Monday, May 21, 2012


Do you ever have a really bad day, and be a little comforted knowing that the sun'll go down on today and tomorow's a new day, a clean slate, a fresh start, and all that jazz? :)

This morning I had to have a mid-morning fresh slate!  And it totally works :)  My fabulous 2 year old woke us up before 5am, screaming and coming into our bed.  She said she had a sore tummy, so she went to the toilet, and seemed a lot better.  So she 'snuggled' restlessly in bed with us for about an hour, giggling and pulling on our faces and talking loudly, during which nobody slept.  Then James went to work early and I dragged myself out of bed with Maggie.  It was a crazy morning.  Obviously overtired but in no way ready to go back to sleep, Maggie seemed to be finding it difficult to behave nicely.  Then Ana woke up, and I let Maggie go into her room to say 'good morning' to her before I joined her and took Ana out - Maggie LOVES to do this.  5 seconds later Maggie yelled that she had done 'big wees' in Ana's bed!  URGH!  Maggie, Ana, their clothes, all of the fabulous dress ups Maggie owns, some of her favourite battery-operated and no longer ever going to be played with toys, the mattress, everything, saturated.  I find cleaning up after toilet training accidents one of the most yucky and unenjoyable jobs as a mother, and I find it especially hard now, because Maggie CAN go for ever without having an accident, and I'm pretty sure she just does it every now and then just for kicks or something!!!  Bath running, toys in bin, clothes and bed things in washing machine, Ana with nowhere to go down for a morning nap, mattress cleaned and drying in the sun, my tired and irritated levels through the roof.  Once everything was finished, we definitely needed a do-over, so we started our day again, ol' Maggie and I.  I gave her a hug and we both said sorry (me for my shortness of temper!!) and 'started again' :)  I think Maggie totally got it :)

And we are having a much happier day today (take 2) :)  What a lovely little girl Maggie is, and how eager children always are to forgive and forget and just love!!! :)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


They're my new dream purchase.  Frye Veronica Slouch boots in dark brown.  Size 6.5 (that's for my own personal future reference lol :))  Here's where you can buy them and gloat, because I will never have that much money to spend on a pair of shoes.  Then again, I spent almost (!!) that much on my fabulous nappy bag, and I will NEVER regret that purchase.  Plus, they're obviously (like my fabulous nappy bag, which is looking EVEN BETTER with age!!) going to last me for years, right?  So if I bought 7 pairs in the mean time for $50 apiece, that would totally add up, right?!! wait! - real leather boots are always going to be more like $100, aren't they??!  So it's like buying 3 and a half other pairs!!  :)  Or only 2 other pairs if they're $175 each?!! :)

Maybe just another dream post :)  What do you think??!

I just got an email with this pair on sale less than half the price :P  Like these better? - They totally match that nappy bag I'll be carrying around for the next 10 years... lol

Obviously I'm coveting brown boots this season.  Maybe I should go do my folding and think about all the things that are more important than wearing cute boots!  Sigh... :)