Monday, August 29, 2011

Fitness Challenge: Week 8

Exercised every day last week.

Feel bigger.

Didn't lose any weight.

Over it.

Come on last 2 or 3 kg's - be gone!!!

Only 4 weeks left...


Just ME said...

Oh chin up! It's because you have muscles now! You've done so well! Really hoping reading about your exercise and weight loss will rub off onto me..... I have 6kgs to loose and want to do so in 3 weeks. Pffft it's not going to happen. I need some motivation and an exercise buddy!

Jessima said...

You can do it!! Don't give up, those last few will be tough to do, but once you have got rid of them you will feel AWESOME - by the way, you look AWESOME already. I think your AWESOMENESS is only going to increase :)

Tammy Lorna said...

Give us an A - A!
Give us a B - B!
Give us another B - B!
Give us an I - I!
Give us an E - E!

lol! Just kidding :)

Was just trying to give you some anger to use in your next work out... I hear that helps :)

xoxo Tammy

PS. Totally worked out for an hour in our gym this morning. Almost didn't make it back up the stairs to have a shower... lol!

Sandy M. said...

If I was that last 2 or 3 kgs, I would have taken off right then.. you sound very miffed and quite authoritative.
If that didn't work, perhaps you could not go out for morning tea at the Stamford Plaza this week? Or, not tuck into a block of Snack chocolate?
I'm just sayin'... :)
(And, I think that Bev has a point about the muscles thing too, since they do weigh more than fat. Although, I'd have to say that it's probably quite a little point at this stage really.. :)
Just another thought though: if it's up to being strong-minded, (and it probably largely is), then you'll have it all wrapped up in a week or two, so just keep going and be patient! You'll do it :)

Beth and Robbie said...

Haha, you tell it Abs :) have them already :) Lol (get it?? :P)

Anyway, I've been thinking about you too lately and trying to get you to be my motivation. If you can work out and lose weight, then I can. lol.
But I haven't yet... you need to step up your motivation-ness.

:D Go Team Abby :D