Monday, August 2, 2010

I love doing creative 'stuff'!

This was ages ago, but I haven't blogged on this blog for a while, and thought I'd just throw these up. You'd have seen it all on my Maggie blog if you're on there, but for Beth & Robbie's engagement party at the beginning of June I got to do some fun painting :) Mum asked me to paint some beach huts, and then I got to paint a couple of random 'Congratulations' and 'Dance between the flags' signs (beach theme!). I had a lot of fun. I think everyone else did too - the hall looked fantastic, the food was great and I think everyone had a great time :)

I really enjoyed the couple of days of mess all over my house from huge rolls of paper with beach huts and painting sheets, and brushes, and paints and stuff. Creative mess is one of my favourite things :) James was very grateful when it was gone, I think. I'm grateful to have my art desk which I do all my smaller-scale fun creative work on, and I love that it's old thick wood and we got it for $10 at a garage sale and I splatter paint on it by accident whenever I want (happy sigh) :)


Sandy M. said...

I loved what you did Abby - everyone did! You and James were such a great help with the party :)
And - I love that you are such a creative somebody too - with painting, with card-making, with poems, and stories, and outfits...


Adlewiess said...

ohhh - those beach huts look AMAZING Abby!!! You are SO creative - something on that scale would have scared me to death! Wonderful wonderful you...!!! xxx

Steph said...

They were excellent looking beach huts! Well done and what a fun party too!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's wonderful!!!

i LOVE making creative messes too!!!

Lowey and i once painted the entire Simpsons family sitting on their couch for a simpsons dress up party we had.

So much fun! Imagine how good it'll be having young kids to get messy with paint!