Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday James!!! :)

Sensing a theme?! - Like... I have too many family members with birthdays in the first half of the year! :) Yes today is James' actual birthday, so he's the be 2-3. When I mentioned to James' parents how old it seems they nearly chocked, but from my little naive 22-year-old perspective, it seems like we're progressing life at an alarming rate!

Anyway, here's a picture of James' breakfast in bed:
Yup - those really are chashews you can see in there! The bowl, is oats, with sultanas, cashews and almonds on top, again topped with mango peach yoghurt. James was stoked. If I woke up to that on one of my birthdays, I'd just have to cry. No bacon, eggs, or coco pops. James is a saint - he lives the best way he can in every way, including food. Tonight for a treat he's eating the leftover fruit. When I suggested on the way home that we stop for a treat he said he had just been thinking about what a treat it would be, to finish it off. I was thinking more along the lines of copious amounts of chocolate (sigh). I have a generally healthy menu, and I like to be fit and healthy, but not for a treat, and not on my birthday!!! :) And yup - that's the size of the plates and bowls I have to use for the man!!! - Lol just kidding - that's a platter. The bowl is his regular though.

I love James! He is a wonderful husband to me. Before he was a wonderful husband to me, he was a wonderful missionary. Before that he was a wonderful friend, and son, and nephew and grandson. One day (hopefully in this life!) he will be a wonderful father. I am blessed to have a husband who is my friend, who I love hanging out with, who is good for me, who I can talk about anything with and to whom I get closer every day. I am blessed to have a temple marriage, and to be sealed to a husband who is a worthy Priesthood holder, who teaches me so much, and who has righteous goals and purpose. I am grateful that James is such an active and hard working person, who is always itching to play sport or work hard or help someone out, and that he loves doing fun active things together. James always makes me happy :) We're a great team, I'm unbelievably excited to take that team through the eternities! Happy Birthday James, I love you!!! :) xx

PS: Today we also got good news - James got his uni transfer, so in a month and a bit he'll officially begin studying what he would LOVE to do with his life - highschool PE and SOSE teaching! :) Fun, I'm glad he'll finally be doing something he loves. I just keep reminding him that he might have to get into private school admin to support our 7 children :)


Tammy Lorna said...

Abby - that's a VERY cool looking breakfast :) It almost looks as good as bacon, eggs and coco pops! (ALMOST!) See? You're totally capable :)

xo Tammy

PS. I've commented on your other entries too. Even though you didn't TELL me you have a blog....

Sandy M. said...


Bethany said...

....im with you on the whole breakfast thing :S...
wow that just reminded me. i had some coco pops in the cupboard at home and i didn't even eat them this morning! i FORGOT!
*sigh* oh well, tomorrow then.
love you HEAPS!!
beth xoxoxox
ps. i'll share them with you if you want because i love you :)...james can have some nuts instead :S