Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Making use of the 17 Bananas in our Package

To the banana muffins I added choc chips, to the two long trays on the right I added chopped walnuts, and the two small trays are normal banana cake. It is a good freezer lunch item. James eats a lot though, so it's already almost gone. I wonder if next week's package will involve as many bananas.

I've made 4 massive trays of baked potato pieces (like the ones Dad does with pumpkin too) so far - James eats them as snacks and on sandwiches with BBQ sauce (totally not the way they were intended to be eaten when I made them). I thought of how proud Grandma Taylor would be of me using sea salt in those :)

Tonight I'm making potato bake and choko soup for dinner. I'm learning to be resourceful with the random assortment of foods we've been blessed with. I've been making all our dinners this week with cream-based sauces, due to the million creams lol :) This is kind of fun.

My parents and all my siblings + the niece and nephew have been very ill with a stomach bug this week. I'm giving myself 2 more days before I'm in the clear (I was hanging out with them lots, and it seems highly contageous :S), but I am feeling blessed that none of us here in the little Easthope household have it at least yet, although I feel a possibly vicious cold coming on :S. I hope everyone feels better soon!! xo


Cody and Jill said...

so how am i getting to your private blog i went once and i cant find it help i want to see your updates

Tammy Lorna said...

Wait! No! Not the chokos.... NOOOOOOOOOO! Did you not talk to dad at all? hahah :) He hates chokos with a vengence I've never seen in him before. His favourite choko receipe (and I quote here) is as follows: "Chop them up, sautee them with a little crushed garlic and onion, then throw the whole lot in the bin". LOL!

Love the banana cakes though - even if you didn't offer me any... :) Look how domestic you're becoming!

Oh, and guess what?! I haven't gotten sick either. Yessssss :)

xo Tammy

Jillina Whittaker said...

I'm very impressed. I always say I'm going to bake up a storm but never seem to. If I do make a double batch we usually eat double the servings.

Sandy M. said...

Our nasty little norovirus was a twenty four hour bug...
Your virulent and vicious virus will most probably have you suffering in its clutches for a few days...
I hope you are better soon... I'd come and visit, but I'm afraid you are probably still quite contagious.. :)
(Haha, so I understand you giving us a very wide berth. I would definitely recommend that course for all large and small Easthopes at present. If you, however, need anything at all - just call and I will be there, because I love you :)
And because I am impressed by you again: this time for cooking with potatoes, chokos, bananas and nuts! I understand that the choc chips and cream are like a security blanket for now... :)
Love you all!! :)