Monday, August 22, 2011

Fitness Challenge: Week 7

Has it been that long already?!!

I am down one more KG :) That means I've lost FIVE!!! Awesome :) And only 2 or 3 more till I qualify for my fabulous new skinny outfit! :) I seriously should've done a before and after picture, except, 'Shame!!' lol :)

I love working out.

I had a dessert night with my sisters (and dessert-night crashing brother ;)) on Saturday night and was disappointed to find that my unconquerable appetite for chocolate seems to have diminished. I only ate one profiterole, a little bit of chocolate mousse and a little bit of ice cream and I felt a bit sick! How awful! Am I going to be one of those people who can't eat a whole block of chocolate in one sitting and be keen to go back for more?! Will I need to eat real food before I feel like dessert?! Will really rich desserts be 'too much' for me?! Am I losing myself?!!! Sigh.. Eating chocolate has always been something I'm incredibly good at, and now I feel it slipping away! :S

And my exciting news: I joined a netball team :) First game tomorrow night!! I don't know if I'll be any good at all but the team already let me in, lucky! :) I LOVE playing actual sport, but lately I've been a bit too pregnant to keep up with it, so I thought I'd grab this between-pregnancy opportunity and jump on in!! Yay!!! :)

Oh and just a few ways I'm saving money:

- Chocolate. Or the absence thereof (again, sigh..)
- There are less of my legs to shave, so I'm pretty sure I'm saving on razors...I am also saving on time...
- I am eating smaller portions at dinner, so James gets more leftovers for his lunches, so I don't have to pack as much other stuff for him (the boy needs like a trolley to carry his lunch, sigh)

5 weeks to go until I can eat chocolate whenever I want to again!!.....If I do....sigh...


talz said...

I know what you mean about being so fit and healthy and junk food losing it's appeal. It happens. But it's good.. it means less dimples on your butt and less pimples on your face :) Have you tried out that dvd yet? I hope you like it like I do! :) So proud of your efforts, you look great! It's amazing how much just a couple of kilo's changes the way you look & feel.. less frumpy & more.. tight! :) Good on ya!

Sandy M. said...

Congratulations Abby!!
(Your post is like a cross between the Sports channel, 'Biggest Loser', 'Days of Our Lives', and the cooking channel. I feel like I should be eating popcorn while I read.. Or maybe I'm just hungry :)
Yay for the fabulous new skinny outfit! :)