid to defy parking rules in light of a wife's sore toe - my hero ;)) and carried me into emergency.  I was painfully embarrassed  but I wasn't having a great deal of success with my attempted at hopping again :p  When we finally got in for the x-ray (they covered baby boy in my belly with 2 of the iron aprons and assured me it was 100% safe before asking if I was sure I wanted to proceed since I was pregnant lol) and then into the plaster room (after a wait long enough to allow me to imagine the awful pain of re-setting my almost certainly dislocated toe many times over and enough to make me shake all over), the doctor said "You've actually broken your toe".  Oh.  Did that mean they didn't need to re-set it??  Of course they did - it had snapped right through at a funny angle and was sticking out - they needed to put it back in place to heal properly  :(  After warning me that they would hurt a LOT, she then gave me 2 giant, painful, horrible awful needles, right into the bone, on either side of my little pinky toe.  The doctor was right.  It hurt, a LOT.  I cried out and sobbed into James!  I was so embarrassed, but I couldn't help it!  And James even seemed to think it was justified, because they were huge, and the doctor seemed to think they were going to half kill me with the pain, and can I use the 'pregnant' thing??  Anyway, thank goodness she'd let me bring him in! :)  And then the anaesthetic (okay, there was a GREAT reason to put me through those needles, shudder) set in, and she fiddled with putting my toe back into place while I was mercifully without feeling in my foot.  Hooray for anaesthetic!!! :)  I was soooo grateful not to feel it, I can't even tell you!  It was like when I got the epidural when I was in labour with Maggie, and suddenly the world was a happy place again :)

So they strapped said snapped little toe next to it's closest relative, and gave me a lovely set of crutches, to use for the next 6 weeks (that's right - until I'm 35 weeks pregnant! - 1 week before Christmas!), or until the pain goes away and I can walk again.

Because I weigh a lot right now, and I'm unbalanced and awkward, it's actually really, really difficult to use the crutches.  They kill my arms, and my left leg - the one I can walk on - is dying!  I don't want to go anywhere!!  It was pretty hard making it up the stairs when we got home yesterday afternoon, and that was before the pain had come back!  Which it has now.  But I know the worst is behind me, and hopefully I NEVER have to get those needles again!!

(sigh) Okay, sob story over, somewhat inconvenient 6 weeks to begin!! :)  It's hard to do anything right now, as cooking requires standing up and using your hands, and looking after or lifting the girls has become ridiculously hard/awkward, but I guess I'll get the hang of it, and hopefully it heals quickly and nicely.

Oh for the sake of one little toe!!!



Monday, November 5, 2012

83 Days of Health: Day 8 ... and a few random bits & pieces...

Healthier Eating Update:  I feel better.  More pregnant & less fat. And just... healthier! :)  Which is actually a pretty good feeling!!  James has suggested I have a dessert a week, like I did back with the fitness challenge, but at the moment I'm enjoying the full de-tox treatment, so I'll keep going 100% for now, and see how I go!  I tend to graze a little at home during the day, so I've been replacing chocolate with peanuts, crackers and hommus, cheese and fruit.  It's amazing how after 3 days fruit felt like a dessert!! (like, really amazing for me!)  I also got some yummy yoghurt at the shops, and eating that with some canned peaches also feels like a dessert - weird, weird!!  This week I had to endure Halloween (that was a bit sad - we had a little party and everyone's scary food looked soooo yummy!), Tammy's birthday dinner including a dessert table with the world's best cake that Jonny and Jessima created, and pumpkin pie - one of my all-time favourite desserts!! - My gorgeous niece Jacey's 1st birthday party involving another one of those cakes, and family dinner - featuring all the leftovers!  But I found it easier than expected, because I knew what I was going to be up against before I went I guess! - Also, I feel like I should be doing this whole thing for health reasons with this pregnancy, so it's easier to say 'no'!  And I am glad I did, today!!

Pregnancy Brain has been blamed for a lot of things surrounding me lately.  I'm suffering from it badly this time! - So many silly things, and I can't seem to form many sentences the right way around!  Not to mention my complete lack of attention span.  At the beginning of this pregnancy I was making myself some toast, and I decided on a slice of honey, and a slice of Vegemite.  I made my toast, and then when I went to eat the Vegemite piece, I thought it tasted really weird - really... sweet.  But it wasn't until I started eating the 'honey' piece that I realised what I'd done, because there was nothing at all on that slice!!
But on Thursday last week, I went to make an online bPayment for our tithing, and after carefully counting James' work hours and figuring out how much he'd made before tax, I made the payment.  Only instead of paying 10%, I paid the full amount.  His entire weeks' wage.  Gone.  Which puts a bit of a dampen on our budget!!! Tithing is one of my favourite commandments to follow, because I can't even begin to tell you the amazing blessings we've received from it, but I kind of needed that other 90%!!! lol.

