Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Banana Milk :)

I love Milo, but I can't keep drinking Milo because it's 'junk food', sigh.  But I keep craving milk (or Christian does, and I have to drink more to make more!), and not wanting to waste my treat for the week on a Milo (oh did I mention I find it hard drinking plain milk? - ew!), I asked James (who was on his way to the shops) if he could see if there was any yummy but not junk food milk.  He paid me out for a second and then he suggested I just blend a banana in some milk.  Genius.  I blended milk, a banana, a little cinnamon and a little vanilla essence (it is sugar free!) and it was delicious!!  I don't like ice cream, so it was like the yummiest version of a smoothie for me, ever!!  Loved it - weight loss win!! :)  Honestly I think it might be fattier than a Milo - but less addictive for me, because it doesn't taste at all like chocolate ;)

"I'll tell you what, you've got your hands full!"

Every time I go anywhere, people stop me and say this.  Like, LOTS of people.  There's a lady who sits on her front porch every morning when we walk to school, who says it every time we pass.  People stop me at the shops and say it.  Everyone I bump into at school says it.  I know they just want to say something - to comment on the fact that we have 2.35 more children in our family than the average Australian household these days.  I think they want to empathise - to let me know they know it must be busy having 4 young children.  Generally it's a friendly comment, but often it's a little incredulous, and like they think I'm a little nuts.  A bit of me is worried about what they'll all be thinking and saying when we have more kids! It's not like 4 is that unusual after all - I know heaps of families with way more!!

I don't really know how to respond to this.  
"Oh my word you're right!" 
"Oh these aren't mine - kids are just drawn to me.."
 "Yeah.. hey what do you say about lightening my load a little and carrying these two through Coles for me?"

I pretty much just laugh awkwardly and say "Yes...".  

I just saw a much better response quoted under a random painting of a mother and baby:

"If you think my hands are full, you should see my heart."

Much better.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Fitness Challenge! Week 4

So as of today I've lost 3kgs.  It's exciting, especially considering I haven't been able to work out a great deal, since I keep injuring myself!  It's been soooo frustrating on that front! - I still feel super unfit and weak, but I'm stoked that I'm managing to lose some weight just by the eating part of the challenge, yay!

Walking, running, weights, everything else seems to be out of reach though, so I've pulled out a 'Mumalates' DVD a friend gave me a couple of years ago - it's specialised pilates for post pregnancy, so hopefully I'll have something good to report before long?!  I'm hoping that if I build up strength slowly, I'll be able to move into more active and rigorous exercise soon!  Netball is still going - I'm completely useless, cause I've hurt a ligament in my left leg and as soon as I start moving into a jog/run it pulls again or something and I can barely move! :s  But hopefully I build up a little more fitness through that once a week, since I'm not really able to treadmill :P

I am sooo tired all the time with these 4 childrens, it's hard to keep up with anything at all that means taking a great deal of time out of my day that doesn't involve them, so blogging about the challenge is at least as hard as fitting in exercise!!! lol.. But I'm still going!!

Oh and my 'treat for the week'-s have been getting less awesome, because I can't 'take my chocolate' the way I used to be able to, sigh.  It's partly good cause it means my body is used to healthy stuff and not junk anymore, but partly sad, cause I love eating chocolate!!! lol.

Anyway I'm not thinking straight so I'd better go to sleep, hopefully this made sense :p