Friday, April 27, 2012

They Mustn't Know

Somebody hit my sister with a car tonight, and then they drove away.

She's okay.

She was getting out of her car outside her home, and they went past and hit her, and she was thrown in front of her car.  Her shoes were thrown even further.

They left behind their side mirror, and they drove away.

Tammy is sore, and a little shaken, but she's okay.

How can somebody hit somebody with their car, and then just drive away??  You would never do that to anybody.  What if it were somebody you knew??

Then you definitely wouldn't.

Because if they had known Tammy, they wouldn't have driven away.  They would have screeched to a halt, and made sure she was okay.

If they had known how kind Tammy is, how she always looks for the good in everybody, they would have stopped, and made sure she was okay.

If they knew how hard Tammy works - and how many people she helps, they couldn't have driven away.

If they had known what a wonderful friend Tammy is, to so many people.  If they knew, how Tammy always puts others first, and will stay up all night talking to someone even if she's due to fly out to a job at 5am the next day if they need it.  If they knew how Tammy always makes others feel good about themselves, and always finds something to love in everyone.  If they knew how Tammy always looks around to see if there's anyone who needs a smile or a chat.  If they knew how many hours Tammy has spent serving those around her that she know and doesn't know.

If they knew, how wonderfully Talented Tammy is, maybe they would have come back for their side mirror. If they knew how with a beautiful song, Tammy can bring the spirit in, and help people feel peace.  If they knew how many hours Tammy has spent practising the piano, and how she can play almost anything, beautifully on the piano, and how willing she is to go out of her way to help and accompany others.

If they knew, how loved Tammy is, maybe they would have slowed down.  If they knew, how her nieces race to the door in delight to throw themselves into her arms when she arrives.  If they knew the way Tammy lights up rooms when she enters, and helps everybody to have a good time.  If they knew the way people look forward to seeing Tammy.  If they knew how proud her parents are of her, how her brothers and sisters look up to her.  If they knew how she is talked about, how many people rely on her, how many people love to speak to her, and spend time with her.  If they knew how many people looked up to her, how many people love knowing her.

If that driver knew how generous Tammy is, maybe he would have gotten out to help.  If he knew how she shares everything that she has - and would give someone the (totally cute) coat of her back if they need it.  If they knew, that even though she doesn't know who they are, that Tammy would help them in any way they need it.  If they knew.

If they knew the wonderful things in store for Tammy, I hope they would have stopped.  If they knew the people she's going to meet, the friends she's going to make, the places she's going to travel, the lives she's going to touch.  If they knew the smiles she's going to give, the songs she's going to sing.

Tammy is incredible.  She is just beautiful.  She is a pillar of strength.  She loves and looks for the good in everybody.  She makes people happy.  She's cheerful and funny.  She looks out for those who might need a hand, or a smile, or a song.  She sings and plays the piano beautifully.  She shares her testimony, and lives the gospel of Jesus Christ.  She helps people feel good about themselves.  I bet there are hundreds of people who look up to her, who she's not even aware of.  I am constantly in awe of Tammy.  She's absolutely incredible.

They mustn't know.


Jessima said...

Beautifully written. I want to be like Tammy!!!!!!!

Still can't believe what happened!!

Bec and Michael said...

Well done Abby - you captured Tammy's spirit perfectly :)

I hope she's feeling much better today :)

Ariel & Family said...

Tammy is amazing! God bless! You forgot to mention she's the BEST seminary teacher!! She was so committed and made it Very FUN!!! :) how could they do that, that's so wrong and very sad! Xoxo

Maioha said...

How could somebody do that? It's just incredulous! I'm glad Tammy's okay.

Sandy M. said...

You made Tammy cry! :) Beautifully written Abs - of course, you did have very good material to work from! :) Thank you for recording what we all feel.. :)

Stace said...

Beautiful post about beautiful Tammy! I'm so sorry to hear she got hit, glad she's ok. Your post made me think about Jesus Christ - if only the jews had known who he truly was!

breckster said...

Amen! And we are all sure she is okay right? Because my children need their godmother even if she is across the world from them.