Thursday, July 5, 2012

Carrie, Tammy & Me!

On Saturday night, Tammy took me (for my early birthday!) with her to go and see Carrie Underwood in concert!!  To be honest, I've been a little under the weather, and although I definitely like a few of Carrie Underwood's songs I don't know all of them, and I wouldn't say I'm a diehard fan or anything.  I saw a bunch of film clips of hers recently and she seemed a little stiff, so I wasn't super sure I'd like her overly in concert.  Tammy wasn't 100% either, but we both do like her enough to be interested in going, and we're SO GLAD we did!!!

She had a LOT of fun up on stage - she just seemed to love love love singing, and she has an incredible set of lungs!!!  It seemed like she was too little to be making such a big sound!!!  She sings some crazy fun songs, and had a lot of fun with them on stage - and she was totally NOT stiff or scripted, which can sometimes get a little boring.  Her backup singer had the most incredible voice also!!!  She was just amazing!!  She looked a little out of place though - we think someone should do more with her hair and makeup, because you're looking for who the heck the awesome backup person is, and she just seemed a little awkward on stage and looked a little...not bad! - just not ready to be onstage singing the way she was singing!!  Which was awesome.  And of course, being a country singer there was an awesome fiddler also - I do love a good strings musician!! And the rest of her band were great too.

But to me, she sounded better than she does on any of her CD's - I just loved her voice live, it was awesome.

My favourite, favourite, FAVOURITE part of the night was when she sung 'Jesus Take the Wheel'.  Sometimes mainstream songs about the Saviour feel a little blasphemous and make me feel uncomfortable, but when she sings this, she has a beautiful spirit about her and you can't help feeling all goose-bumpy and tingly happy.  It's really gorgeous, and then she did something it turns out she does all the time, but I've never heard before, so it completely shocked me, she suddenly broke into 'How Great Thou Art' - and finished the song with the ending of that.  It was amazing, and had us both a little bit teary I think!  I YouTubed it and there are a lot of videos of her singing that live, but none of them do it justice, so I didn't link any but if you're especially keen go look it up - or better yet see her live sometime!!! :)

And another cool thing Carrie did in concert, was sing a 'tribute to Australia' song.  She was saying that Australia has some great artists and songs, and she wanted to sing a tribute to them, and then she sang Aussie rock group INXS's 'Never Tear Us Apart' - which is a pretty famous Aussie song.  I thought it was fun and nice that she put that in - only for the Aussie leg of her world tour! :)

It was actually the first concert I've ever gone to, to see a female singer - strangely when I look back I've only seen guys in concert! - But she was incredible.  I'd definitely see her again, I LOVED it!!  THANKYOU TAMMY!!!!! :)

And here's a couple of pics off Tamster's iPhone! - We were 11 rows from the front - but she's kind of tiny in these pics! :)

It was an awesome night :)  And fun cause I got to hang out with Tammy all afternoon too!! - Thanks Tamster! :) xoxox


Jessima Munro said...

Yay! That is AWESOME!! I tend to think live shows are better than CD (but that depends on the artist. If they can really sing, nothing beats live performances!)

Tammy Lorna said...

LOVED it :)

xo Tammy

Sandy M. said...

I liked reading about it, and I like the pictures, thank you!! Those two songs together sound fabulous! :)