Monday, January 19, 2009

"I'm Addicted!"

I know exactly what Hugh Grant meant - I'm addicted too. I'm addicted to a few things - certain people's opinion on certain things, chocolate of course, but I've just discovered a newer more disturbing addiction, and I've discovered it in the most disturbing way you can possibly discover an addiction - by not being able to access it!

On Friday at work I tried to get into my internet banking, but to no avail. My password just kept bouncing, and just as my little sister said 'If you type it in too many times it will lock you out', I got locked out. I called the banking people, and got given a temporary password, then reset my password, and then on Sunday I went on to bPay our tithing and got locked out again :( I called 'the people' to get a new one, which they gave me, but I can't reset it - the computer won't let me. Everytime I type in a new password it resets the 'type in your new password' page. I tried many, many bizzare number and letter combinations, capitals, smalls, everything I could possibly think of, to no avail. I called back 'the people' but no - they said to go into a branch and check it out today. When I explained this to the lady at the bank today she gave me a new temporary password. I tried to tell you that getting a temporary password from the bank, wasn't my problem. That in actual fact I've had a few, and they've been highly successful. That temporary was not good enough!!! She then explained to me which boxes on the login page to enter all the information into.

I tried again! - I told her I knew that, and that I am in fact a very regular internet banking user, and that it was more the problem with the resetting of the permanent password. The lady looked slightly confused and annoyed, pushed the temporary password towards me, then smiled and said 'yes well here is your temporary password, so you just pop this in, and then you'll be prompted to change it. Try using some numbers or changing around the letters in your previous password. Let us know if you have any more troubles'. (sigh).

I came home, logged in with my temporary password, and am locked out again. It didn't like ANY of my new passwords, and I'm sure I'm barely short of trying every possibility under the sun!

I check our internet banking every day. I go on, I see where the money's come from, and where it's gone. I see how much we have in our savings, and add more from our every day account into our savings, so we can't spend it. I log in again to transfer from our savings to our every day account when we find out I've been a little optimistic with how much we can save this week, again. I just like to know. I like to see where we're at. I want to pay our bills. I want to see our $0.50 interest come in, and watch the rent go out. I'M ADDICTED!!! (sigh).

I'm going to the bank tomorow.


Tammy Lorna said...

Haha! This post mad me laugh :) I can see you being addicted to internet banking :) I used to be addicted to it when I lived in the US. I would check it everyday too. I started to do that here, but it takes ages to get onto my online banking here (heritage), so I rarely do anymore :(

But just think of all the things you can be 'glad' about.... for example, you can be glad that there's a bank for you to 'go in' to.... you can be glad you have a blogs worth of people to complain to about this.... you can be glad this situation gave you something to blog about.... the list goes on and on really...

:) Isn't if funny how OTHER people playing the glad game for you isn't nearly as fun as when you decide to play it yourself? .... In fact, it can be a little annoying... At least you can be glad there are other people in your life who'll play the game for you when you give up and sink into a hopeless despair....

I'm here for you sister :)

xo Tammy

Sister Abby said...

Lol thanks Tammy! - I now know I can count on you to be 'Glad' for me, when I'm in the pit of despair and beyond being Glad for myself (sigh) :) I want you to know that I'll do the same for you, when you're in the pit-*throaty*cough* - sorry, the pit of despair. I'm Glad you're my sister!! :)


Tammy Lorna said...

I love that you post back on my comments :)

Very few bloggers are able to do that!

But then again, since I'm on the only one who comments on your blog, that makes sense :)

xo Tammy