Monday, April 20, 2009

My New Calling in Life!

This is possibly going to be the most exciting post to date! - Not just because it's the first one after a looooong drought, but because my life has changed, been renewed, I have finally found my purpose!!! - It is.....(drumrolls all over the world...) to be a hairdresser!!!!


I made myself laugh, becuase I imagined Tammy's face as she read that... I'm just joking. I'm still happy to be a teacher, and can't wait to be a mama, which is more my purpose in life than anything else, really! On Saturday our brother Michael got married (yay!! :)). That morning I offered my darling older sister a haircut 'on me'! :)

Backtrack maybe 6 months...

I really wanted a haircut, and I had decided to deviate for the first time in my life, from the straight across haircut I've always had, and go with slight layers (adventurous doesn't even begin to describe me!). I mentioned it to mum a few times who said she'd be happy to help. One day I felt like I needed it done immediately. I called mum and she was busy at that moment, so she couldn't do it. Assumedly, I really really needed it done right then - I can't exactly remember why but something must have been coming up or I was going through an ID crisis or something, but I turned to James and asked him to please please please cut my hair.

James agreed to cut my hair, and suggested I look @ google to see if there was a 'how to' website. There are many many websites on how to cut hair, and millions of demo videos, but the helpful tip I found most helpful after searching for 'how to layer hair', was:

"Bend over, flipping hair towards the floor. Comb hair out straight and smooth. Make a cut straight across your hair."

These three sentences gave me the best haircut ever and saved my day. Since then James has re-trimmed it in the same style and I'm loving it. He's also cut my sister Bethany's hair this way, and Jessima (another sister) got Jonny to cut her hair the same way - she looks really cute.


Tammy wanted to join the club - it was really turning into a sister thing! I agreed, and Tammy followed the instructions to stand bent over with her hair out...just as I was about to 'snip snip snip', Tammy mentioned that she'd like a trim and not to be afraid to take any length off.

I decided to follow her advice, and took of about 8 inches in parts. It was sort of an accident, in that it looked like 'just a trim' to me when I first began, but it very quickly became obvious that I was fulfilling nightmares. Once you start though, you can't stop with half the hair long and half short (as I learnt about 2 years ago now :)), so I continued, almost laughing and almost crying.

Tammy is one of the nicest people in the world. She didn't get mad. Not even when she looked in the mirror and saw a mullet looking back at her. Not when she realised I'd given her a punk rock chick 'do', and not even when she noticed that she practically had a fringe - a random line of hair coming halfway down her face!

3 happy report items to finish this sad tale:

1. Lesson Learnt: It turns out you should always just cut a modest amount of hair off at a time, because it dries even shorter than it is when it's wet.
2. Okay so it's actually really really cute when Tammy's got her sunnys on her head pulling back the weird short bits at the front! The layers kick and curl around Tamster's face and it's adorable! Even mum said so!! :)
3. When I was approximately 3 years old Tammy (on two seperate occassions) played 'hairdresser' with me, and I eneded up looking more than interesting. Very interesting frinege length consistency especially. She thought I'd forgotten after all these years... muahaha :)

So I'm not really going to become a hairdresser, but I'm happy to complete some private business on the side, just give me a call! :)

PS: Tammy I really really really am sorry! I love you!!!
PPS: I would have posted some pics of Tamster's cute 'do', but she has a 'no photos' policy (sigh)...



Kaili (Billy and Button) said...

This is not a joke, but on Sunday during sacrament, I was looking at Tammy playing the piano, and I was thinking how nice her hair looked!! Now I read this! Hahaha, this is so funny. You girls are the best :D xx

Sandy M. said...

Hi Abs. I hope you are ok - we missed you for FHE. I rang, but we decided you were probably asleep, and didn't want to wake you. As long as you actually are both ok? If you can send me a little nudge to let me know that you are alive, that would be even better!

Tammy's hair does look nice! You could turn your hand to anything and do it well.

Love you!

ps. We watched the dvd of Grandma's swim with dolphins at Seaworld today during FHE; had a marvellous lesson with me :) ; played poison ball; and enjoyed Jessima's choc chip muffins for supper. (Oliver ate yours :)

Sister Abby said...

Lol, victory, Tammy! Kaili likes it and Kaili has exquisite taste! :)

(Kaili if you ever need a trim...)

Mama I'm alive! We didn't know about FHE at your house :S But it sounds like you had fun!!


(...Kaili it's probably best to see someone else...)

Jonny and Jessima said...

Haha, your adorable Abby! I personally like Tammy's hair. You know as part of the title of being a 'Mother' you will get the job of being resident hairdresser to your daughters! Practice on you you can I say, so your daughters will like the do's you do for them :)
love Jessima

Justin said...

This is a really funny story--I can just see Tammy tossing her hair out on a whim and saying "how about a snip snip" and then...uh oh--but glad all turned out well :)

PS--I think I need a haircut, and Brecken is going to do it for me, but just in case, we might swing down to QLD for a turn at your magic scissors

Tammy Lorna said...

hahahaha! I'm FINALLY reading this post - and it totally cracked me up :) Don't worry abby - the face I pulled when I read you great 'drumroll please...' reveal was exactly the face you were imagining :)

lucky it all turned out okay in the end (although I still swear my hear is only 1 inch long up front)!

xo Tammmy

PS. I can't believe you left out the bit where you went asking mum for a lecture - that was my favourite part!

charrette said...

Hahaha! I stumbled over from Tammy's blog -- just HAD to check out the hair-cutting story. Hilarious! What terrific sibling payback!