Ward Changes!  Yesterday we had a special 3-ward meeting at church instead of our usual meeting.  They split the 3 wards and made 4.  James and Mum had been telling me that we probably wouldn't be in the same ward as my family after the split, but I thought that was crazy - we live so close to them! - As if we'd be split!!  But we were!  I really couldn't believe it!  It feels funny to not be in their ward for the first time in my life!  And we're attending at a different chapel too, which is also a bit strange.  But it's exciting for the church! :)  And kind of exciting for us to start in a brand new ward from scratch!  And now James and I are both out of our callings - he was in Young Mens and I've been Ward Music Director and a Visiting Teaching Supervisor, but not anymore!  All new callings in the new ward, we just have a Bishopric at the moment.  Most importantly for us, Dad was released as the Bishop yesterday too - after 7 years!  He was called when James was in his first 6 months of his mission - that seems like a lifetime ago!!  He's the kindest person in the world, and he took the ward through some challenging times.  He has worked so hard, and blessed the lives of so many people.  I can't imagine a more wonderful Bishop, so even though I guess it's great that he gets a rest (he really deserves one, and it'll be nice for him to be able to be around more and spend more time with Mum), and it's been a long time, I'm really sad not to have him as our Bishop anymore!!  Not that our new bishop won't be wonderful as well - he's a lovely man and we're glad to have him in our new ward.  But lots of big changes happening in the church around Brisbane at the moment!! - very exciting.

James is Finished Uni!!  He hasn't graduated yet, but all his classes and assessment are finished, we're just waiting for his results and confirmation of passes (please please please!! - But he feels good about it so I think we're safe!) to graduate!  I booked tickets for his graduation the day they came out, for us, Mum and Dad and Tammy, and James' parents and Nana & Koro, who are flying in for it!!!  So he'd better pass!! :)  I also booked and paid for his robes, and ordered a matching frame to mine to put his degree in.  The university suggest you don't do any of this before it's confirmed that you'll graduate, because you'll lose your money if he doesn't pass, but if he doesn't pass, it'll be the least of our worries!! :P  But I'm glad we booked early cause we got great seats! :)  lol.  Exciting for the girls to see their Dad graduate too :) I can't wait :) If he gets a good job my happiness will be complete!!!

Our boy is due in... just under 11 weeks!!! :D  Which means Christmas is coming quickly!! And James' Birthday, and Maggie's 3rd!!  But I'm so excited for everything that's coming up! :)  And planning to have Christmas presents sorted by the end of November :) - Bring it ON!!!  Also, Maggie already knows 'Away in a Manger', 'Rudolf' and 'Jingle Bells' by heart - so we're ready :)

Last week was crazy busy, and awesome.  3 parties, a fun outing down the coast, a bunch of very late nights, and obviously my brain switched off sometime around April, so it was overwhelming in parts!  This week, we have nothing on at all - at least until the weekend!  The girls and I are ready for some 'down time'.  I think poor James wishes he was, but he's working hard and trying to get job applications in outside hours.  I am excited for when the school term finishes and he's able to have more afternoons off and have a tiny bit of downtime himself.  A job offer would also help increase his work and stress levels!  Hopefully soon! :)

Have a fabulous day!!! :) xox

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

83 Days of Health: Day 2

1.  Don't expect an update every single day!  I think once a week says 'consider yourself posted'! :)

But I was Google searching yesterday like crazy for some healthy, fun, Halloween party food ideas!  I know most people are rolling their eyes and saying 'Duh - it's Halloween!  It's all about the treats!' and I'm well aware, but we had to take a plate of scary food to a Halloween Mums n Bubs party this morning, and I was keen to find something I could eat when faced with plates and plates of delicious looking goodies!! :)

Anyway, it was amazing how many sites called banana caramel pie 'healthy' when they substituted an ingredient or two for 'lower fat' versions.  I was surprised at how hard it was to find actually healthy, scary ideas! :)  I think the party we did for Tammy for Halloween last year involved more fun, healthy foods than I was finding elsewhere online, but I did find one cute website with some cute ideas! It seems to be some kind of Disney site. But the food isn't Disney - just healthy and fun!  You can find it here :)  I was particularly impressed with idea #6 - brain anyone?!!! :)

Yesterday was great! - Not craving a thing :)  I mean, Milo would be great with breakfast, but you know, I can live without it! (sigh).  I stocked up on nuts, crackers and hommus.  Deep breaths.. :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

83 Days of Health: Day 1

I don't get pregnant in a 'hot, skinny with an adorable tiny little bump' kind of way.  I start 'showing' ridiculously early.  Like, before the first 12 weeks is up, people are asking me how far along I am! - It's not even considered 'safe' to tell people yet!!  Most of this is due to the fact that with the particular brand of morning sickness I get, if I don't have food in my mouth I am siiiiiiiiiiick.  So I'm constantly eating, and eating totally random cravings food, like chicken drumsticks and milkshakes.  I've never craved an apple.  And I feel like I'm going to die if I don't get it right then, so as much as my head is saying 'You're crazy!  You're going to put on 30+ kilos again!' (like I did with Maggie.  I know, ridiculous!), my body is saying "I DON'T CARE IF I PUT ON 50!!! - HAND OVER THE DRUMSTICKS!!!".  My head also tells me that if I don't get my cravings and go through the sickness, I probably WILL be one of those 'skinny with an adorable tiny little bump' people - the ones who lose weight through their constant sickness, but when I'm feeling that sick (like death) and I know that there's a way to feel even a tiny bit better, there's no way I'm not cramming whatever my body seems to be wanting into my mouth!  Sounds awesome, hey?  :)  (the baby you get at the end of it, indescribably so! :))

