Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Micky!!! :)

Okay sorry Mick - in all my posting about our Mexican Fiesta yesterday I neglected to mention Micky, the oldest brother in our family.

Micky is quiet - he rarely speaks in family discussions, partly because he is quiet, and partly because he has sisters and even a brother or two who are so busy speaking loudly over each other that he rarely gets a chance. (In fact, I blame Micky's quiet for me neglecting to post about him yesterday - I would not have not posted on Tammy's birthday, because she is NOT quiet.)

People like being around Micky, because he is cheerful and easy to get along with. Micky accepts everyone - I've rarely heard him say a bad thing about anyone. Lately, Micky has been absent from our family circle a little more often, but when he's there, he's made up for it with the presence of a girl he's been bringing along, who we all like too. She is hard working and blunt and smart and grew up in the country. Micky has been happier than ever lately, so that's good!

Anyway, the reason I really should have been posting about Micky yesterday when I was spilling my life story to you at the same time as I told you about our cool fiesta, is not that he's engaged, but rather that it was his birthday! Happy 26th Birthday Micky! I totally think of you as a menace to society even if that title is rarely used these days for boys your age, but I have faith in your amending that soon ;) Hope you had the best day EVER, and have fun on all those dates we planned, and even the 'Choose Your Own Adventure'! ;)

Love lots, Abby xo


Sandy M. said...

Dear Smee,

I've been thinking that this is really a very strange form of communication - almost like a reality TV show. I'm communicating with you, but doing it in a way that makes it open to the perusal of millions of others. Every time I write to you, I am aware of all those others 'listening' in. Not that they shouldn't be, of course... I'm just sayin'.. :)

If you get to read this - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHAEL! I hope that 2009 is especially happy for you. We love you very much.

Loads of love, Abs,
Your Mother

Tammy Lorna said...

I bet micky would LOVE this entry.... if he KNEW YOU HAD A BLOG!

PS. Mum never comments on my blog, so you should feel lucky that she's posting on yours.... (Hint hint mum!)