Tuesday, May 15, 2012


They're my new dream purchase.  Frye Veronica Slouch boots in dark brown.  Size 6.5 (that's for my own personal future reference lol :))  Here's where you can buy them and gloat, because I will never have that much money to spend on a pair of shoes.  Then again, I spent almost (!!) that much on my fabulous nappy bag, and I will NEVER regret that purchase.  Plus, they're obviously (like my fabulous nappy bag, which is looking EVEN BETTER with age!!) going to last me for years, right?  So if I bought 7 pairs in the mean time for $50 apiece, that would totally add up, right?!!  haha...no wait! - real leather boots are always going to be more like $100, aren't they??!  So it's like buying 3 and a half other pairs!!  :)  Or only 2 other pairs if they're $175 each?!! :)

Maybe just another dream post :)  What do you think??!

I just got an email with this pair on sale less than half the price :P  Like these better? - They totally match that nappy bag I'll be carrying around for the next 10 years... lol

Obviously I'm coveting brown boots this season.  Maybe I should go do my folding and think about all the things that are more important than wearing cute boots!  Sigh... :)


Sandy M. said...

I used to have a pair very similar to those in the first photo. I should have saved them for you... :)
How do you come across these things?!

Bec and Michael said...

Hmmm...is this a hint Abby? Would you like me to scour the internet world for a better price?

They would last much longer than a cheaper pair, therefore, if you wear them a lot, they'll work out to being cheaper per wear and thus you are saving James HEAPS!! :) LOL

Abby said...

Lol Bec - I've been trying!! :) There's a pair on eBay in my size for $250 including postage!! So sad they're just too much!! :P

Bec and Michael said...

Hmmm...I could do some digging...what size are you? :)

Abby said...

I am 6.5 - but don't worry, I definitely won't be getting them this winter - I think I'll save up my birthday and Christmas gifts and get them for next year, or the year after lol :) Thanks internet ninja!!

Bec and Michael said...

LOL :) No worries :)

They might even be cheaper next year anyway :)

...off to traul for more Tony Biancos... :D