Anyway, after the first trimester and a bit of 'death to the world' sick, I've been lying down almost constantly, and all my pre-pregnancy dreams of 'This time I'll stay fitter and less humongous' have gone out the window.  You're generally safe, according to doctors, to continue whatever fitness regime you were doing before you got pregnant, just be careful, and don't jump up and down at all, or do crazy stuff.  Sadly, if you stop for the first three months, it's not a great idea to try to pick it back up again, so my dreams of playing netball through to the end of trimester 2 went down the drain at about week 3.  I get exhausted after doing.... almost nothing, and in this pregnancy, my tummy has been spasm-ing a lot, hurting like crazy and stopping me in my tracks.  It feels like my tummy muscles don't exist in the slightest anymore, and if I try to do anything that involves a little bit of tummy tension (you'll find that walking, requires this), it goes berserk, and I'm lying down again for the rest of the day.  It's dumb, and annoying.

Last night I was eating a piece of leftover chocolate cake from my birthday, and thinking of one of my maternity outfits, and hoping that it would fit until the end of this pregnancy.  I suddenly wondered exactly how long I have to go, and added up the weeks, realising that as of yesterday, I was due in exactly 12 weeks!!  Hello 3rd Trimester!! And almost BABY!!! YIPEE! :)  But 12 weeks is plenty of time to get even larger, and so I made what James laughed and described as a 'rash' decision (but a good one - you know he's a health nut!), and immediately put the cake down and decided to go off junk food until the baby comes.


  1. Hopefully I'll still fit into a lot of my maternity clothes at the end of this thing!  
  2. Hopefully less weight to lose when this baby comes out to join us.
  3. Hopefully I'll feel better and fitter, and more able to do everything without being as exhausted.  Although I know this may be offset by the whole '3rd trimester' thing!
  4. This may even save money!
  1. Halloween/Tammy's birthday this week
  2. Being able to eat whatever I want when I have a bad 'throwback to morning sickness' day
  3. James annoyingly calling this an 'addiction detox' for the next 12 weeks. - Doesn't me being able to go without it just prove it's not an addiction?!!!
  4. Christmas - HOLD THE PHONE!!!!
There's no way I'm not eating all the good, traditional stuff on Christmas Day!!!!  Hence, '83 Days of Health', rather than the 84 days that 12 weeks denotes.  I get that day OFF! :)  Sadly I know from past experience that when you're out of the habit of eating junk food, you don't get those skills back in one day, so Christmas may not be all it usually is in terms of me eating a LOT of yummy food, but a taste'll probably do me by then (sigh).

If baby comes early, so does my junk food hiatus.  Not that I plan on gorging myself as soon as he arrives, but I need jelly beans during labour (is that just me?!), and I'll give myself a tiny break before heading into another one of these Fitness Challenges!!  (It totally worked!  I lost everything I'd put on with Ana AND the weight I'd never lost with Maggie!!! : ) And stopped sobbing through each workout (James is a tough PT!) And then I got pregnant again...).  I guess I'll decide what to do when baby comes when baby comes, but there you have it.  So welcome Day 1, of my addiction detox 83days of health!!!! :)  

I'll keep you posted ;)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2 Fun Dates + 2 Dessert Disasters... :)

The first fun date, was the Stake Ball!!! (Cheering) :)  I love stake balls.  I love that we can get all dressed up and going out and eat dinner and dance the night away at least once a year!  I was terribly disappointed that they scheduled last years' ball on the week we were in Adelaide for my Aunty's wedding.  I really hang out for these.  I don't understand people who don't want to go.  Where else can you have totally fun company and the aforementioned dinner and dancing once you're old and married?!! :)  Anyway, I was determined to have found a totally cute maternity dress by the time this came around (have I cried on this blog enough yet about all my favourite maternity clothes that recently vanished?!  Sob!), but I didn't manage it, so I wore black (dreary, but a lot more flattering than white when you're not so skinny!!) and squeezed into a non maternity dress that I won't be squeezing into again for a while!!  From our joint shopping expedition the fabulous Stacey had found a cute dress however, and looked lovely!!! :)  We went as a double date with Stace and Darren.  I actually didn't want to post any pictures till the 'official' pictures came out - we got fun ones with all the couples at our table, but they seem to be taking a while to get here (this was over a month ago) and I thought I'd post these ones from Stace's phone before I forget!!! :)

Our suave dates having some 'bro talk'!!  This is Julian, James & Darren :)

And me and Stace :)  Don't you love our - angle the camera down to us - thing? :)  Awesome :)

We had lots of fun with all the couples at our table, and hitting the dance floor later on :)  Thanks for double dating with us Stace and Darren!! :)

Then the other week James and I took advantage of a Spreets deal I'd bought a while ago for a Korean Bibimbap feast :)  (I seem to be craving Asian food, non-stop, mmmmmmmmmmmmm :) - not in a bad, awful craving kind of way, I just like eating it right now, a lot more than I ever have before in my life :)).

