Sunday, May 30, 2010


Not a day goes by (since January 24th) that I don't think of that epidural and smile!!! I am so very grateful for it, I can't tell you how warmly I feel towards it. If it were a person, I would follow them around trying to save their life and repay the great debt, kind of gratitude. I know sometimes epidurals don't work properly, or there are random and rare side effects, but when they're good, they're SO GOOD!!!

Here's something for the glad game: I'm glad my labour was so long and messed up, because now, I have something new to smile about, every single day!!!

(Yes, I know I have Maggie to smile about too, but I could have smiled about her if my labour were 10 minutes long and I didn't feel a thing.)


Adlewiess said...

ha ha ha Abby - you are hilarious!!! I loved the epidural too - just wish they would have given me one for baby 2 and 3!!! Nasty dr's...hehehehe

Sandy M. said...

Well, you are certainly making me feel very grateful for epidurals too, for your sake. I was immensely grateful for it at the time when I saw the break it gave you after so many hours of labour. You did great during your labour; I was so proud of you! :)


Jillina Whittaker said...

My labour with Michael was so much like yours... 3 day dramas ending with an epidural which allowed me to sleep before the big push. But I had too many after affects and opted for natural on the next two. The second births were much better in terms of time etc. Hope your next ones are better. I'm glad that I can have babies and get through all that is involved. BLEH!!!! Hope you are feeling better these days.

Steve Finnell said...

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Bethany said...

Such a turn around from your pre-labour attitude :P lol