Friday, January 23, 2009

Cutest Couple Ever: A Tribute

(Isn't Mama beautiful?! :))
So today is my Mum and Dad's 28th Wedding Anniversary. 28 years ago they were 7 less children, two less children-in-law 1 less granddaughter and a lot less stressed! :) I have to make this a quick tribute cause I'm swamped with long weekend prep before school finally starts on Tuesday, and that's probably good for everyone cause I can go on :)

Mum and dad first met at a YSA convention, where dad spotted (was checking out...) mum by the pool. Mum travelled to Brisbane shortly after convention (from Adelaide) to stay with some friends, and to cut a long story short (as is the necessity here...sorry!) they started dating. The only problem they had during this time of bliss and falling in love, was that everytime Dad got up the courage to squeak out a 'will you marry me?' Mum would run away. Fortunately, after a lot of prayer and fasting, some lessons about getting answers to prayers, some counsel from a wise Stake President, and a forever destined to go un-used convention ticket, they got engaged! Then Dad - stud that he was and not about to let a good thing slip away, pinned the wedding date down for 6 weeks time! Mum spent half of the following ten years in bed, with awful 'my-body-seems-to-be-allergic-to-babies-growing-inside-of-it' sickness, then giving birth to 7 children, and becomming Supermum. Dad spent those years completing his degree and working to support his ever-growing family and often pregnant wife! They struggled, were blessed hugely of course, and survived! Now they are getting to the almost-back-to-just-us stage of their lives. They go on a date every Thursday night, and Dad takes Mum's birthday off each year to hang out. They are always nice to each other and so cute and in new love (still!), and they haven't listened to me once when I've told them to get a divorce. They like being together HEAPS, and in the holidays they like to get up early then stay in bed talking until the rest of us wake up and crash their party. They always do cute little things for each other. When they go to the movies Mum says she just wants to watch the action movie and Dad will swear he won't be happy until he sees the latest chick flick with her. Every day in December Dad had a little gift for Mum, and Mum is the one who'll make SURE Dad gets to go to every rugby game he might possibly be interested in. There's not a week (or many days!) that goes by without Dad bringing home flowers for mum. Now he buys them, but when they were newly married he used to ask an elderly lady down the road if he could cut one of her roses to take to his wife, because he couldn't afford them...cute!
The list goes on, but I really do have to go do some timetabling.
Thankyou Mama and Daddy for being the most wonderful example of a happy, loving Eternal couple I've ever known. I'm so grateful to have grown up with two people who are so selfless when it comes to the other. You both always put 10000% into making the other happy, and we have all learnt so much for you!! If it keeps going on for too much longer you're really going to have to get a divorce though...
Congratulations, Happy Millionth Anniversary,
Love you lots!!! Abby xo
PS: Have fun on your CRUISE!!!! (hahaha) :) xoxoxox


Tammy Lorna said...

Ohhhh. Our parents are SO cute.

(and mum - those ARE nice photos!)

xo Tammy

Tammy Lorna said...

So... when are you going to write another entry....?


Billy and Button said...

Your parents are so lovely. What a nice story.