Anyway, Bibimbap did not disappoint - and we loved the little restaurant!! It was a very Korean family feel - almost everyone there was Korean, and they all looked like they eat there all the time and knew each other.  We loved it :)

(Do you like my wrist bling??  Mum bought a bunch of cute blingy jewellery on sale to go in her dress ups for the grandchildren, but I may have stolen these before the grandchildren knew about them... :))

James always loves Asian food, so I think he's enjoying the fact that I've kind of been shunning my usual Italian favourite (mmm cheesy tomatos and antipestos...) and branching out a little :)

And the dessert disasters I'm proud to say, aren't mine, but I had this photo from James' phone so I had to blog about it, sorry Tammy! :D 

Okay, anyone who doesn't already know what this first one is meant to be and can guess it, deserves a whole one (made correctly) to themselves!! :)

A pancake?!  A plate with sauce on it?!  No!  A choc-mint cheesecake!!  Daddy's favourite dessert, that Tammy generously made for him for Fathers' Day!!!! :)  Yes, it's meant to be a little taller, and not falling off the plate...and it should look.....appetising :)

Poor Tammy put the wrong cream in I think - she had been up for hours cooking homemade breadrolls and a bunch of other stuff, including the world's most beautiful and PERFECT apple pie!!!  

I would have included a photo of it, but while she was on the way down to Mum and Dad's place, the car in front of Tammy screeched on its breaks suddenly, and Tammy had to swerve to miss it and slam on her breaks, and the world's most beautiful and PERFECT apple pie flew off its perch on the front seat and slammed into the dashboard with a loud, squelching sound (or so I was told).  It was killed instantly.  What a disaster!!!

Tammy chopped up some fruit and made an impromptu and delicious fruit salad to accompany her choc mint pancake cheesecake, and it was lovely :)

Good times :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's a....


We're having a boy!!! :)  Way to shake up our girly little household :)  (James probably wouldn't agree that it's 100% girly - just humongous chunks of it :D).  Bring on the Tonkas and the trains (I've been dying to buy a cute, wooden train set for a loooong time), and the blue, and the BOY!!!! :)  He's just perfect, too, according to the scan, and all is well :)  My placenta's right at the front, which explains why the kicks are a little harder to feel, but I love the sweet, soft little kicks he's doing more every day!!  We can't wait to meet him in January!!!!

Here are my little 'to make it feel real!!!' weekend purchases :)

Tiny, sweet little socks!!! :)  It's kind of exciting that we have pretty much NOTHING that isn't pink!! :)  I love shopping for babies!!!

And while we're on the subject of shopping, and blue stuff, I found 'the maternity dress':

If you like it too (don't you love that it's blue?  Totally great for having a boy in that belly!  lol) and you have a spare $399.95 + postage you can get yourself one here.  I probably won't be bumping into you at the checkout lol, but isn't it MUCH more flattering than the usual tight and awkward pregnancy dresses that tell the world exactly how much I ate during my crazy 1st trimester?? :)  I think it's lovely :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Me an (2 of) Ma Sistaz

Text FROM me TO Beth & Jessima before our little cousin's photoshoot for Fathers' Day:

"Hay ma sistaz!  Waz jst thnkn that i mait dress da gurlz in red, navy n white n we culd tri 2 cola coordin8 all our babiez 4 da pics! Do thoz colas wrk 4 u? (just getting my ganster on ;)) xo"

From Beth:
"Ye 4 realz.  All gud bra.  Wz goin pst target wen i got ur msg so got tha Hal somthin.  B sweet if it fits."

From Jessima:
"Sup ma sizzle!!  I aint gat doz colas!  But I canz tri 2.  Aight!"


Was impressed by Beth's 'bra' lol!! :)  Jessima's was more impressive before she confessed that Jonny wrote it because she couldn't figure out how to sound like a 'gangster' lol!!! :)  James used to text me like this.  It took me a while to be able to read them ("is it upside down or something?!"), but he's since started using full words :)

I'm really glad (it's the grammar-crazy primary school teacher in me) that smart phones make it easier to use proper words than weird 'text' words with all their autotype settings.  Bring back punctuation!!! :)  (some of my year 6's used to put language like this in their assignments!!! - Eekurgh!!!)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

AFL's Newest Fans... Sort of...

