Monday, April 16, 2012

It's The Hard Knock Life!

Last Wednesday night, Tammy and I went to see 'Annie' in town :) First of all, seeing as I'm all about embracing stuff these days, I stopped to get a picture in the poster, and I have to say, red afro? Kind of hot!

Lol okay, kind of awful :) And what was everybody thinking with the whole red hair red dress thing? Yeck! Tammy refused to get back there, even though I begged her to!! I bet she's regretting it now that I have a cool photo with Anthony Warlow!! And I only had to wait for like, three 7-year-olds to get theirs done first!! :) lol

Anyway, the show was wonderful!! The orphans were definitely a highlight!!! The littlest orphan has a big role - a lot of imitating Mrs Hannigan and singing parts, and she was great! She couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 though! And the dancing was fabulous - it's like these girls have been singing and dancing since birth. I've seen great shows with great children, but these children were in a whole other class. Often the children are very much their own presence up on stage, but these children were just... the orphans - they were fabulous. My favourite orphan part was when they sang 'It's the Hard Knock Life!' the second time, without Annie. Not that she wasn't great! - I just liked the orphan chorus better! Annie wasn't perfect, and throughout the show she got kind of worse as she got more tired or something, but she was pretty great!! I heard they had 3 different casts of Annie + children, and I can imagine one of the other Annies might be better (she was pretty good though!), but can't imagine a better orphan chorus!

Nancye Hayes who played 'Miss Hannigan' was wonderful - we started off not thrilled with her, but she just got better and better!! And Anthony Warlow, 'Daddy Warbucks' was brilliant - it would not have been anywhere near as wonderful without having someone so professional and brilliant playing that role!! He's wonderful to watch, and his voice is beautiful. Tammy was a bit devestated that his lovely assistant was blonde, instead of dark like she is in the movie, but she's got a thing about brunettes being depicted as blondes, especially in the New Era... lol ;) We both really liked the assistant though, she was lovely!! And although I didn't like the President too much, and Tammy did, we both loved 'HARMONY!!!!' :)

It was a fabulous night, and although I resisted the urge to purchase, I did go home and look up tickets for James and Maggie. Only his assurances that there would be other shows, and that Maggie would probably like and remember them more in a few years, made me stop. Oh, and it's a little pricey.. But it was funny, and fabulous, and so fun going out with Tammy, as usual (without whom I would apparently have nothing to blog about!! lol :))

Back when I was doing my fitness challenge, I bought a dress to wear at my Aunty's wedding in Adelaide, to celebrate reaching my goals, and never ended up posting the pic of me in it, so I asked James to take one of me before Annie. It's actually the first time I've seen myself and thought 'Huh. I kind of wish I was taller - I look squashed!' lol :) But here's the dress...OH, and look how short my hair is!!! It wasn't curling anymore after I had Ana, and so I made James hack it all off, in hopes that it would regain it's bounce. The cut ended up as karma for what happened back here (I knew that would come back and bite me!! SUCH a bad mullet!! - James really likes it, he says, but... I don't...), and the hair remains terribly un-curly. Not straight, just kind of limp, sigh. A few other curly-haired friends of mine have lost their curl after having babies too, and apparently it's just something that can happen, sob!! Don't know what you've got till it's gone!! But anyway, it's the shortest my hair has been and I've realised I kind of hate it and can't wait for it to re-grow!!

How awkward is it standing there to have a photo taken of yourself, by yourself?!! I didn't know how to stand, and felt SUPER awkward!! Maggie thought it was hot though - she came and joined me :)

Now that's style! :)


talz said...

You look stunning Abby! Love the colour dress & the shoes. Your hair is very cute :) I especially like the photo of you & Maggie, adorable. and her hair! Haha!

Kayla Christie said...

oh that dress is hot! love it

Oh annie, now that brings back memories, I once preformed in the musical annie like 8 years ago!

Sandy M. said...

I love the photo with Maggie :) I love that her hands are on her hips too.. following her mother by example :) I'm really glad that you and Tam enjoyed the show so much :)

Lauren said...

are those shoes multicoloured?! So cute! and Maggie is so adorable!

Just ME said...

You must have passed your curls on to Maggie!! You look stunning. Absolutely love the dress. Where is it from?! (I need a dress for a wedding in June and I HATE -dress-shopping-a-special-occasion shopping trips...)

Cody and Jill said...

okay you look super cute in purple. i tried to log in on your private blog but it didnt work do you mind sending the link again thx

Stace said...

I am totally loving your hair that length... it's good to have a change :) It'll always grow back :). And that dress is gorgeous. And you are gorgeous. And Maggie is gorgeous... lol. xoxo

Abby said...

The shoes ARE multicoloured - I think I will write a post about them :)

And Bev the dress was David Lawrence - I randomly ran into a boutique of theirs when I was in Adelaide, sick and tired of dress-shopping-for-a-special-occasion! :) They are online though - and probably have stores all over the place? But after trying, and and trying to find cute, modest dresses here, I've decided that next time I'm going to buy one, I'm totally going to brave the online shopping thing - there are SO MANY cute modest dresses from the US and stuff online, and if I can figure out my measurements and maybe suffer through some miserable trial and error -I have great hopes for it in the future??! I find dresses so comfy, I'd wear them 7 days a week if I could, so I really want a good source!! I'll scour out a site like this one: - they have kazillions of dresses and they link back to all the original sites. Or there's always ;) But if I had your figure I wouldn't be as worried about ordering - so many of them would look gorgeous on you!! (You wouldn't even look squishy lol :))

Abby said...

PS: Maggie gets her knock-knees from me too :) That's why I'm standing with my toes pointed in - otherwise...I look like Maggie does right there... lol!! :)

Bec and Michael said...

Yep, it sure it a beautiful dress Abby! :)
I've bought from overstock and I love my dresses from there! Im also a huge fan of Shabby Apple clothing and Jen's clothing :)
I say, just bite the can always send it back if its not right on you :)

Beth and Robbie said...

Haha. If Maggie had darker skin she'd look like a cute little African kid. :P. The show sounds really great! One day I'm going to insist on crashing yours and tammy's little dates and come with you guys for the fun times :) you're totally hot in that dress. And im actually digging your mullet :) xoxox

Sandy M. said...

I'm writing this so that you now have an even dozen comments :)