Monday, September 12, 2011

Fitness Challenge: Week 10

Woohoo I'm down 1 more kg!!

Now I've lost 6!!!!

And although James continues to tell me it's not important how much I lose as much as how strong I get, I'm loving it :)

All I can think of is a massive bag of chicken breast fillets or mince - that's a heck of a lot of weight that I was carrying around that I'm not! No wonder I'm fitting into my old clothes and feeling great!! :)

Last week I didn't exercise again - this was due to being out of the habit and wasted. I know, bad :S

I am exercising this week.

I did however get back onto the no junk food part of the challenge last week.

So 2 weeks to go, and 2 kg's to lose!!!

Aaaah! Gotta suck it up, wish me luck, I can almost feel the fabric of my cute new dress :)


Bec and Michael said...

I say get the dress regardless!!
You've worked so hard for this, surely James would support your decision to get one anyway?? :)
I think you deserve it!

Jessima said...

Good luck Abby!!! 2kgs in 2 weeks - easy stuff!!! You are almost at the end. Make pain your friend this week :)

Maybe make Saturday your treat day???

Sandy M. said...

Has anyone told you how fabulous you are looking lately!?
(Did I say it right..? :)
(I say no new dress without that 2kg down. But that's just me :) The truth is that you are looking so good that you'd look lovely in almost any old thing (and you know you have some great clothes already :)
But regardless - Go Abby! - Great week ahead! :)

Beth and Robbie said...

Wow, that's a really good way to think of it - a really big bag of chicken breast or mince. 6kg of meat is really heavy!! Gosh.

Go Flabby!! In 2 wks I'll just say 'Abby' :D Earn it ;) lol
Much love!! xoxo