Last Saturday night James went with Tammy, Dad, Jonny, Robbie and Jonny's old mission friend to an AFL game.  It was the first live AFL game for at least James and Tammy, and they seemed to have an awesome time.  Robbie is a die hard fan, and I think he was excited to share his passion with the fam a little bit :)  The Gold Coast Suns (who apparently aren't great this season) were playing... some other team, who needed this win to get into the final.  Our family contingent decided to go for the Suns - the closest to a home team playing :)

Tammy sent me some pictures on her phone while the game was on:

This made me grin - such a fun photo!  I asked James later why the sign said 'SUPER'.  He said he asked Robbie the same question, and Robbie said that's just the way it is at AFL  :)

James tells me he was looking up at a ball coming through the goal for this photo - they were right behind the posts.

The other half... :)
James got home 'SUPER' late (haha).  He said every quarter was about 30 minutes... give or take... as in, the refs just call quarter time whenever they feel like it.  He asked Robbie about it, and Robbie said that the refs are usually biased to the home team - so when the Suns were doing well, the quarters went for longer, and then when they weren't doing well, the refs called time at 26 or 28 minutes.  I told James that sounded ridiculous and not legit at all, but he said that's what Robbie said, and Robbie IS the AFL fan after all!

James, Dad and Tammy also seemed very impressed with the refs, and the 'dancing with flags' they do.  I was given demonstrations by half the family :)  Very entertaining.  The refs in AFL are exceptionally intense, and there are strict routines they follow for different calls.  The refs, were James' favourite part of the game.

They also enjoyed the fans.  Apparently they were surrounded by supporters of the opposing team, who were extremely passionate.  Because they were sitting right behind the posts, the ball came into the crowd when the goals were kicked.  There were nets up before the start of the game while they practised their kicking.  Then when the game started they took the nets down, and James said Tammy was horrified - lol!!! :)  But anyway, once when the ball came into the crowd, and a Suns player came to get it off whoever had caught it, and the guy in the crowd who had it seemed to hate the Suns, and he pegged it at the Suns player as hard as he could, then started cheering his head off, all by himself.  By the end of the game the opposing fans were pretty distraught though, because the Suns had an awesome game and won, forcing the other team (whose name I really could have looked up but didn't...) out of the finals!!  (this did not push the Suns into the final - they were already too low :P).

Anyway, sounds like it was a really fun/ny night, and they all enjoyed the experience, even though I didn't hear a word from any of them about the actual game involving players/great kicks, etc!! :)  Tammy actually has a goal to get to a bunch of different sporting events this year, and so hopefully we hear more about it all from her sometime soon :)

I'm excited for when the girls are old enough to go out for fun experiences like this!! :)

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Tiny Paperwork Victory :)

James has just left with his resume and application for one of the jobs he'd most like to be considered for, for next year.  It has felt like he had a big assignment due today - the final copy of his resume all finished and the applications filled out!!  I prayed lots of little silent prayers as I fiddled with the order of information on his resume trying to figure out what would be most important in this potential employer's eyes.  Writing resumes scares me.  I am sooooo excited now that we have a complete resume to fiddle around and tailor to different schools so he can get out there and apply everywhere.  I love the resume too - it looks cool :)  James is pretty qualified and experienced - when I wrote down all the courses he's done and all the experience he has, I was pretty impressed.  I couldn't put toooo much detail about anything he's done in, because it would've been too long, and employers would've gotten bored, but just the dot points of it all look fantastic.  In fact it's taking a little bit of willpower for me not to screenshot it onto this blogpost :)  He's going to be awesome.  Seriously, they'd be crazy not to hire him.  But YAY for a BIG-ger stressful piece of paperwork being finished, and James' first serious application being hand delivered today!!! :)  Bring on the prayers and the rest of the applications, I can't WAIT to see where we're at this time next year!! :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Teacher Registration Australian Citizenship Job Applications Resume Touch Ups Overdue Fines Bills Budgeting Car Registration Insurance Is Anyone Out There Feeling this Way??!!!

This is my best depiction of me at the moment:

(I was actually going to photoshop my face in, but I couldn't find any pictures of me not smiling, and it really wouldn't have depicted me very well.  Also, I haven't been reeeally blonde for quite some time now.  But the paperwork?  That's spot on!)

I am 'the paperwork girl' in our little family.  Maggie or Ana may usurp me in this call as they grow older, but for now they're about as motivated as James is in the paperwork department.

I take care of budgets and bills and applications and all that jazz.  I used to get a kick out of crossing all the t's and dotting the i's.  I always kind of love a good, completed form that I know won't be sent back for more details, because I didn't miss a thing.  Weird, but we all take pride in something! :)  The last few years have taken a bit of a toll on this pleasant little piece of housekeeping for me though.

