Saturday, May 8, 2010

I made Chicken Soup!!!

So chicken thighs were on a great sale the other week and Mum mentioned that they make quite a tasty chicken soup. I LOVE my mum's chicken soup, (actually, if you look to last year's Mother's Day post you'll see that Mum made some for me - it's the best thing in the world for if you're feeling sniffly) and I was super excited to try to cook it! Unfortunately I planned my big adventure the same night we got asked over to a friend's for a movie night. James had to work till 7:30, so I figured I'd cook it and we'd eat quickly and rush over. Sadly it (like all of my cooking!) took much longer than excpected!! The kitchen was a pigsty which I hate (I love having everything look lovely while I blissfully cook away lol), but the soup was great. I added a bit of extra cream because James LOVES cream, and when I tasted Mum's the next week I realised I don't like mine as much, but it was okay. Also, I had a bit of a stock mix up with the dumplings. Oh yes - Mum used to make dumplings with it and the recipe was with the soup in the family cookbook, so I gave them a go too. They would have been better if I hadn't overdosed them with stock lol.

Here is our pigsty of a kitchen when I was done. Ew! And we were super-late to go to our friend's place so I left the mess till after, double ew!!! How I love a clean kitchen!

The soup looks kinda yuck. But it was kinda yum :)


Christy said...

I stumbled across your blog yesterday, and whilst bored at work I read back over most of your posts. I particularly enjoyed reading over your cooking adventures! We seem to be very similar in this category! I love cooking, but ONLY when the dish turns out. My mother in law is an AMAZING cook, so I always place this horrible pressure on myself to make fabulous meals for my husband (Daniel). Oh and I make a STY while I'm doing it :)

Adlewiess said...

hehehee - too cute! And that's my kitchen on a good day!!! :) Soup looks awesome, mum's recipes are always the best! So have not been game enough to try dumplings so am very impressed! hehehehe Keep up the awesome cooking Abby - you are inspiring me??? xxx