Friday, June 12, 2009

Girls Night Out!

A week or two ago we received a very exciting email from Tammy, inviting all the girls of our family to join her in enjoying a 'Girls Night Out' together at the movies. There was a special preview screening of 'The Proposal' at the movies, and she got us tickets, and made up cute little gift bags for us and everything!

The gift bags were adorable - Beth and Jolea got HSM3 (If you don't know the initials, you are way out of touch with most 13 year olds!) bags, and I got a Barbie bag (yessss!), and I'm actually not sure what mum and dad got, but they were full of tissues and popcorn and chips and chocolates and fruit and little bits and pieces like fun lips and hearts clips and water and ginger beer, etc. It was a treat being at the movies together (on a school night no less :o) and I just wish Tammy hadn't had to ditch at the last minute to fulfill her calling (sigh. In a 'I'm-glad-you-fulfilled-your-calling' kind of way!) - we missed you!!!! (That is why Dad was there, despite not bing a girl...).

Apart from the accidentally naked scene and the very, very scary bartender it was a really cute movie. I enjoyed it a lot!

Thankyou Tammy! We will have to have a girls night out again soon, and you can come, and we'll make you a little gift pack! Love you heaps! :) xoxoxoxox


Sandy M. said...

I really enjoyed the night. I enjoyed the movie a lot. The company was excellent!
(Thank you for the great gift bags and for everything, Tammy :)
Loved your company Abs! :

Tammy Lorna said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed it! :)

It's sad that I had to realize I wasn't as organized as I thought I was :( The stake meeting had been in my diary for months! haha!

xo tammy

Jonny and Jessima said...

Sad I couldn't go, but glad you guys had a great time with gift bags. I actually saw "angels and demons" during the day gold class with Jonny for his Birthday from Tammy!!!! I got to go to the movies too, but would have been cool to have a girly night. Next time!