Monday, December 24, 2012

Breach Baby Boy! :S

Went for a scan last week to check the growth of baby boy - they were worried that maybe he wasn't growing fast enough again, like Ana.

Good news:  Growth is great!! He is much bigger than either of the girls at this age.  Doesn't sound great to me in terms of birthing him, but great in terms of he's healthy and strong!! - And apparently I have a 'juicy, fat' placenta going in there, so that's good too lol :)

But the doctor at the hospital called me this morning to tell me that baby is breach - which we'd noticed during the scan, and been a bit worried about!  She said baby might still flip on its own until about 37 weeks, at which point he'll be too big.  I'm 36 weeks and 1 day today.  I have an appointment next week, and they're going to scan me at that appointment, to confirm baby's position.  If he hasn't flipped into birth position by then, they'll book me in for some very long-named procedure through which they try to externally get the baby to flip, 'so that they don't have to give me a caesarean'...  I'm completely terrified and anxious.  Maggie's posterior birth was hell, and I'm desperate to have this baby naturally - please baby just get into position!! The doctor also said (in response to my slightly edgy query) that there's nothing I can really do to flip the baby.  She said all the spinning babies and sitting forward stuff is great for posterior babies, but we don't need the baby to spin a little - we need it to do a complete somersault...  Mum said she had a couple of us breach, and people used to all the time and it was fine, but apparently it's higher risk with the cord and stuff so they don't really let you deliver naturally with a breach these days.

I'm a little upset cause baby boy was beautifully in position a few weeks ago - the midwives and doctors were saying he might come early, because his head was so low in the birth canal and he was was all ready to go!!  So why did he flip?!  The ultrasound lady (who has a teenage son who's causing her a lot of grief right now!) said "It's a boy! - This is just the beginning!" :)  Which made us laugh :)  But come on baby, flip back!!

So if you feel like praying for us to have a right-way-down baby, please do!! I would really like him to flip, or that very long-named procedure to come through, so that I can have him naturally!  I can't wait until he's here!  Pregnancy and childbirth continue to completely terrify me!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

HE DID IT!!! :)

I feel like I should just mention...


No more paperwork for a while :)  - except maybe for him signing the contract :)  We are SO excited and happy and relieved and grateful!! :)  BEST early Christmas news we could have received :)

YAY!!! :)

What a wonderful blessing :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I just published that last post about my Days of Health, then I went to the news, and saw this in an article about pizza hut:

Pizza Hut's hot dog stuffed crust has been released in Australia.

I know why we're all obese.  It's because no matter how much we look at that and grimace at each other and say 'Ew!!!' it honestly looks awesome to me.  Along with all the 14 year old boys ... lol :)  I'd totally try it!! :)  Focus, Abby!  Focus!!! I'd better go and eat some crackers and cheese.

82 Days of Fitness: Day 38

So it was 84 Days of Health, minus 1 day for Christmas, and then another for our Anniversary Max Brenner and box of chocolates!! (By the way, I only ate 1 of the 3 James bought me - and the other 2 are stashed away... for... some other day... ;)).

James thinks I should scrap the 'days' thing, and just be a healthy person all the time, and I'm seriously contemplating it!  Have I mentioned how much clearer my skin as been?  I've always refused to pay any attention to the 'chocolate isn't good for your skin' thing, but I gotta admit my skin's been great since I started this!!

My health days were getting super, SUPER easy, but since our Anniversary it's been a lot harder to stick to!!  Ah Max Brenner!!!  I made chocolate brownies for family dinner on Sunday night, and I really, really wanted some. I acted cool though (of course) and was all good, but the fact that the 3 leftovers were still sitting in our fridge untouched by yesterday (after 2 full days of opportunity for James to eat them!), started killing me and I asked him to eat those 'awesomely delicious' brownies asap so I could stop thinking how ridiculous it was that he had such amazing brownies to his name and they were going untouched!!! I must admit it's not exactly points to my cooking skills that I can so confidently proclaim them 'delicious' and 'amazing' - Betty Crocker had a lot to do with it!! ;)  (Her triple choc fudge brownies mix, I can't get past it... mmmm.....).

But the benefits still outweigh my wishing I could eat chocolate.  So again, glad I'm sticking to this thing!!  And I really think I'll keep a lot of it up after baby comes, because I'll be wanting to lose the baby weight, and keep feeling healthy and strong for the recovery.  By the way, I should mention my weight gain all but stopped about 38 days ago - BIG benefit!!  With Maggie I was out of control weight gaining, and with Ana I was a little better, but not this good.  So yes.  Still here.  Still healthy.  I just (along with every other woman in the world) wish chocolate could be that awesome and be amazingly good for you!!!

Oh wait, before I go - one non-benefit:  I'm pretty low in calcium - not getting that glass of milk in every block that I was before, and it's affecting me.  There was the broken toe thing, and my nails are chipping and breaking like crazy.  I told James it was because of no chocolate, but he thinks it's because I'm pregnant.. scoff...sigh...