Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fitness Challenge: Week 6

I have to admit it. I'm addicted to working out. I love it. I hate it when I miss a day. I love that feeling at the end when I'm all hot and sweaty and can almost feel myself losing weight and being fit! And it makes me feel like I'm back in high school at the end of a basketball or netball game (I guess I didn't work hard enough in volleyball..). If I had no children I'd NEVER miss a day, but if I don't get up early and do it in that little gap before they are fully awake and before James goes out so he can help me with them if they do wake up, it's all over. Sometimes I work out at night, but it's nowhere near as good doing it at night.

I dropped another kg this week...!! :D That makes me super happy :) I look at my tummy in the mirror and think 'Yeah! I totally lost a bit!' - not that I'd be so sure if the scales didn't tell me I did lol :) I think I'm nearly ready to have another look through my 'skinny' clothes and see if there are any more I can fit back into :) I am now less than I've weighed since I got pregnant with Maggie :) SUPER happy :) AND super motivating!! :)

Last week I had Freestyle for my treat - a chocolate brownie to be exact :) I felt sick the next day (I in no way attribute this to my dessert) and only ate a slice of toast the entire day. This may have attributed to my lost kilo. I'm all for it. (I wasn't trying to be anorexic on this day - I never try to do that anymore, because I have so often in the past, and it only results in me eating more than I ever would have because I can't handle being denied food!! This was legitimate sickness lol).

I love losing this weight.

I was talking to someone the other day about how you're a different person when you put on weight. I know that when I'm even just a bit overweight (Like I was just 6 short weeks ago!!! :D... And still am a tiny bit) I act differently. I'm not as confident. I don't move about as much. I avoid bending down to pick things up off the ground. (I use my toes. But we don't need to go into that now...). I watch more TV. I don't go out as much. I don't dance around the house while I do my housework. I feel like I shouldn't eat too much, ALL THE TIME (annoying!). I don't put as much effort into my hair, makeup or outfit because I just feel a bit crummy (this is a little anti-helpful. Don't do this!). I am embarrassed.

Losing weight is like waking up! (For me - this may not apply to everyone. Some girls look hot with some extra meat on them, but my meat packs itself onto my body in the most unattractive places, and I do not look hot at all.) But getting fit is probably like waking up for everybody!! :)

I dance around my house, ALL DAY - I had to make a new 'dance/housework' playlist on my computer to keep up with me. I get on the ground and pick things up and play with the girls. I get out more. I wake up earlier. It's easy to eat healthily - you don't feel like eating as much junk. I'm super happy. Looking in the mirror or at photos isn't always as shudder-worthy an activity. I want to go out. I feel young. Choosing an outfit to wear isn't traumatic - it can even be fun. This also applies to shopping. I'm more confident. I like dressing up! I feel more... worthy - self esteem I guess.

I'm the same person - it's only been 6 weeks after all, but I feel SO different. Some people might be thinking I'm a bit pathetic and over-dramatic because it's not like I was ever obese or anything, but just that little bit has made such a difference to me both in the putting it on and the taking it off!

And I don't feel like 'frump-girl' or 'frump-mum'! I feel like a young, energetic mum, which is a LOT more fun!! :)

And so even though James continues to tell me that the weight loss isn't important, I continue to reassure him that it is. But I guess it's true in that if I was ever successful at starving myself (it's always irked me that I couldn't successfully manage this, sigh), I wouldn't feel as wonderful in all the energetic, let's go out and have fun kids of ways, SO doing a 'fitness' challenge is a lot better than dieting. And these great side effects aren't JUST from losing weight - they're from being fit and healthy :)

Monologue discourse over.


Jessima said...

I agree with all that you said :) I hated it when I only had 2-3kgs that I never lost after Jenna. Thank goodness I lost it ALL after Jordan. You will feel sooooo good. Trust me.

Want some depressing/unhealthy news? I heard on the radio this morning that 'Posh' Beckham lost 12kg in 26 days. She worked out 4hrs a day and probably ate next to nothing. Plus she isn't breast feeding. Celebrities are not good role models for mums that is for sure.

Anyway, keep your eye on the clothes department in shops. I do. I am just iching to buy some nice outfits (because the pregnancy range at the moment is sooo boring and gray). But I guess I have a while to go :( and then the weight loss after :( :(

Don't forget our yummy dessert night on Saturday!

Love Jessima

Bec and Michael said...

Well done Abby,

We have admittedly been quite slow to start the challenge (aside from our false start that first week) but we are going to probably start it tomorrow...I know, I would also rather start at the start of a week, but as we keep missing Mondays, we just keep eating chocolate and then its another week gone.

You have definately given me inspiration though - I too, would like to dance around the house as I did housework...if I did housework that is...


Stace said...

Doesn't Posh know that breastfeeding would help her lose weight quicker!! And I'm not sure 'quicker' is a correct word. Awesome job Abs.

Chelle said...

Here here!!!

Well said Abby

Losing weight is addictive tho! Those little numbers creeping down... so worth the discipline!

So proud of you.

Also, you rock!

Sandy M. said...

Loved the monologue discourse. Agree with everything :) Very glad that you are doing well with it. Not in the least bit surprised. Well done! :)