Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Banana Milk :)

I love Milo, but I can't keep drinking Milo because it's 'junk food', sigh.  But I keep craving milk (or Christian does, and I have to drink more to make more!), and not wanting to waste my treat for the week on a Milo (oh did I mention I find it hard drinking plain milk? - ew!), I asked James (who was on his way to the shops) if he could see if there was any yummy but not junk food milk.  He paid me out for a second and then he suggested I just blend a banana in some milk.  Genius.  I blended milk, a banana, a little cinnamon and a little vanilla essence (it is sugar free!) and it was delicious!!  I don't like ice cream, so it was like the yummiest version of a smoothie for me, ever!!  Loved it - weight loss win!! :)  Honestly I think it might be fattier than a Milo - but less addictive for me, because it doesn't taste at all like chocolate ;)


ClaireM said...

now if you want to get a little trickier, you could also blend in some almonds, chia seeds and even an apple or a pear, it really is delish!!!

Just ME said...

Hold the phone - you don't LIKE icecream??? Seriously?!?!?!

Abby said...

Claire those options sound extremely healthy!! Are you sure it will still taste like junk?!! ;) And Bev I don't know why but I've never really liked it! I'll eat it if it's full of stuff - chocolate bits/sauce/strawberries, etc. But not really ever on its own! And it's rarely my preference. I can't stand thickshakes either! But I can binge on chocolate with the best ;) Go figure!