Saturday, December 5, 2009


Here's me side-on at 32 weeks. Now I am 33, only 7 to go, yay!! :) Today we are going to a class where they teach me how to breathe as I experience hell, and they teach James how to hold my hand and remind me to breathe as I experience hell. It should be helpful, and they serve lunch :)
Only 1 more week of school left, and I'm getting to the stage where I'd do anything to not miss a day, because I'll miss my kids!!! THey get more fun the more I realise I'm leaving them!! I am a bit exhausted though, so I will be grateful when it's over! Lots of Christmas activities mixed with maths and english, it'll be fun :) And on Friday the kids are encouraged not to come, and if they do only to come till 11am so the staff can have a big lunch in the hall!
We decorated for Christmas the other night, it's so fun! Can't wait!! 3 weeks until Christmas!! :)
I'd better go so I can make this class, it's a 9-5 day, I hope I don't fall asleep!! :)


Jonny and Jessima said...

Yay!!! 1 week left of school. It will go quick. You will feel happy and sad at the same time. But don't worry, the sadness will shortly go.

Christmas is nearly here - yay again. I can't wait. If only Maggie was here, that would be even cooler. But she is there in spirit with Jackson.

I'm soo excited that you are having your birthing class. You will have to tell me what happens. I'm still glad I was a bit in the dark about the whole process - that way I was in good spirits. haha.

Anyway, hope today was fun. We should totally hang out when you finish school. Maybe go for a swim?? When Maggie is old enough you should take her lessons. They are definitely a good thing.

Talk to you soon,
Love Jessima

Sandy M. said...

Hi Abby!


But I am coool...

I hope that your information/indoctrination class was wonderful! (And that lunch was good of course, since I can tell that it is important too! lol)

What are you wearing? Is that new?

Loads of love,

Cody and Jill said...

WOW YOU LOOK SO DANG CUTE I love the bump and i can't wait seven weeks to see the baby!!1

Bethany said...

Hey Flabby Guts!
You look really cute in that outfit. New pajamas?
SO.... how was the class?! Good decision to go? And how was the lunch (since I know that's the REAL reason you went :)) haha!
Well, I'll see you at church in an hour or two anyway, so you can tell me there :)
xo Tammy
PS. Hi Maggie!

Sandy M. said...

Update on the bump-size photo needed?

Miss you and love you all!


ndmunro said...

Well Abby, It is Tuesday, noonish in New York, so that makes it early Wednesday in Brisbane which means only three days of school left. WHAAAAHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! (movie??) We miss you guys but we are having fun. Camera is in the bag. Is James working uet or does that start next week. Miss you both. See you on the 20th

Love Dad

Sandy M. said...





Tammy Lorna said...

Flabs, I think it's time for another tummy picture - you look WAY different now :)

xo Tammy