Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Enabler

All is well and right with the world. Deepa - my banking enabler who I met today fixed my internet banking account (happy sigh) :). She had to delete my whole account and give me internet banking all over again, but it was worth it :)

Other happy things of note:

Yesterday (yes, this is a happy thing that happened to me yesterday but I was too busy wallowing in my lack of internet banking that my priorities messed up and I didn't mention it...) I went to a discussion with James and the missionaries in our ward :) I am always deeply nervous of these things and only said 'yes' out of duty, but it was wonderful :) It was 2, then 4, then 5 girls who live close by, and who are here from Kiribati to study nursing at Griffith on scholarship. They were beautiful and I felt the spirit strongly. When the missionaries were teaching about the Gift of the Holy Ghost I really wished I was teaching, and could tell the girls what I felt about the Holy Ghost, and then the Elder turned the time over to me to tell the girls what I felt about the Holy Ghost lol :) I told them how he makes me feel happy, and like I just love everyone and life so much I want to burst with gratitude, and how I feel warm inside, at the same time. I told them how sometimes I get up to a nightmare and find it hard to get back to sleep, so I pray to Heavenly Father to bless me with peace so I'll be able to sleep, and I feel the Holy Ghost come and bring peace to me so I can sleep. I told them about how sometimes the Holy Ghost reminds me of things that are important, and how you can come to recognise the Holy Ghost as opposed to your own thoughts. One of the girls wants to come to church this Sunday so I offered her a ride since we live around the corner. I hope she comes, and I hope I get to see them again, they were beautiful.

Today I went shopping with James, where we got cute things like bright red,pink,purple and blue folders, a bright pink rubbish bin, a bright red rolly-teacher chair, bright yellow flowers, a bright green photo frame/clock, and bright blue plastic tablecloths then went up to school to my new classroom to create! :) We went in yesterday to meet my teaching parter (she's lovely) and check out the room, and I'm so excited! Yesterday my main impression was that the pinboards that cover most of the walls and are painted a horrible pinky-purple had to be covered up! Today I was stoked though, as we covered them with the blue would-be tablecloths, my whole classroom transformed! I put up our beautiful Edsco posters, put out flowers, fastened brightly coloured material that covers other miscellanious ugly things, etc., etc., I can't wait for school to start! This is way fun!! :) Tomorow is my first official day - teacher planning and professional development during school hours, and I'm excited! We're also moving my red classroom couch (thanks James! :)) in tomorow afternoon :) I've been going through all my teacher things, and picking out resources from previous experiences to take in, ideas for lessons, etc. I'm really excited :) Like, really :) I'll post photos when I remember to take my camera in! :)

Made a yummy chicken dinner tonight :) It was already marinated so I just chucked it in the oven, but isn't it fun when you take it out and can't help picking at your own meal cause it's so nice?! :)

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary Jonny and Jessima!!! :) I got to babysit angel Jenna for a bit while they played tennis and basketball at our place, lucky!! :)

I'm really excited for school to start.

My internet banking is working.

All is right with the world, once more (happy sigh). xo


Tammy Lorna said...

Ohhhh. I'm glad you're so excited :) That's really cool. And the improvements sound really creative (and really needed)!

It's fun to see you so happy about going to work.

I'm curious to see how long the excitement will last ;)

Maybe it will last forever :)

Although, if it was me, it would probably wear off a little when the kids arrived...

:) Bring on the photos!

xo Tammy

Jonny and Jessima said...

Thanks for babysitting Abby - your awesome!!!