Monday, January 16, 2012

Diary of a Terrified Toilet Training Mummy: Between then and Now

Maggie has just gone down for a sleep, safely secured in a nappy (sigh of relief).

So far the morning tally is:

Number 1's in the toilet: 0.1 (she jumped off as soon as she started...)
Number 1's in her knickers: 1
Number 2's anywhere: 0 - very rare. Am certain she will awake with a full nappy.

I sat Maggie on the toilet for about 2 and a half hours first thing this morning, because she's NEVER done anything on the toilet (has been sat there quite a bit in the past..), and I wanted her to do something on there so she knew what she's meant to do, rather than have her run around wetting herself without quite understanding the alternative.

After 2 and a half hours the 0.1 occured, so I made a MASSIVE excited fuss over her 0.1 in the toilet, before cleaning her and the floor up and turning her loose in her undies! After about half an hour she was hovering around the bathroom again, and I asked if she needed to go, but she said no. Note to self: 'No' means nothing. I already knew this, but didn't want to force another 2.5 hours on her. Shortly afterward I went into the bathroom where she'd gone again, to find her taking off her wet shorts and knickers. I made a big deal of the fact that she'd come into the bathroom to go to the toilet, and tried to encourage her to come and get me if she needed to do anything in the toilet. Of course I need to keep a closer eye on her - she probably doesn't quite understand the 'come and get me if you need to go to the toilet' thing yet.

After a quick bath Maggie was free again, and seemed to be hovering in the bathroom. I put her on the toilet to see if she needed to do anything, but when she asked to get off shortly afterwards I let her. I was going to let her loose again in her undies when I realised it was well past nap time and Maggie'd probably appreciate a rest. So on went the nappy and in she went to bed.

I am very relieved to have a short window of guaranteed no mess lol :)

I think I'd better clean something before the afternoon round begins!


Sandy M. said...

Not a bad day as first-days-of-toilet-training go.. :D
Well done, both of you! :)

Beth and Robbie said...

Haha, not bad Maggie!
Enjoy the relaxation time while she sleeps :P
But she'll be nice and fully toilet trained in no time!
:) xoxo