Friday, September 30, 2011

Fitness Challenge: THE END!!!

It's all over :)

After 12 weeks of a whole new lifestyle, I lost 7 kg's (still got 1 to go over the next whenever) :) I also know that weights are supposed to be hard, and have even gotten used to doing them :) I've started playing netball. I feel GREAT :) I like eating healthy. I am fit. I like shopping, and I like getting dressed up :) I am more confident. I am soooo happy :)

I know, there should be some great photo of me in my hot new wedding dress right here, except that the photo doesn't exist! I only had my camera for the ceremony before it RAN OUT OF BATTERY!! Sob! So I stole Bethany's for the reception, but she lives in Sydney, and I don't even know if there are any of me on there anyway! BUT luckily the shop has an online shop, and here it is:

I bought it in Adelaide and to be honest it's not exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something flowy and pretty and chiffon-ny but trying to find something flowy and pretty and chiffon-ny with sleeves and easy access for feeding Ana was a little bit ambitious (sigh). We shopped Adelaide city. We shopped for ages. The girls went crazy. Thank goodness we had Bethany with us - she was such a big help! I was about to give up when I found this one. Not my usual style, but it's kind of a cocktail dress, and I've never had one of those before. Purple is usually my least favourite colour but I liked that it was kind of bold :)

Add a black cardi (it was freeeezing!), a black bling ring and some patent black stilettos and I was good to go :)

It was so much fun dressing up in something new, and feeling slim and fit and way more confident than I felt 12 weeks ago!!

And we danced the night away :)

So the fitness challenge is over for now. I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and don't HAVE to exercise unless I want to :) But I think I will keep at least a lot of it up :)

I am soooo grateful James suggested we do this again and made me work hard, and I am excited just knowing that I can semi-easily lose the weight that I put on when I had our babies. Hopefully next time I won't put on as much, but I'm excited to do this again to get back into shape after the next baby.

Yay for the fitness challenge 2011, and yay for getting my new dress (happy sigh), and yay for it being over!! :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fitness Challenge: Week 11

I am sick of being healthy.

But I have enjoyed losing this weight immensely!

I ordered some maternity recovery shorts. They are my last hope! I wasn't going to, but James thinks they'll help me feel healthy and strong again after each pregnancy (like they're meant to) and is convinced there's nothing more worth it, so he sweetly insisted which is nice of him. He thinks I should also get the during pregnancy ones but they're not cheap, so we'll see how these go first!

I exercised most days last week, until I fell and hurt my shin - it's just a big egg and bruise but it hurts like crazy, still, and is hard to walk on and even though Mum thinks I'm making a big fuss over a little thing it's killing me!!! :P

On Saturday morning I had lost another kg!!!! :) This morning, I had not.... so I will keep going through this last week, and James wants to see me shopping for that dress for the wedding on Saturday :) I have a nice dress but I can't feed in it, which could get awkward for me, or rather upsetting for Ana! :)

So only 1 week to go - I can almost smell the finish!!! :)

I AM getting over it, but I am SO GLAD and GRATEFUL that I did this challenge and that James has helped me so much - it feels sooooo good getting back into shape!! :) This morning I pulled out almost the last of the clothes that now fit me - only a few more items to go. Golly it feels good :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Fitness Challenge: Week 10

Woohoo I'm down 1 more kg!!

Now I've lost 6!!!!

And although James continues to tell me it's not important how much I lose as much as how strong I get, I'm loving it :)

All I can think of is a massive bag of chicken breast fillets or mince - that's a heck of a lot of weight that I was carrying around that I'm not! No wonder I'm fitting into my old clothes and feeling great!! :)

Last week I didn't exercise again - this was due to being out of the habit and wasted. I know, bad :S

I am exercising this week.

I did however get back onto the no junk food part of the challenge last week.

So 2 weeks to go, and 2 kg's to lose!!!

Aaaah! Gotta suck it up, wish me luck, I can almost feel the fabric of my cute new dress :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fitness Challenge: Week 9

At the end of last week I had a bad attitude.

So this week I did everything wrong. I mean everything.

I ate junk food every single day, even if it was just a few marshmallows to cut off my nose to spite my face (our house isn't stocking much in the way of junk food at the moment...).

I didn't work out once - although I had an awesome game of netball Tuesday night, which I decided to do despite my determination to do everything wrong, because I love it.

I slept in if I could possibly manage it (generally not..).

I didn't drink quite 2.5 litres of water each day. Ha!

I even ate after 7pm.

Shocking, right?

I stayed the same weight I already was. This would have been more fun if I'd lost a kg. But I didn't. I did, however, have a break from my overdoes of health and fitness and I'm kind of okay going back to it this week. I am 2 or 3 kg's out from my goal weight, only 3 weeks left, and just under 3 weeks until I go to the wedding for which I am going to buy cute prize dress if I reach my goal, so I really need to lose a kilo this week and next!!

So this week I will resume the challenge, and next week if I'm not low enough, I'm totally going the 'The Devil Wears Prada' diet. Anyone not know it?? The girl in the movie totally seemed to be working it!