Tuesday, November 13, 2012

83 Days of Health: Day 16

I'm so used to saying 'no' to junk food now, it's like second nature.  And I'm not always wishing I could grab a chocolate bar as a snack when I'm walking past them.  Chocolate milk is the only thing I'm still craving, and BOY do I crave chocolate milk sometimes!!!  Maybe I'll have one sometime... like on Christmas Day lol...   I eat fruit like it's going out of fashion.  Last night a lovely friend made us dinner to save me a night of kitchen-hobbling (thankyou thankyou!) and she even gave us Mangoes and yoghurt for dessert, and it was like heaven!!  I predict getting a LOT out of mango season this year! :)  Mmmm.... :)  I'm really glad I'm doing this!!  It hasn't even been that hard once I decided to go for it, so I'm convinced my body was wanting the change, even if my taste buds weren't..... and don't you think how easy it's been is just proof that I wasn't addicted?!  Must point that out to James... :)                    Healthy Day!! ;) xo

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