Monday, September 19, 2011

Fitness Challenge: Week 11

I am sick of being healthy.

But I have enjoyed losing this weight immensely!

I ordered some maternity recovery shorts. They are my last hope! I wasn't going to, but James thinks they'll help me feel healthy and strong again after each pregnancy (like they're meant to) and is convinced there's nothing more worth it, so he sweetly insisted which is nice of him. He thinks I should also get the during pregnancy ones but they're not cheap, so we'll see how these go first!

I exercised most days last week, until I fell and hurt my shin - it's just a big egg and bruise but it hurts like crazy, still, and is hard to walk on and even though Mum thinks I'm making a big fuss over a little thing it's killing me!!! :P

On Saturday morning I had lost another kg!!!! :) This morning, I had not.... so I will keep going through this last week, and James wants to see me shopping for that dress for the wedding on Saturday :) I have a nice dress but I can't feed in it, which could get awkward for me, or rather upsetting for Ana! :)

So only 1 week to go - I can almost smell the finish!!! :)

I AM getting over it, but I am SO GLAD and GRATEFUL that I did this challenge and that James has helped me so much - it feels sooooo good getting back into shape!! :) This morning I pulled out almost the last of the clothes that now fit me - only a few more items to go. Golly it feels good :)


Sandy M. said...

Was that because I laughed!?

Abby said...

YES (sob!) By the way it's hurting even more today - I'm just certain a bit of the bone got chipped off or something - I know, you think I'm being overly dramatic, but if you could feel it just for a moment you'd be twice as certain!

Beth and Robbie said...

Haha, Abby, history tells us that you tend to exagerate your injuries just a wee bit.
But YAY for your weight loss and new dress and new after pregnancy shorts (whatever they are).
Can't wait to see you!! Love you :) xo

Bec and Michael said...

HAVE to ask...what the heck are maternity recovery shorts and why do you need some? Im so glad that James is so supportive, but Im seriously scratching my head as to what on earth they are! :)

YAY for you for getting your new dress! :)

brettnkayla said...

yes what r the recovery shorts? never heard of them?? are they the same thing as those waist bands you wear after pregnancy? keep going with ur challenge ur doing a great job - I went for a run tonight - 4.5 km in 24 mins...dying to get under that 20min mark!

Abby said...

Ah, the joy :) James thinks I should get the 'during pregnancy' ones next time too, since I'm bound to be pregnant quite a few more times! Kayla you might love these since you're so good at getting back into shape after having had 2 bubs! Beth you might want some right now to help support you while pregnant, and Bec, don't even think about them till you have to - they're expensive, and your body is still your own, so you don't have to worry about bits popping out! :) But I should tell you I got them from another website on sale - I felt your inspiration :)

Sandy M. said...

I looked up the shorts. Eek! Some thoughts:

1)They look like a total waste of money to me. This appears to me to just be a way for somebody to make some money:
a)Find a need
b)Spin a yarn about your product filling the need.
c)Overprice the product so that the consumer will think that it must be good.
d)Fill the coffers

2)They look hot, uncomfortable, unsuitable for our weather, and I'm not sure that they wouldn't actually work against the objective.

3)Those are my first impressions and it's completely possible that I'm being ignorant and am completely wrong :)

4)It's also possible that I am being ignorant, but am not completely wrong.

I hope your leg is feeling better :)

Sandy M. said...

I just noticed that you have already ordered some.... oops.
The good news is that you will be able to judge for yourself, and perhaps review them on a website somewhere for other mums to use :)