Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2 Fun Dates + 2 Dessert Disasters... :)

The first fun date, was the Stake Ball!!! (Cheering) :)  I love stake balls.  I love that we can get all dressed up and going out and eat dinner and dance the night away at least once a year!  I was terribly disappointed that they scheduled last years' ball on the week we were in Adelaide for my Aunty's wedding.  I really hang out for these.  I don't understand people who don't want to go.  Where else can you have totally fun company and the aforementioned dinner and dancing once you're old and married?!! :)  Anyway, I was determined to have found a totally cute maternity dress by the time this came around (have I cried on this blog enough yet about all my favourite maternity clothes that recently vanished?!  Sob!), but I didn't manage it, so I wore black (dreary, but a lot more flattering than white when you're not so skinny!!) and squeezed into a non maternity dress that I won't be squeezing into again for a while!!  From our joint shopping expedition the fabulous Stacey had found a cute dress however, and looked lovely!!! :)  We went as a double date with Stace and Darren.  I actually didn't want to post any pictures till the 'official' pictures came out - we got fun ones with all the couples at our table, but they seem to be taking a while to get here (this was over a month ago) and I thought I'd post these ones from Stace's phone before I forget!!! :)

Our suave dates having some 'bro talk'!!  This is Julian, James & Darren :)

And me and Stace :)  Don't you love our - angle the camera down to us - thing? :)  Awesome :)

We had lots of fun with all the couples at our table, and hitting the dance floor later on :)  Thanks for double dating with us Stace and Darren!! :)

Then the other week James and I took advantage of a Spreets deal I'd bought a while ago for a Korean Bibimbap feast :)  (I seem to be craving Asian food, non-stop, mmmmmmmmmmmmm :) - not in a bad, awful craving kind of way, I just like eating it right now, a lot more than I ever have before in my life :)).

Anyway, Bibimbap did not disappoint - and we loved the little restaurant!! It was a very Korean family feel - almost everyone there was Korean, and they all looked like they eat there all the time and knew each other.  We loved it :)

(Do you like my wrist bling??  Mum bought a bunch of cute blingy jewellery on sale to go in her dress ups for the grandchildren, but I may have stolen these before the grandchildren knew about them... :))

James always loves Asian food, so I think he's enjoying the fact that I've kind of been shunning my usual Italian favourite (mmm cheesy tomatos and antipestos...) and branching out a little :)

And the dessert disasters I'm proud to say, aren't mine, but I had this photo from James' phone so I had to blog about it, sorry Tammy! :D 

Okay, anyone who doesn't already know what this first one is meant to be and can guess it, deserves a whole one (made correctly) to themselves!! :)

A pancake?!  A plate with sauce on it?!  No!  A choc-mint cheesecake!!  Daddy's favourite dessert, that Tammy generously made for him for Fathers' Day!!!! :)  Yes, it's meant to be a little taller, and not falling off the plate...and it should look.....appetising :)

Poor Tammy put the wrong cream in I think - she had been up for hours cooking homemade breadrolls and a bunch of other stuff, including the world's most beautiful and PERFECT apple pie!!!  

I would have included a photo of it, but while she was on the way down to Mum and Dad's place, the car in front of Tammy screeched on its breaks suddenly, and Tammy had to swerve to miss it and slam on her breaks, and the world's most beautiful and PERFECT apple pie flew off its perch on the front seat and slammed into the dashboard with a loud, squelching sound (or so I was told).  It was killed instantly.  What a disaster!!!

Tammy chopped up some fruit and made an impromptu and delicious fruit salad to accompany her choc mint pancake cheesecake, and it was lovely :)

Good times :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's a....


We're having a boy!!! :)  Way to shake up our girly little household :)  (James probably wouldn't agree that it's 100% girly - just humongous chunks of it :D).  Bring on the Tonkas and the trains (I've been dying to buy a cute, wooden train set for a loooong time), and the blue, and the BOY!!!! :)  He's just perfect, too, according to the scan, and all is well :)  My placenta's right at the front, which explains why the kicks are a little harder to feel, but I love the sweet, soft little kicks he's doing more every day!!  We can't wait to meet him in January!!!!

Here are my little 'to make it feel real!!!' weekend purchases :)

Tiny, sweet little socks!!! :)  It's kind of exciting that we have pretty much NOTHING that isn't pink!! :)  I love shopping for babies!!!

And while we're on the subject of shopping, and blue stuff, I found 'the maternity dress':

If you like it too (don't you love that it's blue?  Totally great for having a boy in that belly!  lol) and you have a spare $399.95 + postage you can get yourself one here.  I probably won't be bumping into you at the checkout lol, but isn't it MUCH more flattering than the usual tight and awkward pregnancy dresses that tell the world exactly how much I ate during my crazy 1st trimester?? :)  I think it's lovely :)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Me an (2 of) Ma Sistaz

Text FROM me TO Beth & Jessima before our little cousin's photoshoot for Fathers' Day:

"Hay ma sistaz!  Waz jst thnkn that i mait dress da gurlz in red, navy n white n we culd tri 2 cola coordin8 all our babiez 4 da pics! Do thoz colas wrk 4 u? (just getting my ganster on ;)) xo"

From Beth:
"Ye 4 realz.  All gud bra.  Wz goin pst target wen i got ur msg so got tha Hal somthin.  B sweet if it fits."

From Jessima:
"Sup ma sizzle!!  I aint gat doz colas!  But I canz tri 2.  Aight!"


Was impressed by Beth's 'bra' lol!! :)  Jessima's was more impressive before she confessed that Jonny wrote it because she couldn't figure out how to sound like a 'gangster' lol!!! :)  James used to text me like this.  It took me a while to be able to read them ("is it upside down or something?!"), but he's since started using full words :)

I'm really glad (it's the grammar-crazy primary school teacher in me) that smart phones make it easier to use proper words than weird 'text' words with all their autotype settings.  Bring back punctuation!!! :)  (some of my year 6's used to put language like this in their assignments!!! - Eekurgh!!!)