Monday, January 16, 2012

Diary of a Terrified Toilet Training Mummy: D-Day

It's here.

After telling Maggie about today for weeks, the day where she takes her nappies off and puts her undies on for good (aside from naps and bedtime - let's not get ahead of ourselves!), is here!

I'm terrified. I have not done this before. James is convinced she was ready to toilet train 6 months ago. I'm still not convinced she's ready. My house is almost entirely carpeted. I do not enjoy scrubbing 'accidents' out of carpet (I don't know this from experience, just anticipation).

Maggie has just woken up.

Wish me luck. Wish Maggie luck!

Here come the undies!!!


Jessima said...

Good luck Maggie!!!! I reckon she will have it down in a week :) don't give up or get discouraged. She will get it and she will start telling you when she needs to go. Lolly incentives helped with Jenna when she went on the potty. You will do great!!! Go Maggie !!!!!

Beth and Robbie said...

Hahaha, I scrolled down to read the first 'toilet training' post. Can't wait to read the others and hear how it's going!
Big girl undies for big Maggie girl!! :)
So proud! *tear*