Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Fabulous Wedding

I love weddings! My little sister Bethany is getting married this year, and has started planning her day. She doesn't want to have the reception at an ordinary function centre, or in a chapel rec hall. I was looking online at wedding venues and ideas, and I started of course to think back on our wedding. It was a pretty fabulous event.

I woke up on a beautiful Friday morning (23rd November, 2007). I went out to the kitchen where members of my family were running around cooking, sewing and getting things ready, and was shooed into the shower. I spoke on the phone to my Grandma Taylor, ate 2 profiteroles for breakfast, then straightened my hair:

The photographers (deep grey)arrived and started taking photos of us getting ready. I got dressed and Mum drove me up to the temple.

We then got married in a Temple Sealing at the Brisbane Australia Temple. This was the most important and precious part of the day, and was witnessed by a few members of our close family and friends. By getting married in the temple we are sealed for Time and all Eternity, not just 'till death we part'. Because we believe that families who are sealed can be together forever, it is hugely important for us to participate in this kind of marriage.

We got some photos at the temple:

We got some photos across the road from the temple, at the city lookout:

We drove in James' uncle's car to the Botanical gardens and had a picnic lunch:

Then we walked around the gardens for a while for photos:

In Brisbane city there's a giant outdoor stage right on the river, in the botanical gardens. Lots of outdoor concerts are played there, and I've actually performed there in an orchestra. It's called 'Riverstage', and Mum (who should be a wedding planner) had the brilliant idea of hiring it for our wedding reception!

Mum organised chairs and tables, plants, screens, beautiful flower table centrepieces, and did all the food. This was in addition to the wedding dress, bridesmaids' dresses, and a million other tasks! She did everything on the tables - the candles, special pens, place setting cards, programs, everything! It all looked beautiful:

The reception started at 5pm, on the roof of Riverstage, with hors de oeuvres and a string quartet:

You could see the temple across the river from the roof:

We then went down to the stage and after Uncle David explained the temple sealing, we exchanged rings. We did this because James' family aren't members of our church so couldn't attend our sealing in the temple.

After that we had dinner and some speeches. There were no photos taken of the gorgeous table where the amazing buffet was set out, but it was beautiful and incredible! In the photo of Jonny speaking you can sort of see one of the flower arrangments...

Then started the surprises for the evening.

Mum thought it would be special to have some things about the wedding that we didn't know were going to happen. The first one James knew about, as it was him, singing me a song! He has a fantastic voice, but I had no idea he planned to sing at our wedding! He sang 'Always and Forever', by Luther Vandross, and his mum and Tammy sang back up. He made me sit on a chair in the middle which was a bit awkward, but it was 'so romantic!' :) You can tell from my face that of course, I loved it!

Then we cut the cake (I knew this was going to happen):

Next was our 'first dance'. We had planned a fun first dance to a Lional Richie song (we love Lionel :), and had it choreographed. What we didn't know, was that Mum had organised to have boxes of rose petals showered over us as we began!! It was such a beautiful surprise!! (You can see the food tables a bit more in these shots...)

Then we danced with my parents, then James' parents...

Followed by everyone dancing...

...until we were all upstaged by the surprise entrance of Elvis!!! James' Koro (grandfather) loves Elvis, and does all of his songs, in his special Elvis suit Nana sewed for him!! Mum organised for him to pull out an 'impromptu' performance in the evening. He was a HUGE hit:

At the end of the night, as we left, the last surprise was that everyone attending the wedding lined up on both sides of the driveway with sparklers, so that we went through a pathway of them. It was beautiful and fun!!

Sadly the photographers had left by then, and I don't have any photos of it, but it was a beautiful finish to a beautiful night.

In summary, Mum did a beautiful job, and thought of everything. Many friends and family helped her to make it special.

Our temple sealing is everything, but we had a wonderful time in the beautiful, elegant and fun reception Mum and others did for us. Thankyou Mama!!! :)

...and now I'm really excited and can't wait to help with whatever we do for Bethany!! :)


Smurphys said...

Yay I love it Abby! (Ehm, no one told us about the sparklers?! They should have given us the heads up!!!).
To date I still think your reception was the most creative and beautiful we have ever shot. We have raved about your wedding many-a-time!
Thanks for having us as part of your day.

Smurphys said...

(Oh, this is Fiona by the way!)

Jonny and Jessima said...

What a fantastic day to remember. The temple of course was the highlight, but the reception is definitely one to remember. I would never had though to be as creative as that.

Make sure you keep me up to date with what is happening with the wedding stuff. I could be your right hand maid - hehe. Maybe we should go and exercise together sometime :)

Sandy M. said...

It was a beautiful wedding Abby - you were a beautiful bride and a beautiful couple. I'm really glad that it turned out in a way that you were happy with it :) The temple certainly was the best part.
Now here we go with Bethany - take two! :)
(Dad said he liked your hair :)


Kaili said...

Looks absolutely amazing Abby! I totally agree your mother should be a wedding/event planner, she did a fabulous job! I would totally pay for her services. I can't wait to see what amazing things she comes up with for Beths wedding :) the bar has been set high!

Adlewiess said...

Yep - crying again!!! how absolutley BEAUTIFUL Abby!!!!! what a gorgeous gorgeous day and one to remember for FOREVER!!!!!! Your mum IS incredible - this looks totally professional and just love love it! xxx

Felicity said...

Hi Abby! Lovely to 'meet' you :) Thanks for the book suggestions - I will DEFINITELY be looking the ones you suggested up :) Your wedding looks absolutely AMAZING. What a beautiful day. You are right about your mum she should be a wedding planner!!!

Felicity :)

ps) smurphys (fiona above) is actually my little sister :) small world hey!!

Tammy Lorna said...

Hey Flabby, Thanks for at least MENTIONING Bethany's wedding and what's going on with all of that, because NO ONE has given me ANY information other than the quick post Bethany wrote about actually BEING engaged... even MORE infomration would be helpful... hahah!

And guess what, Felicity (above) and I were good friends when we both worked at Morinda all those years ago! I had no idea she was Fiona's siter :) Funny what a small world it is!

xo Tammy

PS. Please, someone, send me a photo of the RING! :) hahah! And do when know WHEN she's getting married? ANY information would be lovely... haha!

Bethany said...

Your wedding was absolutely gorgeous and memorable Abby :)
And I totally agree. Our mother is amazing.
I've been saying all my life that if she was a career woman she would be a pro in just about whatever profession she chose (because she's ridiculously good at EVERYTHING) but I definately think wedding planning would be the one to go with. She'd make the big bucks alright! :)

Well I can tell everyone now that our wedding will definately not be that big! Like, dial it down about 25 notches :)
But it will still be fantastically beautiful whatever/wherever it is :)
Much love! xoxo

Kim & Clay said...

what a beautiful wedding, Abby! It was so fun to read about it and see your pics. Hope all is well with you and the hub and bub!