Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2 Fabulous Follow-Ups + A Random Piece of 'Yay' News for Us

The first follow-up is from yesterday's post, 'What is Romance? Really.'.

I talked to James last night about it being our anniversary and what I wrote about yesterday, and he wholly agreed about the candles, but when I asked him what he would like to do, he said "Oh, I already have plans so you don't need to worry about it". LOVE it! :)

The second follow up is from a tragic post, called 'Dear Electricity Company'.

Yesterday I spent a few hours (with my poor babies screaming in the background) on the phone to the electricity company asking if they'd EVER give us the deal or if we should go somewhere else, and then he said he might be able to give us an o.k. deal (not as good as we had been promised), and I asked if we could back-date it to the last bill like it should have been, and he said he couldn't, but maybe someone could, but we had to sign up for a longer term contract than I want to be associated with the company for to even try, so I said I'd call him back. I then called other electricity providers and got quotes, then I called James and told him I thought we should just pay that awful bill and switch companies, but he wanted to call and talk to the current company himself, so I said 'Fine! - but I think we should just switch, I don't want anything else to do with them, EVER!' (I had actually been as 'tough' on the phone call with the electricity company as I've ever been. I actually told him that maybe they should look through their tapes of their phone calls which they record all of, and listen to our 20 calls over the last year, being promised different deals and told different contradicting things. Come to think of it he never really responded..I told him I wanted to talk to someone who could actually help me too, I don't know why that didn't happen either...I'm not good at this maybe....)


James called back a while later, to tell me he'd signed up with our current company for another year at the discounted rate, and not to pay the bill, because they were adjusting it to the rate which they'd originally promised us, and re-issuing it to us...!!!! I was like 'HOW?!!!!' After a year of phone calls, someone could just magically do it!! It seemed impossible.

James told the guy his wife was determined to switch but he wanted to stay with us, but we only would if they backdated everything and gave us a new deal. Apparently the guy was running to his manager every 2 seconds to check everything and they were officially sorry for all the weird stuff their 'colleagues' had put us through over the year, and all that jazz. James told them 'I don't want to have to call you guys back in the next year that we're signed up to you - I just want to pay our discounted bills, and get my electricity provided'. He assured him there would be no need for communication, whatsoever. The only downside to this phone call is that James didn't get the guys name and extension number. I think I would PAY for it after all the people I've talked to in the last year who had no idea possibly where they were even working. Last week a girl I spoke to assured me that the company had never offered the rate that we'd been promised originally, but yesterday they all knew what I was talking about. But no more about that - it's ALL GOOD!!!!! :)

And our other piece of random 'Yay!' news - not a follow up to an old post, so it gets 'random' status - is story: James got a job across the road he can WALK to (his last official job was a 40 minute $10 toll round trip), that is casual full-time, so he might be able to work on the days he doesn't have uni next semester, etc. And he started today :) Off he walked :) He hasn't been working for a long time because he was on prac, so it's a much-needed blessing. Also a blessing because due to a ... uh .... clerical .. oversight by his otherwise fabulous wife, he may have lost his license... :S So to get a job he can walk to?! Amazing! :)

I LOVE it when you see the sun come out again!! :)

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