Monday, July 14, 2014

Fitness Challenge again! Day 1

This morning I got up before my children, which seems against nature!!  I weighed in at 13kg's more than I want to weigh in at, sigh! - so I know I've got a lot of work to do! :)  I have put on some weight again since losing it post-baby - I think the last 2 weeks being on holiday and eating an awful lot of Nutellas and hot chocolates (all of which I can comfortably blame Jonny for - he and Jessima bought me a giant jar of Nutella (YUM!  Whoever invented Nutella deserves a crown...and their very own island... which they can prooobably afford now...!) and he fixed my teeth so I can eat hot stuff again :) SUCH an awesome brother!! :) :) But I digress...) has helped me become plump and lovely.  But it's time to get it all off!!!

I'm aiming to get down to a more comfortable weight within 12 weeks - in time for my birthday, yay!! :)

Until then I'll be...
Working out 5 days a week
Not eating after 7pm each day (except for special occassions/outings - I mean everyday eating)
Drinking at least 2.5L per day
Eating only 1 dessert/treat (I'll miss chocolate, sigh..) per week
Trying to reduce my portion sizes a little and not replacing chocolate with bread as I have a tendancy to do... mmmmm... bread... ;)

I'm trying to remember if there's anything else I'm doing, but at the moment I can't think of anything?!  I want this to be a lifestyle thing for forever though, so I don't want to be so rigid I can't wait "till it's over".  Also I want to get strong and healthy so I'm not scared to have another bub, cause at the moment I feel like a bit of a wreck!

Usually when I'm doing a fitness challenge I have a 'get up by...' time, but at the moment if I ever manage to sleep in I'm going to call it a WIN lol :)

But anyway, I got up and worked out.  It was miserable, as it always is at first!! My left knee was 'clicking' when I was doing squats and stuff and ended up really hurting so I focused on my arms for a bit, and then I did my 40mins on the treadmill, which I don't have enough endorphines to enjoy yet!! ;)  All day I've been eating sultana biscuits instead of the pack of Tim Tams in the cupboard.  I'm exhausted and can't wait to drop into bed later!!  But I'm kind of enjoying how much it all sucks cause I know it'll be awesome soon, and it'll only get easier as I keep going!! :)   And I'll be able to fit into all the cute clothes in a box in my wardrobe.  YAY! :)

Bub wants me so I'd better go, but I wanted to write about this so I don't let myself drop the ball on it (also, sometimes Claire gets bored at work - 'shout out' for Claire! ;))!  On Wednesday I have my first netball game of the new season (I think I'll finally get to play a whole season this time between babies, fun! :)) and I'm confident I'll be awful and unfit, but I'm looking forward to improving on that front too!!

Wish me luck!!! :)


PS:  I just read back on this and I realise I didn't complain nearly enough!!!  I didn't mention the head cold I have and that I was coughing along the treadmill like a sad but determined unwell, unfit little blob!!  (Don't worry - at the time I enjoyed a good whimper and felt appropriately sorry for myself.) Also, I weighed like, 4kg's less last time I weighed myself a couple of weeks ago!  How much does that suck?!!!  Sigh...

(I think that was better, yeah? :))


ClaireM said...

ABBIE!!!!! I love the shout out!!! I also can't wait to read how you're dying....I mean loving the fitness! You should come along to one of the classes that Sarah and I do (seriously though I feel like dying throughout EVERY class!!!!) They say it gets better but I'm yet to see that!
Keep up the good work, it will definitely be worth it - but seriously find a better alternative than those sultana biscuits!!!

Bec and Michael said...

*high five* for Fitness Challenges!! :)
I have this cool app on my phone that has all kinds of 30-day fitness challenges :) ...although, I usually only get to about day 15, and then 'forget' a day and decide to start all over again ;)
I'm currently at day 20 of the Ab/Squat challenge (YAY me!!) so already I'm doing better than expected! :)
Dang that Nutella! I have an awesome 'friend' who keeps tagging me on Facebook on wonderful posts on how to make Nutella even better...(Nutella icecream anyone??) *sigh* but its TOTALLY worth it when we shed the extra Kgs, right?! :)