Friday, November 4, 2011


Just doing our thing, waiting to get 'that' phone call to tell us that Jessima's new baby is here!! I can't WAIT to find out whether it's a new little niece or nephew!! Jessima was being induced last night/this morning.

At about 10:30 Jonny called, and I yelled 'WHAT IS IT?!!!' into the phone. He said 'What's what?' and I yelled 'Don't mess with me! - Did you have a boy or a girl?!' and he said 'We didn't have anything yet' so I freaked out and yelled
'Is Jessima OK?!!!!!'
'Then WHY are you calling me?!!!!'
'Jessima thought it would be funny'

Nothing much was happening at that point, so they were about to put a drip in. That means that right now, Jessima's probably pretty busy! I hope it's as painless as labour can be!! Jessima had Jordan in 4 hours so I keep waiting for the news to come quickly, I hope this one's not a longer labour! Long labour is...upsetting :p

But we are so excited for the J's and the latest model! :) Sending fast, painless and safe thoughts their way xoxox


Sandy M. said...

(I was like you - jumping, diving for and breathlessly answering every call in the morning. The funniest one was from Jonny to ask for some help on a crossword that he and Jessima were doing! Jessima was apparently just sitting there, strongly contracting, and feeling a little bored because she couldn't feel anything at that stage. But she did agree that being bored was preferable to the alternative! :)

Kate @ Back to Basics Tuition said...

Ahahahaha, your brother is funny - I wont admit that in person though! ;)Yay for another perfect addition to the Munro family xx