Possibly my only real memory when I think of my last semester at uni is the endless paperwork I had to do.  I remember 'photocopying my life' - so many times over that I ended up just photocopying a kazillion copies of my birth certificate, marriage certificate and passport, and getting them all certified at once from a Justice of the Peace.  I'm sure it took ages and the people in line behind me wanted to throw things at my head, but sometimes you just gotta get it all done!!  It seemed like every governing body and every application centre wanted a new bunch of random details (with proof attached - copies of everything certified by yet another Justice of the Peace) and it was crazy.

THEN, we applied for James to become an Australian Permanent Resident.  Boy if I thought graduating was a toll on my satisfaction for completing paperwork, I had another thing coming.  We had to 'prove' we were in love.  Letters and invitations addressed to both of us from the entire course of our relationship and marriage, proof that we stayed in touch through any absences, wedding photos, honeymoon photos, engagement photos, photos at different events, scrapbooks, joint power bills, etc., etc.  Then we had to give in all the usual proof of identity, lack of criminal record, good intentions, upstanding good character, etc for both of us, because I was 'sponsoring' James.  Awesome.  We got it on the spot.  I ended up being super over-prepared, because it turned out that having a baby together proved we were obviously in love (phew!), or at least stuck in each others' lives forever if we weren't!!!  Bless Maggie. 

Anyway, now James is graduating from uni.  I've been steadily dreading this time for the last few months, but it's come, and it's much worse than I even anticipated, because it coincides with us finally applying for Australian Citizenship (for James - I got it at birth :)), and our our annual big bills and renewals, and a bunch of other things.  On the upside, I still have a bunch of certified copies of his life on file, due to my extraordinarily long trip to the JP a couple of years ago.  Sometimes I decide to just leave James' paperwork to James, but when the deadline's drawing close I quickly pick it back up again, because let's face it - I'm just as much in need of him getting his teacher registration as he is!!!  I AM pretty excited about him getting citizenship :)  He just ordered one of the citizenship test books to study from, and I think he's pretty excited too :)

Paperwork I still LOVE and I don't think I'll EVER get over:  Registering the births of our babies and applying for their birth certificates.  How much fun is it writing out the little names you've just given them and declaring them new little citizens of our wonderful country and this world?!!! :)  Awesome :)

Oh, and my BIGGEST paperwork oversight:  Forgetting to return the form asking (as James had come to the end of his drivers licence points from an obscene amount of speeding tickets) if James wanted to go on 'probation' for 6 months, or lose his licence completely for 3.  Because I didn't return it, he automatically lost it for 3, and it was the bane of both of our existences (sigh).  And then it was like it was my fault James lost his licence!!!! (BIG sigh!!).

Friday, August 17, 2012

Little Thrills ;)

Have you ever sold anything on eBay??  I sort of have - but nothing that sold for a great deal or generated too much interest.  

I like Stampin Up, and in particular I really like 2 stamp sets which have been in the last 2 catalogues, which I have been hanging out to buy if I were suddenly rich, or if they were not appearing in the next catalogue! (Fox & Friends - this is for when I give birth to a boy - I'm going to make totally cute wall art with it!!  And Curvy Verses, which I have just loved since I saw it, but couldn't justify buying!)  Well it happened - I saw the 'outgoing' list and they're both on it! - eek!! So I really wanted to buy them, but they're not the cheapest things in the world, so I decided to sell some of my stamp sets that I don't use so often to pay for them.  5 x second hand sets - 2 new ones?!  I hope so!!  

Anyway, since I listed my 5 sets on ebay a few days ago, I have watched my little list of 'watchers' grow with great satisfaction, and it gives me a little thrill every time I go into it.  Bless craft ladies/bargain shoppers!!! :)  Look! - now my very least cool stamp set even has 3 watchers:

Isn't that exciting?! :)  lol.  The fact that I've listed them for $5 has probably helped - I hope they go up at least a little though!!! And my second least favourite set has the most watchers and the first bid! - What's with that?!  I thought I'd get stuck with that set not selling!! :)  Isn't it exciting?! :)  

James isn't quite as excited as me - so far I've technically only made $5, but I'm pretty sure these lovely crafty ladies are just lying in wait to try to score a $5 stamp set on the day the auctions finish.  I know that's what I would be doing!!  

Fingers crossed!  And in the mean time, little thrills ;)

PS:  You know how they say giving is more exciting than receiving (which is usually true, except that sometimes, you get a gift which rocks so much, it was TOTALLY fun to receive).  Anyway, I have to say that so far, this selling business is much more fun than buying!! lol.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dream Car

Okay, it's totally only because of this video - and let's be honest, I barely noticed the car, except for the fact that it does seem to be a van, which fulfils my requirements.  James wants a big truck of some kind with 7 seats.  Don't worry - after I show him this he'll realise how cool vans are and totally change his tune.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

LOOONG Catch-Up!!!!!

Hey little personal blog/journal!!

