Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fitness Challenge Again! Day 2

So sore.

So, soooooooooo sore!

Hardest part of my day has definitely been the process of sitting down.  So sore - !  Those squats!  That bridge!  I didn't even do that much and they're killing me today!!  And I was so much sicker with my silly cold that I didn't do much in the way of my workout today - just light cardio, I skipped the weights altogether (James said I could!), so hopefully it doesn't make it a lot longer for my body to get used to it.

Dreading my first game of netball tomorow morning - I've been walking around all day like there is a pole stuck up my back - how will I run?!!  My poor teammates!!

Also, not eating after 7pm can get boring, but also empowering.  I can almost hear my body saying "Yesss! - That's a bunch more calories we don't have to burn off!" when I turn away from treats!  It's making me want to make a cute weight loss chart so I can tick off the kg's I think I can feel myself losing ;)

Also also, aside from waking up to feed a LOT (baby Christian has been SUPER unsettled the last few days :( ), I slept in until 8:30 today, and I felt like high fiving myself for leaving out the 'get up by.....' rule I was talking about yesterday - there's that WIN I was talking about!! Bless James being on holidays and looking after the other 3!! :)

I'm not missing chocolate too much, cause I've been delightedly planning my treat for the week.  James bought me a chocolate milk cause he knows I love them, and he thought he'd tempt me into having that for my treat for the week "instead of going crazy and eating a platter of massive amounts of cakes and things" - ahh he knows me too well!  But I haven't drunk the milk yet - I think I'll hang on to my options for now ;)

Sweet dreams, fingers crossed I manage to move my limbs tomorow! ;)



ClaireM said...

Wait till day 3.... I always find I'm hurting more 2 days after the workout....although if you just keep doing it then the body just doesn't know when Day 2 is!!!!! I think your treat should be that delicious cheesecake Aunty Chris made!!!! keep on going chick!

ClaireM said...

ABBY!!! Are you still alive after day 2???? or have you been able to get out of exercise?????