Monday, October 28, 2013

Bucket List

I don't really usually dream too big or make a bunch of goals.  My goals in life have always been pretty simple - be a fabulous homemaker, make our kitchen the heart of our home and always bake and cook for our family, be up to date with ironing, be a good Mum and wife of course, be a good person, don't get fat.  Well okay it's not all that simple - especially since I keep getting sick and having babies at the moment - but it's all pretty much within the walls of our home.  I'm secretly not that adventurous.  I tend to be scared of everything.  I have an extreme imagination, overthink everything, and worst-case scenarios flock to me wherever I go.  It's actually something I have to consciously work on all the time, or I'd never leave the house!  - or be in the house alone! lol... James is very adventurous.  And I know it would be better for me to be so - experience more, enjoy more of what this world has to offer, be less afraid of unknown people and places.  And my own shadow... :)

Anyway, I thought I'd write a bucket list.  Don't get the wrong idea - it's not going to be full of skydiving or anything of the sort!  But I'm trying to look outward a little more, not be afraid to make bigger plans.  Some of the things like 'own our own home' have been lifelong dreams, and now that I look at the few I've already jotted down, they're not adventurous at all! - but I'll keep adding to it and I'll try to look outward a little more :)

Own our own home
Serve a mission with James
Write a book (probably a children's book)
Visit every capital city in Australia
Travel to Europe
Travel to America
Attend a session of General Conference in the Conference Center
Go on a dinner cruise
Go out to dinner somewhere where the dress code is 'formal'
Paint at least one surface in our home an exciting colour
Have $10,000 in the bank, 'just in case'
...hmmm.... bucket lists should be much longer an more exciting, right?  :P

Meanwhile, here's my list of things I want to do/see with James when we go to America one day! - This one was MUCH easier to write, because I wasn't trying to think of 'outside the box' things I want to do.  I already want to do all these one day! :) When I started writing about travelling up there I just started this list for fun - maybe we should just call this my bucket list instead??!! ;)

American holiday bucket list ;)

Eat a pretzel with cheese sauce in a 'mall'
Eat at the Cheesecake Factory
Eat at California Pizza Kitchen
(clearly I have fond memories of some of the food there! ;))
Attend a session of General Conference in the Conference Center
Visit the Sacred Grove
Visit Navoo, Illinois
Visit James' mission parents
Visit Dad's old mission companion's family
Play in snow
Times Square
See a show on Broadway
See 'local' New York - hopefully get some people who know New York to tell me where to go/what to see in terms of meandering around eating at fun places, visiting cool markets, etc.  Spend at least a day or two doing 'laid back' New York!
Go to Disneyland/Universal Studios
Do a session in as many temples as possible - Including SLC!
Walk around BYU
Shop (pack very light on the way over! ;))
Shop at Deseret Book
Visit Park City
Visit the Humanitarian Center in SLC
Do all the Temple Square Tours - the Lion House, etc.
'This is the place' monument
Ice skate outdoors
See the Christmas lights on Temple Square
Eat pizza in New York
Hollywood walk of fame, Chinese theatre etc.
Buy something at the Kodak theatre boutiques again
Go to the 'You've Got Mail' cafe in New York.  Eat there.
Central Park
Catch an NBA game

Clearly we're going to be there for quite some time, and clearly we're going to have a limitless amount of money.  So this trip may be in 30 years.  Or more.  But still, it's fun to dream!!  Also, it became clear to me while writing this list that our trip will span from the first weekend in October, till at least Christmas haha - well, timeframe sorted! ;)

Can't wait to add to this list as it comes to me - a lot of it's based on what I did/ate last time I was there ;)


Jess M said...

I just mentioned to Jonny on Sunday we should write down our own bucket list. Great bucket list to have. You can have it all if you want :) I personally think the first step in making it happen is writing it down. That way you won't forget what you are after. Can't wait to see you tick these things off!!!

Tammy Lorna said...

LOL! I love how your next america trip is the same as your first one, except for the addition of things I did on my new york trip, and some sport for James :)

BUT, that doesn't make it any less EXCELLENT! You'll probably get there and find me hiding in your suitcase... James will be THRILLED! :)


Bec and Michael said...

I think you should add:
willingly pet Pepper (now that she's a big girl!)
come visit Bec, Michael, Pepper & Saphira
swim in a creek
have a crack at a gun range...

WAIT! You could do ALL of these things in one visit to us!!! YAY!! That makes the bucket list WAY easier!! LOL :)

I hope you get some of your list ticked off really soon :)

Beth and Robbie said...

Haha to Bec's comment. Good luck to her getting you to do things like swim in a creek (what lies beneath???) and pat the dog. LOL.

Love the list Abs! I should write a bucket list. I think it would sound a lot like yours. I mean, I like doing fun things but as far as life goals go, they do tend to be more home oriented. Robbie's bucket list on the other hand would include things like 'Live in a random country for a few years' and 'climb Mount Everest and the other highest peaks in the world'. :P

Sandy M. said...

There's often some pressure on us to 'be adventurous' or do exciting things - and that's fun, -but I think your goals are lovely ones, all about taking good care of your family and doing what's right. I think that Jesus would approve your goals :)