Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finally a Real Woman!

What could be more housewifey than making chicken pie for dinner?!! It's so delightfully housewifey, I feel like I've reached a landmark in the world of womanhood. Like one of those 'becomming a man' ceremonies some cultures have when boys are 12 and can finally hunt on their own or something. That's how I felt when I placed it on the table for dinner - I made it to womanhood!! Yay! :) Friends of our came over for dinner the other night and she brought an apple crumble she'd made from scratch - I don't think I've ever eaten one with homecooked apple and everything - we're all growing up! :) And now that Maggie's on solids I've been blending all sorts of 'from scratch' baby foods and I get all excited when I taste them and they taste like 'the real thing' :) Finally a real woman :)


Jillina Whittaker said...

That made me remember how in my single days I used to think 'wow I'd marry me' after preparing a clever meal for myself or flatemates. Funny to think that cooking qualifies us for being a woman/wife...hahahaha Like there's not too much to being a good wife as long as you can pull off a great dish hahaha. But to tell you the truth I still get very chuffed with myself when I place a lovely meal down on the table because I seem to have so many flops.

Christy said...

Homemade Apple crumble is SO EASY. I make it all the time. But I got bored with it and now make apple and pear, or apple and raspberry crumble. All you have to do is peel and cut up the fruit and boil it in a little bit of water and i always add sugar for good measure :P then into the dish, crumble on top and whammo!

Sandy M. said...

I remember that I felt that I had finally really arrived when I knew how to make a really good Apple Pie! I'd made all sorts of gourmet meals and desserts, but that Apple Pie made me feel just like you feel about your chicken pie.. Want to get together sometime for a dinner of chicken pie and apple pie?? (We can wear our frilly aprons all through dinner :)


Bethany said...

So it seems that Apple Pie and chicken Pie are the qualifiers.

Seeings as I like dessert better, I'm going to go with the Apple Pie one.
And seeings as I can already make an Apple Pie, I'm going to say I win :)

But I think you're second place Chicken Pie looks amazing Abby. You truly are a beautiful wife/mummy/woman :) xox