Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's a....


We're having a boy!!! :)  Way to shake up our girly little household :)  (James probably wouldn't agree that it's 100% girly - just humongous chunks of it :D).  Bring on the Tonkas and the trains (I've been dying to buy a cute, wooden train set for a loooong time), and the blue, and the BOY!!!! :)  He's just perfect, too, according to the scan, and all is well :)  My placenta's right at the front, which explains why the kicks are a little harder to feel, but I love the sweet, soft little kicks he's doing more every day!!  We can't wait to meet him in January!!!!

Here are my little 'to make it feel real!!!' weekend purchases :)

Tiny, sweet little socks!!! :)  It's kind of exciting that we have pretty much NOTHING that isn't pink!! :)  I love shopping for babies!!!

And while we're on the subject of shopping, and blue stuff, I found 'the maternity dress':

If you like it too (don't you love that it's blue?  Totally great for having a boy in that belly!  lol) and you have a spare $399.95 + postage you can get yourself one here.  I probably won't be bumping into you at the checkout lol, but isn't it MUCH more flattering than the usual tight and awkward pregnancy dresses that tell the world exactly how much I ate during my crazy 1st trimester?? :)  I think it's lovely :)


Stace said...

That dress is gorgeous!!! And so exciting that you can blue shop!! xo

Kayla Christie said...

wow a BOY! that's sooo cool, It's soooo fun having 1 of each kind altho in youre situation 1 and 2 of a kind. but anyways! enjoy the blue shopping!!

Sandy M. said...

I'm still trying to get my head around a little boy Easthope - so exciting!
Yes, I like that the dress is not overly tight. It's a great colour(s) too!
I saw a really good little wooden train set in Ikea recently :)
Woohoo!! :)

Just ME said...

When are you due Abby? I have a tonne of baby boy's things I'm trying to offload on to a-mother-pregnant-with-her-first-boy-after-two-girls.... lol Let me know if you're interested and I'll work out if the seasonal stuff will suit you!

Abby said...

Oh Bev that's so nice of you! This boy is due in January :)

Lauren said...

Congratulations! :)

Angela said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting!!! :)