Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fantastic Relief Society Fireside!

On Sunday night I went to our Stake's Relief Society Anniversary Fireside, which was probably one of the best firesides I've ever been to. I got a lot out of it. It was about finding 'Joy in the Journey'.

First a member of our Stake Relief Society Presidency spoke about how sometimes our life's journey takes unexpected turns. She has a son who has special needs, and she quoted another sister who has children with special needs who described what it was like. She said that it was like you've planned a trip to Italy your entire life, and you're very excited. You plan tours, you learn some Italian, you go to the Travel Agent and discuss plans, you save, you book your flights, and finally you're on the plane. When you land, the air hostess says "Welcome to Holland!" - there was a change in the flight plan and they didn't let you know.

So you have to holiday in Holland, and although it's not what you expected, it's beautiful. It's not as exciting, but there are beautiful tulips, and there are windmills, and the people are lovely. So although your trip is totally different to what you expected, Holland isn't a bad place, but it can take some getting used to. You have to learn a different language, read different travel books, book different tours.

There were 7 sisters who are in different life situations who spoke: A YSA, a young mother, a single mother, a single adult, a mother of teens, a carer, and a widow. Each sister spoke about the challenges she faces, but talked about the blessings that have come to her, specific to the situation she was in.

I loved the young mother's talk, because she spoke about how crazy it is every day with her 3 girls under the age of 2 (twins!), but she spoke about how each day is full of moments of pure joy amidst the chaos :)

I liked in the single mother's talk (B!) how she said how much closer she is to each member of the Godhead, because she feels as if they are there helping her teach and raise her sons, every day, because she can't do it alone.

I liked all of the talks. Some of the sisters spoke about how they never imagined themselves in the situation they're in, but they were all uplifting and positive and understanding :) It was a wonderful fireside and I was grateful to be there.


Sandy M. said...

I really loved the fireside too Abby. I think it's a great help for us to understand more about each other's lives and challenges. I think it helped people to connect. I'm glad you posted about it, thank you! :)


Jillina Whittaker said...

I too enjoyed this fireside. I had a bit of a laugh to myself when I was listening to the mother of young children talk because I looked down my ailse and saw many young mum's crying. It seems they felt thankful for a voice. The best line from this talk was when the mum said "I knew that it would be hard, I just thought I would be better." I have often said this myself. I get soooo disappointed in myself because I really thought I would be able to control things better, emotions and temper included.
I also learnt one other very valuable thing - its not just the mothers who are the busy people. Even the people who land in Holland are busy making their life meaningful. I really thought that maybe a single sister would have so much more time to do as they please. I was wrong because they are still working hard and engaging it good and necessary causes.

Adlewiess said...

Sounds like a great fireside Abby. I haven't been to a fireside in a while (????) Its always nice to hear how other's are coping with their different twists of life - I think that's why I'm loving reading your blog - there's still so much optimism and glowing happiness when you talk about your family and baby - I so need to recapture that!!! :) Can't wait to read more...xxx