Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Love Paint.

I love the colours.
I love the texture.
I like mixing paint.
I love the feeling of a paintbrush in my hand.
I love painting.
I love paint.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Diary of a Terrified Toilet Training Mummy: Last Post

It's been a week since we started toilet training Maggie, and she's had 2 accident free days. I know, that's great!!! Everybody tells me that I obviously waited till Maggie was good and ready, and she's awesome. Ergo, it turns out that toilet training is not my favourite part of being Mum to my baby girls :) She pretty much 'has it' now. Most naps are mess-free. She tells me when she needs to 'go' most of the time. She can 'hold it' and 'go' with more control. Apparently there are going to be a few more weeks of semi-regular 'accidents' before she's 'done' done. Maggie's adorable, and I love her like crazy, and she fills my every moment with insane amounts of joy, and it's a good thing too! :) Mum is surprised at how impatient I am with all the mess. I think I had the wrong impression of toilet training.

I really did think that if I waited till Maggie was good and ready, it would only take a couple of days of accidents, (and I mean accidents - not constantly weeing all over the floor because she doesn't 'get it' at all), and then a couple more days for dry naps, and then maybe a week or two then dry nights, and I could wash my hands (and her bottom) of the whole thing!

SO a word to all the pre-toilet training mothers out there: If you wait till your baby is good and ready, you can expect the penny to drop about day 3-4. Before that, they'll just go all the time, and you may catch it in the toilet by chance if you're lucky. When they do 'get it', they'll go to the toilet if they're bored. If they're distracted, busy or excited, they'll do it wherever they are. You have to ask them every 2 seconds or so if they need to go to the toilet, and 'no' means 'yes'! - Take them anyway. It'll take some time. Like, really.

Now, 'Urgh' factor and 'I thought it would be a lot easier and less messy' aside, Maggie LOVES learning new things, and it's so fun and sweet to see her excitement when she manages to 'do her business' the right way. She loves her undies (even though they're not very interesting ones!) and loves running out to tell Daddy or Gran or whoever's around 'Oilet! Wees!! Poo! Me!!!' when she's done.

Maggie a beautiful, wonderful (CRAZY) little girl, and she's turning 2 tomorow!!! :)

When she had her first completely accident-free day, I gave her a big hug before bed, and said to James something about how I can't believe how big she is, she's out of nappies, it's all going so fast she'll be grown up before we know it and we have to hold on to these moments, etc., and James gave a disgusted groan and grunted something along the lines of 'one of those mothers', but I can't help it! She IS our baby and she IS growing up so fast, and I DO want to hold onto each moment because she ROCKS SO MUCH!!! Thank goodness for our little Ana Banana, who is still crawling around and solidly in nappies and big baby smiles and giggles, and our future babies!

So despite toilet training grossing me out, and my disgust at it all taking a lot longer than I expected, by all accounts Maggie is brilliant, and we're over the hardest part now :) Yay for less nappies and our grown up baby girl :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Diary of a Terrified Toilet Training Mummy: Day 4 Summary

Zero Accidents


Diary of a Terrified Toilet Training Mummy: Day 3 Summary

6 x successful toilet trips.
2 x accidents.
Dry nappy during nap.
1 x hopeful mother.
1 x ecstatic dad.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Diary of a Terrified Toilet Training Mummy: Close!

4 x successful toilet trips.
1 x accident, just before nappy and nap - almost made it through the morning without any.

Not quite there yet, but it's a complete backflip compared to day 1, thank goodness! Everyone says you'll get used to the mess and it won't faze you anymore. I disagree, yeck!

Diary of a Terrified Toilet Training Mummy: Is this happening??

Immediately after I wrote the LAST post, Maggie was holding herself, so I put her back on the toilet again, where she promptly did her morning poo. We're SOOOOO done here!! :D (fingers crossed....)

Diary of a Terrified Toilet Training Mummy: Woohoo!!!

I went into the bathroom immediately after I wrote that last post, to find Maggie finishing up her morning wees with a great, big smile!!! Yay!!! SO excited for her :) Are we done? lol :)

Diary of a Terrified Toilet Training Mummy: Is this a Good Thing??

Maggie woke up with a dry nappy this morning. She's been waking up from her naps dry too. I put her knickers on, and she asked to go to the toilet. She's sitting there now. Cool, yeah?

