Wednesday, December 5, 2012

82 Days of Fitness: Day 38

So it was 84 Days of Health, minus 1 day for Christmas, and then another for our Anniversary Max Brenner and box of chocolates!! (By the way, I only ate 1 of the 3 James bought me - and the other 2 are stashed away... for... some other day... ;)).

James thinks I should scrap the 'days' thing, and just be a healthy person all the time, and I'm seriously contemplating it!  Have I mentioned how much clearer my skin as been?  I've always refused to pay any attention to the 'chocolate isn't good for your skin' thing, but I gotta admit my skin's been great since I started this!!

My health days were getting super, SUPER easy, but since our Anniversary it's been a lot harder to stick to!!  Ah Max Brenner!!!  I made chocolate brownies for family dinner on Sunday night, and I really, really wanted some. I acted cool though (of course) and was all good, but the fact that the 3 leftovers were still sitting in our fridge untouched by yesterday (after 2 full days of opportunity for James to eat them!), started killing me and I asked him to eat those 'awesomely delicious' brownies asap so I could stop thinking how ridiculous it was that he had such amazing brownies to his name and they were going untouched!!! I must admit it's not exactly points to my cooking skills that I can so confidently proclaim them 'delicious' and 'amazing' - Betty Crocker had a lot to do with it!! ;)  (Her triple choc fudge brownies mix, I can't get past it... mmmm.....).

But the benefits still outweigh my wishing I could eat chocolate.  So again, glad I'm sticking to this thing!!  And I really think I'll keep a lot of it up after baby comes, because I'll be wanting to lose the baby weight, and keep feeling healthy and strong for the recovery.  By the way, I should mention my weight gain all but stopped about 38 days ago - BIG benefit!!  With Maggie I was out of control weight gaining, and with Ana I was a little better, but not this good.  So yes.  Still here.  Still healthy.  I just (along with every other woman in the world) wish chocolate could be that awesome and be amazingly good for you!!!

Oh wait, before I go - one non-benefit:  I'm pretty low in calcium - not getting that glass of milk in every block that I was before, and it's affecting me.  There was the broken toe thing, and my nails are chipping and breaking like crazy.  I told James it was because of no chocolate, but he thinks it's because I'm pregnant.. scoff...sigh...

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Stace said...

So proud of you!!! I too wish chocolate was good for us! :) Add lots of green leafy vegetables to your diet and it will help with the calcium levels :)