It's been a little while since I've written anything remotely interesting on here, and I'm going to unashamedly blame it on being pregnant once again!!! :)  Yay!! :)  I'm just over 16 weeks now though, and have been getting better over the last 4 weeks - I've been pretty great for the last 2, but I'm tired a lot, the usual :)

Since I've been well again though, I've been spending my more awake time having lots of fun and outings with my fabulous girls, who were so patient with me for all those weeks when I lay on the couch uselessly, asking them to be gentle with me and basically being no fun at all!!  I am so GRATEFUL that James took a month off work completely during uni holidays, and got us through the worst of it, and by the time he started back full time (between work and study) I was getting back into it.

It's funny how hard morning sickness hits.  I guess a lot of people never get it, and if you're not grateful for that, you should be.  Because it's awful! - You just feel like you're dying!!! I kept saying to James "This is MUCH worse than the other two times - I'm dying!  This is awful!  I can't do this for 8 more weeks" and so on, but he just said "It's exactly the same sweetie, you've just forgotten!  But you'll get through it and you'll be okay" :) .  He took care of absolutely everything for us - meals, cleaning, looking after the girls, looking after me, running around town trying to satisfy my horrible cravings (I don't have fun cravings.  I've mentioned this before on this blog.  But it's more like "I need a Red Rooster chicken drumstick now or I'll die!" and less like "Hm... I'm craving chocolate.  Please go and buy me 3 blocks and I will eat them and chill out :)).  I was also probably insufferable to be around.  I devoured I don't know how many books, until I ran out, and became bored and more miserable.  I watched a bunch of movies and then got sick of them all.  I watched the entire first 4 seasons of Chuck.  Bless funny, random, light hearted shows you've never seen before for trying to take your mind off things!!  I felt like such a bad mother.  The girls ran riot if James ever went out, and I just felt sooo bad for them! - Bored and cooped up all the time! I'm so glad James was around to take them out and do stuff with them.  And he and Ana developed a wonderful relationship - the kind he's always had with Maggie but Ana's missed out on a little in her early days, because he was home a lot more when Maggie was born and has been a lot busier since Ana.  But they really bonded and it's wonderful to see now :)  She just adores him, and he her.  And Maggie loved having her main man around all the time!

By the end of the sickness, I started to feel like I was crazy, and maybe it was all in my head?  Maybe I was just lazy?  So I'd try to do more, and fail miserably, and end up in bed, much worse than before.  I just felt like I wasn't being a very good person.  And I never wanted to go out and do anything!  I would make plans with friends and then cancel cause I wasn't up to it, and I felt like such a bad friend!   But then I started to have days where I was actually well, and then you realise "Oh, I'm not a bad person - I'm not just lazy!  I was actually really, really sick!!!  Oh my word I feel great today!! I am going to clean my house and take the girls to the park!!  And catch up with friends!!  And make dinner!!" and it's just the most incredible feeling ever.  I keep saying to James "I just can't describe it.  It's like you're in this horrible black hole and you can't get better no matter what and then you start to doubt yourself and you don't know if you're lazy or what and then suddenly you're better!  And you realise that health is the most incredible blessing, and you don't ever realise how wonderful it is until you're stuck in that black hole for weeks on end, terrified that this time it won't end at 14 weeks!"  I don't know how the wonderful strong women (like my mother, who had 7 of us!) who are sick for the entire 9 months manage!  I find it extremely difficult to get through the first three months.

But as a result of that time, the last few weeks have been absolutely fabulously blissful.  I'm back!! And the girls and I have been having a lot of fun, and making up for all our time lost.  They are SUCH great girls, and I feel so lucky to get to hang out with them all day long!  They are the funniest ages and they have me in stitches all day, and they're so sweet and kind and funny!!!  And James and I have been leaving the house again - we even went to the temple last Friday night, and we're going to our Stake Ball tomorow night! - I don't know how I'll go fatigue-wise, but I'm super excited.

As usual, I put on WAY too much weight during trimester 1, but I've evened out a little just in the last couple of weeks, and I've come to terms with the fact that to help me feel a little better during that time, I just have to constantly eat, and to me it's a LOT easier to work out and lose the weight afterwards, than to try and stop myself from eating whatever I want during trimester 1!!  But hopefully I can repeat Ana's pregnancy, not the 30+kg's I put on with Maggie!!

And I am starting to get INCREDIBLY excited as I enter trimester 2, realising that I'm really going to be able to have another baby!! I'm always a little too nervous during the first 12 weeks to let myself be really excited, in case anything happens, but yesterday I went to the hospital and heard this little baby's heart beating for the first time, and in a few weeks we'll be able to find out whether it's a boy or girl, and I can't WAIT!!! That is my favourite part of pregnancy.  I love knowing what we're having.  It really helps me bond with baby.  We name it and talk to it, and I buy it pink or blue (pink so far, but it could be blue this time?! :)) and get everything ready for it, and it feels so much more real.  I can't wait!! James is pretty excited too :)  And so are Maggie and Ana.

So basically everything is complete sunshine at the moment, especially compared to being so sick - ugh!