Diary of a Terrified Toilet Training Mummy: Day 2 Summary

So Maggie 'gets' that she's not meant to 'go' in her undies, but is worried to do her wees on the toilet. She has not had any accidental poos though, or poos in her nappy since we started - she seems happy to do those on the toilet. Maybe she appreciates how gross it would be for me to scrub one out of the carpet. Thoughtful girl :) Yesterday she did about a third of the amount of accidents all over the carpet compared to Monday. This made me very happy. Hopefully today she will be done? :D Daring to dream...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Diary of a Terrified Toilet Training Mummy: Holding It

This morning Maggie kept holding it in. Then when it got too much, she'd burst out with 'Wee, Mummy! Now!!!' and we'd rush her to the toilet, where she'd freeze up, say she was done, then go on holding it.

Only 1 accident, and a little one.

Now she's in her nappy having a nap, and I'm pretty sure she's not holding it anymore :)

Diary of a Terrified Toilet Training Mummy: My Mistake...

...was thinking that if toilet training toddler is ready to toilet train, they'd be pretty much going to the toilet 80% of the time by the end of day one. Apparently I should wait at least 3-4 days for this, possibly a week. Ah. So apparently I should be celebrating a great first day yesterday.... bur I'm too busy enjoying the security that comes with knowing that right now she's asleep with a nappy on...! Gearing up for day 2!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Diary of a Terrified Toilet Training Mummy: Worth it?

...within 5 minutes of my last vent, we walked in to find Maggie had done her first ever poo on the toilet!!!

And suddenly it almost seemed all worthwhile!! :)


Diary of a Terrified Toilet Training Mummy: Hmph!

1 empty toilet and about 27 'accidents' all over my carpet later, and I'm beginning to wonder what the heck is so good about having toddlers out of nappies anyway. And Maggie is LOVING getting cleaned up after every wee and playing in the water. James says 'duh - you've got to let her run around in the wee so it annoys her!'. Yeah, like I'm going to let her sit all over this house without cleaning her up first.


Diary of a Terrified Toilet Training Mummy: Between then and Now

Maggie has just gone down for a sleep, safely secured in a nappy (sigh of relief).

So far the morning tally is:

Number 1's in the toilet: 0.1 (she jumped off as soon as she started...)
Number 1's in her knickers: 1
Number 2's anywhere: 0 - very rare. Am certain she will awake with a full nappy.

I sat Maggie on the toilet for about 2 and a half hours first thing this morning, because she's NEVER done anything on the toilet (has been sat there quite a bit in the past..), and I wanted her to do something on there so she knew what she's meant to do, rather than have her run around wetting herself without quite understanding the alternative.

After 2 and a half hours the 0.1 occured, so I made a MASSIVE excited fuss over her 0.1 in the toilet, before cleaning her and the floor up and turning her loose in her undies! After about half an hour she was hovering around the bathroom again, and I asked if she needed to go, but she said no. Note to self: 'No' means nothing. I already knew this, but didn't want to force another 2.5 hours on her. Shortly afterward I went into the bathroom where she'd gone again, to find her taking off her wet shorts and knickers. I made a big deal of the fact that she'd come into the bathroom to go to the toilet, and tried to encourage her to come and get me if she needed to do anything in the toilet. Of course I need to keep a closer eye on her - she probably doesn't quite understand the 'come and get me if you need to go to the toilet' thing yet.

After a quick bath Maggie was free again, and seemed to be hovering in the bathroom. I put her on the toilet to see if she needed to do anything, but when she asked to get off shortly afterwards I let her. I was going to let her loose again in her undies when I realised it was well past nap time and Maggie'd probably appreciate a rest. So on went the nappy and in she went to bed.

I am very relieved to have a short window of guaranteed no mess lol :)

I think I'd better clean something before the afternoon round begins!

Diary of a Terrified Toilet Training Mummy: D-Day

It's here.

After telling Maggie about today for weeks, the day where she takes her nappies off and puts her undies on for good (aside from naps and bedtime - let's not get ahead of ourselves!), is here!

I'm terrified. I have not done this before. James is convinced she was ready to toilet train 6 months ago. I'm still not convinced she's ready. My house is almost entirely carpeted. I do not enjoy scrubbing 'accidents' out of carpet (I don't know this from experience, just anticipation).

Maggie has just woken up.

Wish me luck. Wish Maggie luck!

Here come the undies!!!