Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Chokos were Lovely Thankyou Very Much!!

Okay family members who have written derogatory things about chokos recently - seeing as Tammy I'm pretty sure you haven't even tried them, and Dad (even though you haven't written I got your feedback through Tammy), apparently (and from my recent experience this seems to be true) they take on the flavour of whatever you cook them with, how can you hate them??!

I am sick at the moment (please send the flowers to my usual address - chocolates are fine, I'm never THAT sick unless I'm pregnant, and it's the flu, so no worries), and I had set my 'making choko soup' adventure for Tuesday night, when I first began to feel sick. James came smilingly in early from work having not eaten his packed food in anticipation of the dinner I'd assured him I was making, only to find me sitting pretty much where he'd left me. I let out a sick little moan just to complete the scene. His face fell a little, but he soon got around to realising I was obviously MUCH too sick to make dinner and he'd better get onto it if he wanted to eat. He asked what I would like, and I quickly pulled out the choko soup recipe at the same time as I sighed and assured him I could just heat up something canned because I was so unwell and couldn't expect him to spend an hour cooking after a long evening at work. Much to my delighted surprise, he decided to make up choko soup! I managed to drag myself to the kitchen to spread some crushed garlic over some bread and toast it - gross, but I really, really hate being sick, and the least I could do was add the side dish to our dinner.

Even though at the time I was being a little bit cheeky, I am beyond grateful that James made the choko soup that night! It was perfectly delicious, and absolutely perfect for a cold night with a flu coming on!! Yesterday I was very sick (I couldn't even talk. Everything's worse when you can't tell people about it) and was in bed all day, and James stayed home from work to look after me and Maggie (I really didn't want to get her sick too) and I had that soup again, for breakfast lunch and dinner, and it was just what I would have wanted if I could have had anything in the world. Sadly dinner was the last bit of it, and today I've had to suffer through alternative foods, but I think it's what I'll make anytime anyone's sick from now on, it was so good! So the chokos were lovely, thankyou!! If you google 'choko soup recipe', make the Burke's Backyard one. Oh, except we only had 2 chokos and you're meant to use 3, so we used 2 potatoes in lieu of the 3rd. Don't know if this helped our cause.

THankyou James - you have been wonderful!! I promise I will get off the couch and start looking after you again soon. Did I mention that yesterday morning he scrubbed out the kitchen including pulling the fridge out and scrubbing the floors and walls behind, the microwave out, etc., and he cleaned out the study, and vacuumed (yes Ma, I never did get onto it that day lol..). Isn't he wonderful?


Maioha said...

Wow! So that's what those green things are in my food parcel! I just couldn't figure it out. The closest I got was artichoke.

Thank you for enlightening me! Now I'm off to copy you again and find that recipe.

You rock!

Christy said...

Besides the fact you were sick, this sounds like a dream!! Daniel always asks me what he can do to make me happy. I tell him to clean the kitchen, make dinner and do the laundry without being asked. :P

Sandy M. said...

Don't anybody listen to Tammy about chokos! (Or Dad, who doesn't even like olives! - But listen to him about everything else, ok? :)
I'm really glad you enjoyed the chokos Abs. We were grateful for those that Mick and Bec gave us and I had enough to give a few away too. Would love to get the soup recipe you used :)


Jillina Whittaker said...

I have taken a few free chokos from church but have not done anythting with them until today. Inspired by your choko soup, I chucked some into my home-made chicken soup. I'm not following a recipe so I hope it works out fine. Brent read your post and had a laugh. James sounds so much like Brent. He would do the same thing.
As for the chokos I dont mind them even steamed with butter and salt. Mum has taken some of my chokos and has planted a tree for her and a tree for me. So we'll see how it goes. You should make it easy for us all and create a link to your fab choko soup recipe.

Jillina Whittaker said...

Abby which of your 4 ingredient recipes have you tried? I tried the date scones and the 1,1,1,1 cake and I liked them alot. Except I think it should be 1,1,1,1/2 and cut back on the sugar. I always toss in sultanas or canned pineapple even though that makes 5 ingredients. But I know they probable wish their book was 5 ingredients to add more oomph to some of the recipes. Either way its not too daunting when there;s only 4 hahaha