Monday, January 23, 2012

Diary of a Terrified Toilet Training Mummy: Last Post

It's been a week since we started toilet training Maggie, and she's had 2 accident free days. I know, that's great!!! Everybody tells me that I obviously waited till Maggie was good and ready, and she's awesome. Ergo, it turns out that toilet training is not my favourite part of being Mum to my baby girls :) She pretty much 'has it' now. Most naps are mess-free. She tells me when she needs to 'go' most of the time. She can 'hold it' and 'go' with more control. Apparently there are going to be a few more weeks of semi-regular 'accidents' before she's 'done' done. Maggie's adorable, and I love her like crazy, and she fills my every moment with insane amounts of joy, and it's a good thing too! :) Mum is surprised at how impatient I am with all the mess. I think I had the wrong impression of toilet training.

I really did think that if I waited till Maggie was good and ready, it would only take a couple of days of accidents, (and I mean accidents - not constantly weeing all over the floor because she doesn't 'get it' at all), and then a couple more days for dry naps, and then maybe a week or two then dry nights, and I could wash my hands (and her bottom) of the whole thing!

SO a word to all the pre-toilet training mothers out there: If you wait till your baby is good and ready, you can expect the penny to drop about day 3-4. Before that, they'll just go all the time, and you may catch it in the toilet by chance if you're lucky. When they do 'get it', they'll go to the toilet if they're bored. If they're distracted, busy or excited, they'll do it wherever they are. You have to ask them every 2 seconds or so if they need to go to the toilet, and 'no' means 'yes'! - Take them anyway. It'll take some time. Like, really.

Now, 'Urgh' factor and 'I thought it would be a lot easier and less messy' aside, Maggie LOVES learning new things, and it's so fun and sweet to see her excitement when she manages to 'do her business' the right way. She loves her undies (even though they're not very interesting ones!) and loves running out to tell Daddy or Gran or whoever's around 'Oilet! Wees!! Poo! Me!!!' when she's done.

Maggie a beautiful, wonderful (CRAZY) little girl, and she's turning 2 tomorow!!! :)

When she had her first completely accident-free day, I gave her a big hug before bed, and said to James something about how I can't believe how big she is, she's out of nappies, it's all going so fast she'll be grown up before we know it and we have to hold on to these moments, etc., and James gave a disgusted groan and grunted something along the lines of 'one of those mothers', but I can't help it! She IS our baby and she IS growing up so fast, and I DO want to hold onto each moment because she ROCKS SO MUCH!!! Thank goodness for our little Ana Banana, who is still crawling around and solidly in nappies and big baby smiles and giggles, and our future babies!

So despite toilet training grossing me out, and my disgust at it all taking a lot longer than I expected, by all accounts Maggie is brilliant, and we're over the hardest part now :) Yay for less nappies and our grown up baby girl :)


Beth and Robbie said...

Hahaha, you crack me up.
Thanks for the advice Abs! I'll try to remember it for 2 years times :)
Go Maggie! I can't wait to see her and watch her run off to the toilet to do her 'business' :P
And lucky you still have Ana to train and teach one day :D
Love you!!

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to little Maggie tomorrow!! 2!! Adorable!!! :) :) :) :)

Sandy M. said...

I'm sorry it's been a bit of a shock! :) But, look how helpful you can be with your advice to others now :)

Furthermore.. I don't know if this will be helpful or not.. but, just out of curiosity, and because you have (up until now) been so grossed out by .. (urine) .. ! - I Googled 'urine' and came up with the following:

'Normal urine is sterile. It contains fluids, salts, and waste products, but it is free of bacteria, viruses, and fungi.'

'Urine has also been historically used as an antiseptic. In times of war, when other antiseptics were unavailable, urine, the darker the better, was utilized on open wounds as an antibacterial.'

'Fresh urine from a healthy person is perfectly safe to drink, indeed, some people drink it daily as part of their health regime believing that it can strengthen their immune systems and also to recycle certain elements thought to be 'lost' in the urine.'

Are you feeling less grossed out now? :)

Maioha said...

It's funny that you waited until she was good and ready at almost 2 years old. Just yesterday a co-worker was telling us about his 3-year-old nephew who still isn't going properly. So at 2 years, she's a dream :-)