Monday, August 1, 2011

Fitness Challenge: Week 4

A lot of this week was great.

On Monday we had Tim Tam slams for Family Home Evening treat, because after last week I was NOT waiting around for a measly peanut slab on Saturday afternoon! They were great. Heaps of chocolate, totally satisfying. I bought a new tin of Milo and 4 packets of Tim Tams to make sure there were enough... :)

On Tuesday I was tired and it was late when I was going to work out, so James suggested we had our 'off day' (ie. day off) on Tuesday instead of Thursday, which we did, so I worked out on Thursday instead of Tuesday.

On Friday everything was still going well, and I hung out with Andrea, who's from Utah, and we had fish & chips for lunch because I thought it was Australian, and when James came home he said I lost my junk food points for eating fish & chips. This had not occurred to me.

Friday night was our date night, so when we went out, seeing as I had already lost my junk food points, I got a hot chocolate and a slice of pecan pie and ate a cookie Mum gave me when we dropped Maggie off to be babysat. THEN when we got home, I went to bed, without working out....!!!! This is the first day I haven't worked out, EVER(inthelast4weeks), AND I didn't read my Scriptures before bed. I was quoting scripture to myself as I fell asleep to make up for it, but when I woke up Saturday morning I realised that I was basically asleep at the time and I couldn't honestly count it :(

Saturday was a busy day, and in the evening we went on our fabulous cousins dinner (and witnessed the World's Worst Date EVER as discussed in the previous post..), and dessert was at Freestyle...mmmmm....and I wasn't going to get a dessert, but then Claire had no one to share with, and being the dedicated, kind, loyal, caring and sharing cousin that I am (reminding myself here of The Lady and the Chocolate - maybe I'll type the text here one day...), I couldn't let the poor girl be left to eat an entire dessert by herself when she didn't want to, and once you've already lost your weekly bonus it's kind of easy to keep losing points, so I shared dessert with Claire! It was really good. But when I got home late again, I didn't exercise again! :S

It's like sin...or Pringles - once you start, you can't stop! Sigh..

Just to prove it, on Sunday night after I had finished dinner before 7 and everything, I was cleaning up, and some cookies Mum & Dad had been given and dropped some over were sitting on the bench and I ate one.

Can you believe it? It was 7:05 - I broke my eating before 7 rule, AND my junk for the day, for ONE COOKIE!!! A little one too! And I didn't even really want it that bad! I just felt like breaking all those rules, because I already had.

Isn't that ridiculous?! I can't report on my weights/walking progress, because I can barely even remember the last time I did it! Sigh...

But back into it today! Fortunately I weight exactly the same amount as last week and at least haven't gone up!

This week I'm not going to let myself slip in ANY area, because if you let yourself slip in one part, you (or at least I!) seem to collapse in every area!!

So watch this spot next Monday for reports of my super impressive perfect week and incredible weight loss!!

PS: I'm pretty sure James has decided to throw the junk food part of the challenge to make his calorie count. Not that I would gloat about him losing some serious points every day, but if I did, I would totally be doing that now...
PPS: So on our date on Friday night in addition to eating junk food we saw Captain America - I can't help but love all these Marvel comic movies - they're not an overload of violence or scariness - they're funny and light and comic strip action rather than horrific stuff, AND I like the whole Mr Stark being in them all and stuff - I can't wait for the one they're gearing up for when they're in it together!
PPPS: There are still some of those cookies on the bench and 2 packets of Tim Tams in my cupboard! - Aren't I just Little Miss Self Control?!?
PPPPS: Tonight's workout is going to be hell!
PPPPPS: Actually I'm sort of looking forward to it a little bit - at least he cardio bit, if not the weights (yeah...not the weights). I love feeling fit - I feel like I'm back in high school and have a strong desire to play sports again.
PPPPPPS: I also emailed the Fitness Challenge to a couple of people who were thinking of doing their own this week - any reports on those fronts?!


ClaireM said...

Abby I want to publicy share my thanks for you sharing my desert, I really don't know what I would have done without you!!!! I didn't get your email though, but if it makes you feel better I was at a workshop today and while 8 other ladies sat eating chocolate deserts I drank water!!!!! I was proud of myself for not giving in!!!

Sandy M. said...

Dear Little Miss Self Control,

I'm feelin' sad
You were so bad!
I'm tellin' Dad
Your fitness fad
To lose some pad'
And beat the lad,
And make you glad
Went just a tad
... mad.

With love, and faith in you for the next week,
Your Mother :)

Jessima said...

Oh dear!!!! but thank goodness for new weeks and new beginnings. You will totally smash it this week :) It takes a LOT of self control to do what you are doing and that is amazing.

I enjoy reading your account of the week. Glad I'm not doing it, but I'm sure something similar will happen in the new year for me :(
I say this because I walked past the mirror today and I must have popped. I'm looking BIG (well to me anyway). Keep up the good work :)

Love Jesisma

Chelle said...

Oh dear Abby! It's the 4 week slump. All very normal and necessary to get your fire back and kicked James' ass!!!

AND.... the Fitness Challange is up and ready to start in a week, with MY ENTIRE MOTHERS GROUP. We are doing a 6 week comp, with cash prizes and EVERYTHING!!! i'm so excited, even the husbands are in. I'll let you know how we go, you are our founding leader xxx

Tammy Lorna said...

Can you email it to me please?

(not that I'm committing to do it or anything... :))

xo Tammy

Tammy Lorna said...

So.... is there a week 5 and 6? 7 maybe?


xo Tammy