Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A good alternative for now.

So if I can't be a mum right now and I have to work in a professsion instead (and this certainly seems to be the case right now), teaching is a good alternative for now.

I don't know this because it's my first day at school with children - I know this even though it was a boring PD day without kids! It wasn't really boring - it's really good stuff to be trained further on, I think it was just the all day sitting in a room listening to presenters speak and speak and speak that I'm using as an excuse for my bad attitude :)

Anyway I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of my humble little classroom (please note the ikky green walls!!!) :) I can't wait for this weekend to be lazy and relaxing! And then Australia Day on Monday!!! And then school on Tuesday :) Will let you know how all goes... xo

This is my fun hippy desk area... :)

This is the Mrs Easthope 'Tag' James put on the whiteboard, see the little DJ in the corner? Yeah...

This sort of shows some of my boardspace and posters too...

Here's the red couch James bought me for Christmas :) Aw... I love it!! :)

And here's the view to the front of my classroom! The blue pinboards used to be the horrible pinky-purply that their frames still are (if they show up looking better than they really are in the photo, just take my word on them being awful. Same with the walls...), but we covered them in cheap blue tablecloth plastic! :) I can't wait to cover the hideous walls with posters and artwork!!! :)

And I put all different coloured smiley faces with each student's name in the front window, but I can't post that because of privacy etc :P but it looks cool :)


Tammy Lorna said...

Cool Ab! I got all excited about the new school year starting as well. (And then I remembered that it's your classroom, and I'm not actually a teacher!)... It's all looking really fun and funky, and the couch is awesome!
The spots on the window sound cool. Can you take a photo from a distance, so we can get the effect by can't read the names?

xo Tammy

Bethany said...

your classroom looks really cool! much nicer than some others i've seen! and it looks pretty big. is it big? yay abby i'm excited for you! you're going to be/are im sure an awesome teacher!!!
love you!
xoxo :)