Wednesday, November 13, 2013

People With Kids Don't Know

Tammy sent this to me recently and James and I had a good laugh :)  It's so funny.  Every single day I'm in fits of laughter between going insane - such an awesome ride having children around!! :)

***Okay for some reason I can't get the link to the video to come in here, but if you click here:

You can watch it... so funny :)

In other news, Maggie's going for her kindy interview on Monday (yes, they actually reject kindergarten-ers they don't think are up to the challenge!!).  I can't believe she's leaving us!!!  She's currently here 'standing out' because she and Ana were having a crazy pre-naptime party in their room despite my urgings that they cease and desist.  Ana's throwing a mega tantrum, clearly overtired after the party.  She'll be asleep in no time :)  SJ's fast asleep, tired out from our huge morning at the grocery store - bless!  Fingers crossed in another hour I'll be sitting on the couch with my feet up eating lunch with all 3 cherubs sleeping peacefully!! :)  More likely SJ will wake up the SECOND Maggie and Ana finally succumb to sleep - they are like clockwork these guys lol :)

I'm DONE with morning sickness and I feel like I have a new lease on life! - SO exciting to not be sick, I can survive the getting fat and tired now :)  And enjoy the 3 babies we have before number 4 joins us!!!  15 weeks pregnant, so I'm really, REALLY excited to find out what we're having in just 5 more weeks!!!!!

Christmas soon!!!!!!! :)

Perth trip sooner!!!!!!!!!!! :)

James gets to not work on his holidays for once because he's in a grown up job where holidays are paid!!!!!! :)  I am making all sorts of fun family Christmas plans - going into the city to see the parades and pantomimes and lights and Santas - can't WAIT!!!! :)  

Ana's mega tantrum still going... I'm sure she'll run out of puff soon... fingers crossed... :)

Loving this 'holiday' weather - it's AWFULLY STICKY AND HOT and I can feel a good Summer STORM coming on soon!!! :)  We had a massive hail storm on Sunday, tis the season!!  Feels like Christmas :)

Hope everyone has a FABULOUS day!!!!!! :)



Tammy Lorna said...

LOL! Yeah, I thought you'd like that video :)

They'll probably put Maggie straight into grade 1.

Love Ana and her tantrums!

and LOVE Christmas!!! yay!!!


Beth and Robbie said...

Haha, this was just fun to read :) much love xo

Sandy M. said...

I love watching you be a mother - and you do it so well :)