Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Possible, Pig!

Okay so the 'Pig' bit is just a family/Princess Bride thing, but it is actually somewhat relevant to this post. My lovely brother and sister have been eating very sensibly and exercising a lot lately, concentrating more than usual on being healthy, despite busy schedules as Jonny's in dentist school. I was there the other night and Jessima offered to share their evening meal with me. I usually like to think of salad as a side dish, or more realistically, an optional side dish, much to my pro-health husband's dismay! When Jessima revealed that dinner was to be a salad, I'm nonplussed to admit I was more than a little skeptical, and thought of it as the 'entree', for the dinner I'd have to have again when I got home later to fill me up and satisfy my tastebud intake for the evening. When, however, Jessima brought out the salad, it looked like it does in the picture, but better, because things do in real life. Lots of chicken, olives, and tomatoes and cheese. This salad reminds me of my Mama, who does yummy salads too. I think if you put chicken, cheese, and olives in your salad (as dominant, the first 3 listings on the side of the box...), it's possible to have a delicious meal out of it, and be so full and have your tastebuds so satisfied, that you don't even need to go home and re-eat dinner afterwards! This salad was delicious, and I think Jessima even added love, which is probably just as important as the chicken(!) :)

Thankyou so much for having me come and hang out last Tuesday Jessima, and for the delicious meal! I enjoyed the company as well as the food immensly, and hope that we can do it again! :)



Sandy M. said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your salad, Abby. You know - you were brought up with salads all the time... when did you start not liking them??

What was it that caused you to turn against them? :(
When, exactly, that you decided not to love lettuce; not want to try tomato; felt to cut cucumber out of your life? Why the unwonted dislike for leafy greens and crisp capsicum??

*sigh* I love you anyway! :)


Ode to Vegetables -

Parsnips, carrots,
Potatoes, (spuds),
Broccoli, cauliflower,
- There ain't no duds,
In the vege line-up,
That's here today,
With a message for Abby,
They're here to say -

Sister Abby said...

Right now I'm very seriously considering writing regular 'push-mum's-buttons' entries, if they'll result in fabulous comments containing "Odes to-"!

I do like salads okay, it's just that I like meat and cheese and...basil pesto and olives and chocolate and bread better! I love carbs, I really do, and salad doesn't often have any. I love carbs. I love feeling full.

Ode to Carbs-

Pasta, bread,
Potatoes and rice,
These are the foods,
That taste really nice!
Fill up my tum,
In no time at all,
Great for building muscle,
You'll have a ball!
Cereal for brekkie,
Bread for lunch,
Pasta for dinner,
You'll 'put on' a bunch!
I love carbs,
I really do!
And if you don't eat too much, (sigh)

Tammy Lorna said...

It's obvious that you both have too much time,
(not that I'm suggesting that this is a crime),
And it doesn't surprise me that the the topic you choose,
over which to rave, gush and enthuse,
is glorious, colourful, delicious food.
We love it baked, fried, frozen or stewed.
I'd continue on with this delightful rhyme,
But I actually have things I need to do with my time...

xo Tammy :)

Jonny and Jessima said...

Yay for the Salad. Its healthy and good for you!! Your very talented in the rhyme department. My poems go down hill after line four. Oh Well!!!

Keep learning new things (Abby - The Homemaker!!!)

Sandy M. said...

Tammy, that is so much better a poem than,... mine, at least! If I had known I was going to start a competition I may have put in more effort. Not that that neccessarily means it would have been better :|

(Do you girls love that I talk to Abby on Tammy's blog, and Tammy on Abby's blog? It's a quirky little thing that some might find endearing :D

Anyhoo (nod to Bethany), congratulations Tammy! :) xo

Hi Abby! xo