Saturday, November 21, 2009

Baby Shower!

Last Saturday (14th Nov) Mama put on a fabulous Afternoon Tea baby shower for me and nearly baby Maggie :) We started at 1pm, and went outside where a mass of scrapbooking stuff awaited us, to make cards for little baby Maggie's 1st - 21st birthdays. When the task was accomplished, we went inside and played a made by Mum and I think Tammy version of baby Mad Gab (a game Tammy brought back from America), and everyone guessed how fat I am with string, and I opened some gorgeous presents, and then we sat up for our afternoon tea, which was amazing! Mum had set a beautiful table, with bunches of flowers and savouries, sweets, punch, etc. I was hungry by then (I usually am..) so it was delightful to sit and eat with lovely family and friends! About half of my guests were family, and the rest were friends, most of whom don't know each other because they're from different random walks of life but it was really nice, and now they do :) Here are a couple of pictures of the fabulous table: (see Mum's blog for more)

Mum made me a fabulous nappy cake (below), and little Maggie will be decked out in many gorgeous outfits! She's got some new toys, and a fun bathtime kit (yay!), and nappies and creams and a car seat and all sorts of things! I was so excited when I got home, to unpack everything into the nursery! One of the presents I really love a LOT and I was sort of honoured to get, was a painting by my lovely friend who is an artist, Kaili! You can check out Kaili Art. As you can see from my picture, she's very talented, and we love the painting a lot (thankyou Kaili!!). James and my dad sat looking at it for ages afterwards, commenting on the details and how good Kaili is these days lol.

We hung out at Mum and Dad's for a bit afterwards, then got home late, but I was too excited to go straight to sleep - I played in the nursery unpacking for a little bit. Here are a couple of little corners. The sad thing about our nursery is that it won't be done until just barely before Maggie gets here (hopefully right on time!) because apparently our cot and change table are literally on a slow boat from China. But we are getting other things ready and it's still fun :) I don't have any photos of it yet but we put up the cute little wooden-framed canopy bassinet on Thursday night, and yay!!! :)
So only 3 more weeks of school to survive (I'm dying - it's been 35 degrees celcius this week and it was soooo not a good idea to get fat at this time of year!! Why do Oz schools not have air con?!!), then 2 weeks until Christmas, then 4 weeks until we get to meet the girl (it will be beyond hilarious if she is in fact, a boy lol :)). I have taken up swimming each morning before school, and often after, because the amount of relief from the heat and from not being able to move very well outweighs my shame in looking like a whale :) On Monday it's James and my 2 year wedding anniversary and next weekend we're going up the Sunshine Coast for the weekend, yay! :) So all good things to look forward to.
Thankyou Mama for the wonderful baby shower, it was gorgeous and fun and I think everybody loved it. You are the best. And you and Maggie can have afternoon tea dates when she's a few years on, like in that book ;) xo


Kaili said...

It was such a great baby shower Abby, I enjoyed myself so much, meeting your friends, playing games, and eating the amazing food!

Seriously, the Munro's really know how to put on a party! Next time I trhow a party I want to hire your family (or at least ask lots of advice)

Happy 2nd year anniversary for Mon, na dhave a fabulous time away!


Jonny and Jessima said...

I'm glad you had a great time. I loved it and thought it was heaps of fun. It is great to see that you are really getting into all the decorating and stuff. Its lots of fun :)

As for A/C at schools,I guess it depends where abouts in Australia you live. We had A/C in some of the classrooms in Cairns, but we also had refrigerated bubblers. I think it should be essential to have A/C in the classroom. Oh well. You won't have to worry about that anymore.

Enjoy these last few weeks of school as best as you can.

Congrats on being married 2 years. You have many more to come!!!!

Love Jessima

Sandy M. said...

I love all the baby clothes in your cupboard!! I am so excited about seeing you and James become parents soon! :) Thank you for being such a wonderful daughter Blossie! And for letting us put you on a baby shower. May there be many more! - Babies, and Showers, as well as Wonderful Daughters!
By the way - you look beautiful :)
I am going to love having afternoon teas with all your girls.
Congratulations! to you and James for your anniversary :)

Cody and Jill said...

what fun it looks like you had lots of good food and cute things i can't wait to see her YEAH i am so excited for you!!!

Tammy Lorna said...

It was HEAPS of fun.

Especailly when it was over and we could stop cooking :)

haha! Can't WAIT to meet Maggie. Seriously getting SO excited!

Hope you have a great weekend away!

xo Tammy