Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bits & Pieces

One and a half years later, still sort of edible...

Taking up about 1/6 of our freezer for the last one and a half years, has been the beautiful top tier of our wedding cake. We have been waiting a long time, for an appropriate occassion to eat it, but have not experienced one, so a week or two ago, we decided just to eat it a) for kicks, b) becuase it was Sunday night and we didn't really have much food in the house, and c) because I wanted my freezer space back. We cut big wedges in it like it was a birthday cake, but being excessively rich we really couldn't eat probably even half of our pieces. It was a tiny bit funny tasting, but was good warmed up with ice-cream. I called mum the next day, and offered them the rest, which mum accepted, as I predicted, for sentimental reasons. I'm pretty sure it's still in her storage fridge.

Coming Home!

Last week I was away on school camp, which was awesome and hilarious and I wish I could tell you funny details of the kids and put hilarious photos up but that might be a bad idea. Anyway, as awesome as it was I was stoked to get back home to real life and my wonderful husband. James was at work when my adorable sister Bethany dropped me home, so we hung out for a bit, then she left and I unpacked and washed my camp 'stuff''. James rushed home after work, with the most beautiful flowers (a bunch of those buds opened up yesterday and they're bright pink and just beautiful!!), and then we went and got fish'n'chips and snuggled up on the couch to watch a movie - I love being home!!!

Mothers' Day

So this Mothers' Day was really fun! On Saturday I got sick (comes from spending a week living with 250 children, sigh..), so on Sunday, when James and I were due to cook brekkie for his mum, he left me in bed and only woke me up when it was all ready to go! We had a lovely morning with his parents - we got his mum an exotic-looking pot plant which she seemed to like. We dropped by my parent's afterwards because my mother had spent all mothers' day morning cooking me chicken soup (there's nothing like it in the whole world!) to help me feel better (it does. Instantly). Mum had also gotten me 12 beautiful yellow roses and a wonderful book, called 'The Ultimate Career'. I thought it was a cruel present when I first read the title, who wants a career when they could be a mum and housewife??? But it turns out that it's talking about the mum/housewife career, and it's awesome :) I can't wait to participate in the practicle part of this education more fully. I ate soup and read my book and looked at my beautiful flowers (we can't afford many flowers so I don't usually have any, but right now I have 3 vases full! :)) It was such a mothers' day for me even though at the moment I'm just a daughter!! I decorated mama up a little coffee table photo box - ready for photos. We had dinner with a surprise visit from Aunty Linda and Uncle Steve which was cool - they've never been to Brisbane before so it was wonderful. Sadly I piked on the lounge, feeling rather unwell, and we left early before the end of dinner or anything. James gave me a wonderful gift too, one of those times where it was the thought that counted. He wanted to get me something just cause i'm a girl and I wanna be a mum, but we had no budget left, and he'd already and gotten me flowers which were not in our budget, so he felt bad and didn't get me anything :) Sweet. I love sticking to budgets :)

Good times xo


Kaili (Billy and Button) said...

Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog. You are an amazing future mummy! For now though, I think its lovely that you & James are spending time just together.

I'd be happy to show you watercolours too if you'd like though I have no idea what I am doing!

I think we could both get tips from your grandmother though, your mum tells me she did some beautiful paintings with watercolours.

Sandy M. said...

I love your whole post :)!
I love having you in our life, especially as our daughter :) Thankyou for being such a wonderful you!

Bec Davis said...

Hey Abby,

What is your email address? I will send you an invite to our blog. I feel like I am cheating cause mum gave me your blog - site about a week ago and I have been catching up secretly. So I will send you an invite ok:)

I have only heard a little about James - he looks like a nice guy.

Jonny and Jessima said...

Mmm cake, I would have had some ;) But you have a wonderful life. Nearly complete. Very soon, I am sure the final touches will be added. Love you!!!

Abby said...

Hey Bec! Yay that would be great to see your blog and your kids and what you're up to over in Idaho!! my email is abby_easthope@hotmail.com. One day you'll have to meet James (I think he's really nice! :) ), and I'll have to meet Fox! :) xo

Tammy Lorna said...

I love mum's chicken soup :)

xo Tammy