Random bits and pieces:

  • The fabulous Stacey came over the other week, and introduced us to 'Monopoly Deal', the card version of Monopoly.  Games only take maybe 15 minutes max. each, and it's a lot of fun.  I bought it for James for D.A.D (Daddy Appreciation Day) recently, and we've played it so many times he's sick of it, but I'm totally addicted!! :)
  • My friend Estelle came over this afternoon to have some stamping fun with me, and she brought us dinner - uncooked.  I'm always saying I wish I were more confident cooking fish cause I love it, so she brought me the uncooked ingredients, and helped me prepare the fish for cooking, and all I have to do is chuck it in the oven half an hour before we want to eat!! Isn't that sweet?!  Dinner and a cooking lesson!! :)
  • My Dad got broken into at his office again the other day.  It's happened a lot in the last year, and caused him a lot of grief and business loss, and it's really upsetting for our whole family I think.  Dad is just such a good person, and he works SOOOOO HARD and has my whole life, to support his family, and to have people just break in and take so much from him, is so hard to see.  They've been installing all sorts of security measures over the last year, and they just keep coming back.  This time, they actually like, dug a hole and broke through the bottom of a wall, and like, climbed in underground?! - Who does that?!!!  Anyway, they've had builders reinforce it all and I think they're putting in a new alarm system this time.  We are all praying that they stay away and that this break-in doesn't cause too much more grief than replacing all the valuable things in the office.
  • I had to quit netball when I was only a little bit pregnant :(  I really, really wanted to keep playing, and stay fit during this pregnancy, but even though I switched out from Center and started playing on the wings, I was sick and fainting after games, and then you know, spent a really long time in bed doing nothing but being sick, and now I can't go back during this pregnancy.  I guess I'll save the organised sport for between pregnancies!
  • James is in his last 6 months of uni.  Can you tell I'm grinning like a cheshire cat while I write this?!  Who knows where he'll be working this time next year?!!!! He has certainly worked hard for this degree, I'm so happy and excited for him, and for our whole family!!!  He will be so relieved to have a break from assignments hanging over his head all the time - I still seem to remember that feeling with perfect clarity!!
  • This baby is due, 4 days before Maggie's 3rd birthday.  I'm guessing we won't be throwing her too big a party this year - I might miss it!!!
  • Mum is currently designing her and Dad's new house.  I can't wait to see what it ends up looking like!! I couldn't do all the planning she is.  Well, at least, I really wouldn't want to.  Fortunately James will be just as keen as she is in that department - I'll just give him a list of what I want and let him do what he thinks with the rest of it when it comes our time!  Mum always makes things so beautiful though, so I can see why she'd want to do it herself!!  Meanwhile they're in a cute rental, and our childhood house is long sold to a young couple who are just starting a family.  I haven't driven past since they sold it.  I was so sick I didn't even take photos in every room and do any sort of 'goodbye wonderful house I lived in for 17 years!!' tour - which I SO would have done otherwise!!
  • Elders Ben and Oliver have been on their missions for a year and 4 months now.  Isn't that crazy?!  They'll be home apparently before I know it, but it seems to be going awfully slowly!! We all miss them like crazy, but we're so proud of them.  They are working so hard and being so faithful and good!!  They make us smile whenever we think of them.  I still can't believe they haven't met Ana!!
  • James is working with Dad at the moment. I like to think of them working together - My two favourite guys!!  :)  He's also coaching 3 teams at JPC and helping out with some of the PE classes there.  He's loving what he's doing, but it's certainly keeping him busy!!
  • I lost some of my all time, FAVOURITE maternity clothes, and I'm devastated!! James thinks I must've accidentally taken them to Vinnies, and I just want to cry when I think about it!  Went maternity shopping the other weekend and found nothing.  I wish I had my pretty clothes back, sigh!!! 
  • The J's live down the road now!  First I was sick, and since we've all had sick babies, but we're going over tomorow for a fun play (Jessima's put together a 'safari' which sounds fun!) and are happy that they're in our ward and we see them more often!! :)
  • Baby Hallie = SO CUTE!! :)  And Beth = earth mother!! : ) We're planning on a visit next week - even though she's a lot closer now, the Gold Coast seems so far away at the moment! - But they do live pretty far south.  Hopefully more catch ups soon :)
  • Ana and Maggie are so cute.  Did I say that already?!  They're best friends, they are both chatting (Ana only says a few intelligible words, but she's expanding her vocab rapidly(!) and Maggie will talk your ear off, all day, about everything :))  I'm in parenting heaven.  I'm so grateful for them and can't wait to find out what this baby is and then meet it in a few months!!! :)
Okay, My fish is going in the oven, so I'm going to go and watch it.  Hopefully I'll update more regularly soon, but I'm happy to say our little family blog is going strong, and I've been posting weekly on our new creative blog, so I'm sure enough of our little family history is being recorded - maybe just not giant posts about how awful morning sickness is, and how great life is afterwards :)  

Have a fabulous Thursday!!! :)  (Don't you love Thursdays?!  They're definitely one of my favourite days - so much hope on a Thursday I think!! :))